My Lucky Day


Topic: My Lucky DayHi. My Name\'s Conor. Let me describe myself for you really quick. I\'m 15 years old, 5\'10", with blonde hair and green eyes. I\'m very athletic, as I\'m on the football team, and am a freshman in high school. However, I\'m not the most popular guy in school.
Every day, I\'d wake up after working almost 12 hours straight (I work in my Dad\'s restaurant),take care of showering, etc. , and go to school.   I\'d just wait for the day to wear out, and by the end of Phys Ed, I\'d be dead tired again. I always manage to perk up when I get to my 11th period class, though. I sit next to one of the most beautiful girls I\'ve ever seen. Her name is Lauren. I\'ll describe her now. She\'s 5\'10", With dark blonde,almost brunette hair, and these eyes that just pierce into your heart. She\'s intelligent too, which is always a plus in my book.
One day, we were put together as a pair for a project assigned by our teacher.

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   It was something about Driving. Anyway, It was a 3 week project, so we would have to meet up to get most of the work done. We decided to meet at the library outside of school, and we did that several times. The first few times were harmless enough, but (as she told me later) I had an infectious charm that just drew her to me.
One day, we were discussing parking, and she told me she didn\'t get how to parallel park, so she came around the table, pulled up a chair, and sat with her body merely centimeters away from mine. While I was pointing out the motions, she let her hand rest on my leg. I stopped mid-sentence and just looked at her questioningly. She smiled, then leaned forward and kissed me on the mouth. When she pulled back, I said, "Wow. . . umm. . . what was that for?" She replied, "I\'ve just been so attracted to you since we started working together.

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   I kept giving you signals, but you didn\'t notice. Why?" I barely managed to stammer out, "Well, I didn\'t figure that someone like me would have a chance with you. " Lauren then said, "Well, normally you wouldn\'t, but since I\'ve gotten to know you, I guess you\'ve gotten it. " Then, I leaned in and kissed her on the mouth. At first I was tentative, but then grew bolder, and began to suck and nibble at her lower lip. Then we just went on to all out tongue wrestling. We were so caught up in it, that we didn\'t notice how much noise we were making with our grunts and slight moans. A librarian told us that we had to leave, because we were causing a disturbance. It was only 12:30 in the afternoon on a Saturday, So we decided to go out for lunch, my treat. We gathered what we had, and went to the Chili\'s across from the Mall.
When we were seated in a booth in a corner, and the waitress took our drink orders, Lauren took my hand, and gazed into my eyes, while I gazed into hers. I bent forward and kissed her lightly, and she smiled at me. While we ate, we decided to ask about eachother\'s personal lives. She told me that everything was fine at her home, just regular stress from her parents, then said, "I know how you have a job, but where do you work?" "With my dad at his restaurant. " Lauren replied, "You\'re so lucky that you get to spend time with your dad like that.

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  " "Yeah, I guess. " Then, a stray thought came into my mind. "Would you consider this a date?" Lauren looked thoughtful for a moment, then said, "Yes. I would. " I then said, "Would you mind if I asked you out?" "Oh, I\'d like that. " "Well, Consider it done. "
When we finished eating, we went to the Mall. It had one of those Picture booths, and Lauren wanted to go in. We did, and got a great set of photos out of it. We walked around for a while, then went into American Eagle, where I bought her a zip-up hoodie.
Around 4:30, we went to Lauren\'s house. Her mother was home, and she introduced me. "This is Conor, the boy I told you about. " I offered my hand, and she shook it firmly. She gave me a once-over with that raised eyebrow look.

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   Then, Lauren\'s father came home from work, and the whole process was repeated, only her dad gave me a look that said, "If you hurt her I\'ll kill you. " Her parents left for dinner saying they wouldn\'t be back until after midnight, and Lauren and I had the house to ourselves. We settled on a movie, and watched Sleepy Hollow. She snuggled up close to me on the couch, her head resting on my chest, my arm draped over her shoulder, and whenever a suspenseful part would occur, she \'hugged\' me, and would then relax, with her hand dragging across my lap to resume it\'s normal position. After a few times, my cock began to get hard, and she noticed. "Someone\'s getting happy. " "You could say that. " She put her hand on my dick and squeezed. This got a shudder from me, which she apparently liked, and she did it again. Then she asked, "Can I see it?" I nodded, and unzipped my pants. She reached in and pulled it out. It wasn\'t that impressive, only 8" , 2 inches around. She started stroking it, and some precum oozed out. She bent down and licked it off, and said, "Salty. " She then licked the rest of the head, and then the shaft.

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   She kissed the head, then engulfed it in her mouth. She swirled her tongue around the shaft, and took it as far as she could without gagging into her mouth. She bobbed up and down on it, while I held her hair back. I groaned softly, and after about 10 minutes, I was going to cum. I told her, and she bobbed faster and faster, the I blew my load into her mouth. She tried to swallow it all, but some escaped her lips and trickled down her chin. She wiped it off, and gazed longingly at me. I said, "My turn," and grinned wolfishly.
She got on her back, and I slowly pulled off her pants, revealing a sexy black thong with pink lacy edges.
    I then helped her take off her shirt, which showed a matching bra. I kissed her on the lips, the slowy worked my way down her chest, kissing softly. I got down to her panties, which I gripped between my teeth, pulled down her legs, and tossed aside. She did likewise with her bra. I kissed up the insides of each leg, and came to her pussy. It was completely shaved.

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       I kissed it lightly, licked tentatively, and rubbed it. She moaned, and I rubbed some more. I then buried my tongue in her pussy, savoring the taste, which was like heaven. I rubbed her clit wildly, and she moaned even louder. I ate her out till she had mutiple orgasms. When she came down from her climax, she got up, grabbed her clothes, and said seductively, "Follow me. " I did, and we came to her room.
    She immediately threw her clothes down, pushed me gently to the bed, straddled me, kissing all over. She whispered huskily into my ear, "I want you inside me now. " That got me hard in an instant. I flipped her onto her back, and brought my cock to her pussy. I rubbed it all around the entrance to her womanhood, then slowly pushed it in. Suddenly, I felt some resistance, and gasped. "You\'re a virgin?" She looked lustfully at me, and said, "Yes. But it\'s ok.


      . . I just want you inside me. . . NOW. " "Are you sure?" "Yes. " Without needing any more encouragement, I pulled back, and rammed back in, popping her cherry. She drew her breath in sharply, and grimaced. A few moments later, I slowly thrust into her, then pulled out, repeating the motion over and over. Her face changed to a look of pure pleasure. I paced myself, so we could climax at the same time. After about 20 minutes of thrusting, I felt the familiar tingle work its way up my legs. I shouted through the pleasure, "I\'m gonna cum! I have to pull out!"  "N-o, yo-ou don\'t. I- I\'m on th-uh-the pill!" This news only made me cum harder, and while I was cumming, I felt her pussy clench, and she shuddered in complete ecstacy.

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       I rolled onto my back, still inside her, so she was on top, and she collapsed onto me. Still panting, she said, "Oh my God. . . that was so amazing. " I wrapped my arms around her, hugged her close, stroked her hair, and she fell asleep.
    A couple of hours later, she woke up, and I was downstairs cooking us dinner. She was dressed in a soft robe, and she came up behind me and hugged me. "What are you making?" "I\'m just cooking some of the chicken I found in your fridge. The whole house smells like sex. . . in case you didn\'t notice. " She sniffed and said, "Yeah. It does.

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       But the chicken smells great. " We had a candlelight dinner, after she went upstairs, showered and changed, and came back down. When we finished, we put on Wedding Crashers. We watched barely any of it, just savored the image of eachother, and kissed some more.
    Her parents came home early, maybe trying to catch us doing something, smelled the air, and asked, "What\'s that smell?" "Oh, Conor cooked for me!" Lauren replied with a big smile on her face. Her dad went upstairs to Lauren\'s room, but she thought ahead, and fixed it so you couldn\'t tell anything happened. We got off scott free, and Lauren and I are still dating and going at it. But that\'ll come later.
    This is my first story. Want More? e-mail me at IrishBAMF222@aim. com
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