My mothers best friend.


Topic: My mothers best friend.   My mothers best friend. A little about me, I was 17 when this took place, and I have continued to visit Sandra off my jacket and slamming the door, I had just arrived home from a long day at work. I worked as a computer engineer and was just pulled in to overtime for the second time in a row. My friends had already left to go partying and I was in too much of a bitter mood to bother to get ready, I walked into the living room to see a note written for me left on the table. To sum things up it was my mothers best friend Sandra asking for me to fix her computer. My mother and sisters were obviously out the house and my dad was never around. At first I was reluctant to go round to Sandra's house but I eventually pulled my jacket on and left to do the job, maybe I would get a little extra money to waste. When I arrived at Sandra's I rung her door and waited for me to let her in, she opened the door wearing a long night gown and asked me inside, we talked for a bit and I asked her how things were. She explained that her boyfriend had left her again and this time for good (Sandra had a habit of picking really useless men) and finally I went up the stairs to look at her computer, before long curiosity got the better of me and I started to rummage through Sandra's recently viewed sites. Until I had seen what she was looking at I thought I was the most perverted person on the planet, there was nearly every category of filth that could be stumbled upon. I imagined Sandra sitting on this chair, with her long sleek legs over each arm rest and her long fingers stuffing that lovely cunt while she watched her filthy movies. Getting a bit bold I turned the sound on the computer down and started to stroke my fat cock through my jeans, the girls on the screen were complete sluts, swapping cum and poking and licking each others tight slits. Suddenly I heard Sandra coming up the stairs, I quickly closed the videos down and played innocent by clicking random things, Sandra came in and sat on the bed next to where I was sitting and asked me what I thought the problem was, now to be perfectly honest I hadn't been paying much attention to the problems on her computer, so I asked her what it seemed to be, Sandra stood up and leaned over me to click a few buttons, her tits were pressing against my head and my cock was springing up and down each time the blood flowed through my hard meat. I couldn't think, here I was with a solid cock in my pants and a sex crazed slut leaning over me and I wasn't taking advantage, I took a deep breath, swallowed and said slowly and calmly, “Sandra, did you know the main reason for the computer slowing down is usually porn sites?” She was blushing already, I could see it out of the corner of my eye, “Have you been on any of these porn sites Sandra?” I thought she would either hit me or shout at me, she done neither, “I've been curious, I've seen my fair share yes. ”“Why don't you let me see your favourite?” Sandra let out another nervous laugh, but this time she did not blush but instead walked around from my side and sat down on my knees, I knew she could feel my cock digging into her hot sexy ass, I thought I would blow my load right there, Sandra wen't straight to a deep-throat orientated site and put a video on, she relaxed and rested on my chest watching it, slipping a hand into her night gown sending her fingers straight to her pussy.

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  After about two minutes of plain shock, I realised that Sandra was all over me, melting on her own fingers, I reached my hand around and inside her night gown, she was soaking. It turns out Sandra was wearing only a pair of sexy girl boxers which had been moved aside to let her finger herself, I took her hand and moved it away, resting my fingers on her swollen clit. I began to rub her gently letting her moan and kiss my neck, She started to rub her ass up and down my cock through my jeans, while I moved my hand up and untied her night gown. Sandra stood up letting her night gown fall to the floor, leaving her shaven cunt in the open for me to see, as she pulled those little pink boxers off. I stood up and unbuttoned my jeans, Sandra dropping to her knees and pulling my cock from my pants. It was like a magic trick, there stood my hard cock, throbbing and bobbing around one minute and the next minute it had dissapeared into Sandra's mouth. Sandra sucked my cock for what felt like hours of pure sexual pleasure then she stood up, kissed me and bent over on her bed, spreading those sexy ass cheeks. “Fuck me hard and don't stop till you need to cum!” I didn't need a second to think about that offer, I walked over to the edge of the bed and lined my cock up with her exposed fuck hole, she was soaking, I pressed my long dick onto her cunt and watched as it took most of my cock with ease, I slowly took it right back out and repeated, I was teasing her, I knew she wanted a good fucking and I wasn't going to give her it right away, she was going to beg.
    She was growing impatient after a few more strokes in and out and started to throw her ass back at me, my cock filled her little pussy up. I started to bash her tight little hole, I could feel my balls slapping her clit with every stroke, she was moaning loudly and it made me feel great. Her cunt was smothering my dick in her lovely cum before long and she gave a powerful squirt as I thrust my whole length in her. I pulled out and threw her around, If she wanted fucked she would be fucked, like a complete slut. She wasn't put off by being thrown around, if anything she wanted more, and she got it. I grabbed her legs and parted them as she lay on her back and threw all my weight into hammering that little pussy of hers, she was moaning really loudly now and had one hand working her clit and the other with a finger in that hot ass of hers. I started to fuck harder moving in faster and deeper every time, both of us panting for breath, until suddenly I felt my balls tighten, it was going to happen, I took my cock out and pushed her long legs further back, her ass was at perfect height, and without working slowly into that lovely tight hole I thrust straight in, this time Sandra yelled but she was far from submitting to the pain, every inch of my fat cock was in her tight ass and she was going to take it for as long as I wished.

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      I began to fuck her, I could see her hot pussy leaking every time I pulled my cock out, I was going to explode, and every drop would be in her tight ass. As I began to cum she stuffed her fingers in her pussy, this lady was a pro. I emptied every drop into that lovely hole of hers and fell down beside her, she began to kiss me while she played with herself and before long Sandra squirted her last drop and put her arms around me. I never went home that night.