My name is Sarah and I am only 16.


My name is Sarah. I’m a 16 year old schoolgirl living in a small village in England. I became aware of my sexuality at the age of 14 when my breasts started developing. I loved how suddenly all the boys started paying me attention. I’m not the prettiest of girls but I’m not bad looking. I soon started getting sexually excited when the boys looked at my tits. The more they looked, the more I liked it. When one of them asked for a feel I readily agreed. I loved it. Especially as some of the older ones really knew what to do and played with my nipples. Shortly after I started masturbating. Soon I was doing it every night in bed and sometimes before I got up for school.
I also noticed how one our neighbours, Mark a friend of mum and dads took every opportunity to have a look down my top. Although he was in his late 30s and certainly old enough to be my dad, I liked the thought that maybe I was exciting him. Whenever we bumped into each other in the village we stopped and chatted. Mark always flirted with me, which turned me on and if I saw him I would always undo another button on my blouse.

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I had a few boyfriends but I didn’t have sex with although they wanted to. I wanked them off and they fingered me and made me cum. After going out with a boy for a few months I decided I was ready to have sex with him. It was a disaster. All he was interested in was his own satisfaction. He put his cock inside me and came within about a minute, leaving me totally frustrated. As soon as he went home I masturbated and satisfied myself.
We carried on seeing each other and he wanted more sex, but I didn’t. So we soon finished.
I carried on satisfying myself whenever I could, which was ALL THE TIME.
Mark and his wife Serena were good friends with my mum and dad and were always having nights out together. When I knew Mark was coming round I made sure I was always there.
One weekend dad was away working as he was a builder and mum said she was having a night out with Mark and Serena. Mum said I would have to stay in with my younger sister who was 14 at the time.
An hour or so before they were due to go out I passed mum in her bedroom getting ready to go out.

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   I was surprised as I her saw sitting on the bed putting nylon stockings on. I didn’t know she had any, I only ever saw her wearing tights. She finished getting ready and put her make up on. I was quite surprised how nice she looked for a night out without dad.
Mark and Serena came round and I made sure I opened the door. I had a low cut t shirt on. Mark said, ‘Hi Sarah, you look nice’. I blushed.
Mum picked up her handbag and they went out. I looked out of the window and as they walked to the car Mark was in the middle with mum and Serena either side of Mark holding his arm. Mark opened the car door for mum and as she got in I clearly saw him pat mum on the bum. She turned round and smiled at him.
Surely Mark didn’t fancy mum and daughter!
My sister and I sat around watching TV and eventually went to bed. I masturbated while thinking about Mark and drifted off into a relaxing sleep.
After a while a noise woke me.

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   I sat up and listened quietly. It was coming from downstairs. I got out of bed and quietly stood at the top of the stairs.
I could hear mum talking but she was also groaning at the same. It sounded like she was having sex. I couldn’t understand it as dad wasn’t here.
I slowly went downstairs and the noises got louder. Mum was clearly talking on the phone. I was getting nervous now. I peered through the crack in the door.
Oh my God, mum, Mark and Serena were all having sex. Mum was lying back on the sofa and Mark was between her legs fucking her. Serena was kneeling beside her and sucking on one of her tits and playing with the other one. Mark was playing with Serena’s pussy as she sat with her legs wide apart.
But strangely mum was talking on her mobile phone.

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   I listened. She was talking to dad. Mum was really enjoying what Mark was doing to her. She had her legs wide apart and Mark was slowly fucking his large cock in and out of her pussy. She was so obviously enjoying it.
I listened to her talking, ‘Oh, Alan, it’s wonderful, Marks huge cock is fucking me. I wish you here to watch, I know how much it turns you on watching Mark giving me a good fucking. Are you nearly cumming yet. I know Serena is missing wanking you off as her husband fucks me. It seems ages since we all did it together. Oh Alan, its wonderful, I’m nearly cumming, Oh that’s it Mark, harder, fuck me harder, make me cum.
    Oh Alan, I’m almost cumming, wank faster, cum now. Oh that’s wonderful. I wish you were hear to watch me cum.
    Mark is such a great lover.

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       And Serena just adores sucking my nipples.
    I was amazed. I was dumbstruck as I watched and listened to my mum. I couldn’t believe it was her. But it was doing something to me. My pussy was getting wetter and wetter. My nipples were rock hard. I was getting turned on watching my mum having sex.
    Then she said, ‘I’m going to pass you over to Serena now and let her describe how I’m going to suck Mark off and make him cum in my mouth. I know how much you enjoy watching as he pumps his hot cum into my mouth. Can you cum again if Serena describes what I am doing. ’
    I was almost cumming just watching this. I had a hand in my pyjamas and playing with my pussy. Suddenly Mark stood and sat back down on the sofa. His cock was huge.

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       I wanted it. Then Mum knelt between his legs and lowered her mouth over Marks huge hard cock.
    Serena started talking to dad. ‘Hi Alan, it’s a shame you’re not here, we’re having a great time. Mark has just given your wife the largest of orgasms and now she’s about to return the favour. I know how much you like watching your wife suck my husband off.
    I watched in amazement as my mum lowered her mouth over Marks cock and took it deep in her mouth. I watched fascinated as her head bobbed up and down.
    Serena was talking to dad. ‘Your wife is sucking my husband deep into her mouth. She’s squeezing his balls with one hand and rubbing his cock with the other as she sucks it. I wish you were here now so I could do the same to you. Are you hard again, are you going to cum soon. I love the taste of your cum on my tongue. ’
    I was so excited now.

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       I could see Serena playing with herself while she spoke to Dad. I was so horny I was playing with my pussy. I had to cum too.
    Suddenly Mark looked up and saw me, he smiled and winked at me and carried on enjoying being pleasured by my mum’s mouth.
    I moved back slightly. I was hooked on what I was watching. My orgasm was getting closer. I didn’t care if I was seen. I wanted what they were having. Suddenly my orgasm was almost there and so was Marks. Mum lifted her head and I saw shot after shot of hot cum splatter my mum’s face and hair. Serena described all this in graphic detail to Dad as he listened far away in a hotel room.
    I came all over my fingers but still I couldn’t stop watching. Now it was Serena who was about to cum, she was still talking to Dad as her fingers bought herself to a crashing orgasm.
    I crept slowly and quietly up to bed.

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       After a few minutes I heard Mark and Serena go home.
    I had trouble sleeping after that. Just thinking about what I had seen kept me awake. It also excited me. And I’m ashamed to say I played with myself again while picturing what Mum and Mark were doing. When we got up in the morning mum was late to rise. When she came downstairs I said, ‘Did you have a good time last night’. ‘Yes’ she replied, ‘It was fine’.
    She gave no hint of knowing that I knew.
    I was a bit concerned how I would react when I saw Mark and Serena as I was sure Mark would tell her that he saw me. I managed to avoid them for a couple of days but one hot Saturday afternoon I was walking down to the local shop to get some cigarettes when I saw Mark washing his van. He was only wearing shorts and no top. He is very good looking and has a good body, and I now know he is well endowed.
    I was very emabarrsed as I walked passed him. He saw me and stopped washing his van.


       ‘Hi Sarah, how are you’, he asked. I felt myself blushing and saying I was fine.
    He said, ‘It’s hot today and I’ve nearly finished, do you fancy a cold drink in the garden’.
    I said, ‘I have to go the shop first, maybe on the way back’. I had no intention of doing so and I carried on to the shop.
    I glanced back at Mark and admired his body. I was getting a tingle between my legs at the memories of what I had seen a few days earlier. As I walked out of the shop I saw Mark rolling up the hosepipe and putting his cleaning things away. I got to Mark and said, ‘What about that cold drink then’.
    He opened the graden gate and followed me in. He called out, ‘Serena, Sarah’s popped in for a cold drink’.
    I followed Mark into the garden and sat down on a lounger. Serena soon appeared with a tray of cold drinks. We sipped them and generally chatted. Serena suddenly said, ‘Sarah, you don’t mind if I take my top off, do you, I’m very hot’.

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       I smiled and said, ‘No, of course not’.

      Serena had lovely tits, but I already knew that. Her nipples were erect, I kept staring at them and remembering when I last saw them. Oh God, I thought, I’m getting horny.
      After a short while Serena said, ‘Sarah, you must be hot with that top on, why not take it off, Mark wont mind. ’
      I replied, ‘I'm not sure, I’m rather embarrassed’. I looked at Mark, he gave that smile and winked at me. Just as he did the other night. I knew then that I wouldn’t be able to resist.
      ‘OK,’ I said.
      Serena came over to me and reached down to my top. I raised my arms and she took my top off. I felf self conscious but excited. She reached round my back and undid my bra strap and took it off. I immediately crossed my arms and covered my tits.


         I could feel my nipples were hard.
      Serena stood behind me and reached down and started rubbing my nipples. I was helpless to stop her. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the wonderful feeling she was giving me. She squeezed and pinched them and made them harder.
      Serena said, 'Look what effect you're having on Mark'.
      I opened my eyes and saw that Mark had taken his shorts off and his cock was standing to attention. My eyes were glued to it. I immediately remembered watching Mum being fucked and then sucking it.
      Serena said, 'Sarah would you like Mark to put it inside you. '
      I didn't reply. I couldn't. But I opened my legs. Mark reached forward and undid my shorts and slid them and my knickers down my legs. Serena took one of my hands and put it on Marks lovely hard cock.

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         I started rubbing it. It was rock hard.
      Serena laid me down on the sun lounger. I was now totally naked. My legs opened and I felt Mark's cock at my pussy lips. He stroked it up and down a few times and then slowly inserted it. It was sensational as he slowly put it in a little and then took it out. Each time it went in a little further. I felt I was splitting in two.
      Serena was playing rigorously with my tits. Pulling and squeezing my nipples. Mark was now fully inside and fucking me with a slow but increasing rhythm. I was in heaven. I was soon cumming and I yelled as Mark made me cum.
      But he carried on fucking me and eventually I felt another orgasm approaching.

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         This was even more intense and I thought I was going to pass out. Serena was now sucking my nipples.
      Mark slowly withdrew his cock and Serena said, 'Now its my turn'.
      Mark now lay down his lounger, his cock standing straight up. Serena pulled her shorts off. She wasn't wearing knickers. She stood with her legs either side of the lounger and lowered herself down onto Marks cock. Then she slowly raised herself up before plunging down as hard as she could onto his cock.
      'Play with my tits', she told me.
      I had never even touched anyone but my own, but I didn't hesitate in doing what Serena wanted. I squeezed her nipples and pinched them as hard as I could. I knew how much I enjoyed it so I was sure Serena would too.
      The look on Serena's face shwed how much pleasure she was getting and in only a few minutes she was cumming, having fucked herself on Mark's rock hard cock.
      She rolled off onto the grass.
      Mark was still hard and clearly ready to cum.

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      Serena said to me, 'Would you like to wank him off over may face and mouth'.
      Serena sat on the grass and Mark knelt in front of her. I reached out for Mark's cock. It felt lovely and sticky from mine and Serena's cum. I started slowly rubbing him. I couldn't get my whole hand round it as it was so wide. Serena leant forward and Mark put his cock inside her mouth. She closed her lips and clamped them tight around it. I started rubbing it faster and faster as Serena sucked. Mark reached for my other hand and put it on his balls. I squeezed them tightly.
      I wanked harder and faster and I knew he was going to cum soon. Then Serena opened her mouth and put her lips just on the tip. I wanked faster and soon Mark was cumming all over his wife's face and nmouth. I was amazed at how much cum there was as he seemed to cum for ages and ages.

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      Eventually he stopped and he lay down and collapsed on the grass. Serena still had her face and mouth covered in Marks cum. I saw her start licking it. She scooped a little up with her finger and offered it to me. I was unsure, but I opened my mouth and licked it. It tasted sweet and salty at the same time as well as hot and sticky. I liked it.
      Serena said, 'Next time you can suck him off'.
      Read chapter 2 where Serena shows me how could lesbian sex is and I introduce my younger sister to Mark and Serena and we all contemplate whether we should have an orgy with Mum and Dad.
      Please let me have your thoughts.
      This story, while it is a story it is based on real people who live in my village. If you would like me to write a story about you and people you know, let me have as many details as possible. The more you tell me the more realistic I can make it.