My Neighbor's Bed


Topic: She has the softest sheets.     I am a 16 year old boy who has always been very sexual, and perverted you could say.   I have had the biggest crush on my 19 year old neighbor(girl), and have mastrubated while thinking of her almost daily.   My chance for some extra fun came when her parents told me they wanted me to take care of their pets while they went to their Families place in a different state for a week.   At first I was not thrilled, but then thought of the opportunities to explore the place.
    The first day that I went over there I was very nervous and took a walk around the inside, looking for cameras or soemthing that would lead me to believe they would be watching.   I was kind of paranoid, but this was almost my fantasy coming true.   Nothing.   I had the place to myself, and my own parents were going to be gone for 3 days.   What did I decide to do? Well, I was gonna stay at my neighbors house.   I quickly got stripped down naked, turned on their big screen TV and started jerking all over myself.   Afterwards I didn't need to clean up or put clothes on, so I continued to walk around the house, until I got to her door.   I slowly opened it, but walked away.   This was a great girl, sexy as hell, but very nice.   She wouldn't do anything perverted, so I went to take a shower and get clothed first.  
    As soon as I was clean I decided to go for it. 

    I walked into her room, and looked around.   At first site it seemed like a nice girls room until I got through to her underwear drawer.   I first found a few granny panties on top, but they seemed to have never been worn, so I dugg deeper.   I found a plentiful supply of g-strings, thongs, and even 2 dildos.   I was amazed, but then underneath the dildos was a box, that when opened had naked pictures of herself in it.   Poloraids.   There had to have been atleast 25 of them, some with her ex boyfriend also naked, and one was even with a friend of hers.   I took one of the ones of just her, and still have it in my wallet today.   I also took a pair of her underwear that I put on all the time when I think of her.   But anyway, I went over to her computer, logged on, and noticed absolutely nothing.   I did some searches for nude, sexy, boobs, everything like that but came up with nothing.   She had no photos on their I could steal, so I was about to leave but then I got onto yahoo. com and she was signed into her mail already.   I looked up the sent and received items, and saw some video clips.   She has 4 videos each about 10-15 minutes long of her mastrubating.

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    I was in love for sure.   At that moment I knew I was going to stay in her room for the remaineder of my petsitting.   I quickly got naked and started to play the videos one after another.   I saw her moaning, playing with her dildos, now sitting right by me, and she would rub herself over.   I moaned myself thinking about this and viewing it.   I got onto her bed, and gelt the soft fur blanket smoothly rubbing on me, as I rubbed my throbbing cock.   I went at it until I relieved myself, then instead of putting my clothes on, I wanted to put hers on.   I got out her g string, slipped it on with my penis and balls hanging to the right side of it, slipped on one of her mini skirts, extra mini on me, one of her bras with some padding in it, then a tube top.   I was feeling so sexy, and you could see my penis hanging out from the bottom of the skirt.   I had to take pictures, so I found her camera and took them.
    Everyday went about the same as this, I explored every corner of the room, had copies of all the photos, videos, and eveything.   I even used her dildos in my ass a few times, im bisexual, and loved it.   I was living the high life, but sad it would end the next day.   I had to do something amazing for the last day, something I would always remember.   So that's exactly what I did.

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    I got all dressed up in her clothes like I did the first day, and went over to her computer and made dvd copies of her movies.   I pulled the 37'' TV into her room and played the dvd's in the background, while I got onto her webcam and started to cyber sex with older guys.   I told them where I was and what I was doing, and they asked if that was her in the video.   I said yea, as I pulled down my skirt and started to dildo myself in the ass.   I had the entire thing recording, and had to have been with atleast 7 or 8 guys that day each saying the exact same thing, each with their cams on also, and one guy even gave me his phone number.
      nothing could stop me, I wa naked, throbbing hard, had a porno of my love in the background, and a naked older guy on the screen, and a dildo in my ass.   I had her clothes thrown around, andpictures of her all over the edges of the screen.   Suddenly, I head the garage door directly underneath open.   My heart skipped forward the next 2 hours, and I managed to clean everything and put it all back while gettting my clothes on before anyone got upstairs.   I turned off the television and walked downstairs.   There she was, stairing right at me, and I had a hard one still going, but my jeans covered it fairly well.
        She asked what I was doing upstairs, and I had no idea what to say.   I just said i dont know, then quickly ran out and left.   I got home completely out of breath, and finished cumming.   Thats when it hit me.

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        I still had a few dozen pictures of me and mini vids on her camera.   I never deleted them.   I couldnt go back now, could I? I decided to wait until that night when everyone is asleep and try to sneak in and delete them.   The camera was on the desk right next to the door, so I might be able to do that if I were silent enough.   I had to go for it, otherwise I would be screwed.  
        That night I got up about 2 in the morning and went over to their place and walked in through the backdoor.   I slowly walked past the parents bedroom and up the stairs to hers.   The door was closed and the light was off, so I was in luck.   I slowly opened the door and walked inside very silently.   As soon as I was inside the light turned on, and there she was butt naked on her bed just waiting for me.   I was in complete shock, and she just asked me simply :Do you know how I knew?".   I was still in shock, but was able to mutter, was it the camera?  She looked at me in surprise and said no, there were a few others though.   Three of my pictures have cum on them, I am missing my favorite pair of undies, and most importantly you emailed yourself the videos and didn't delete the email.   Busted, but then why was she naked? Would I get laid tonight? The answer would soon cum. .

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    Stay tuned for part II. . . .
    if you liked this please email me at partycorey@gmail. com and tell me so, so I know whether or not to write more.   This one is completely true though.  

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