My neighbour and I explore sex


I was 13 and my neighbour was 14. One day she caught me looking down the front of her dress because she was getting boobs.
She asked me what I was looking at and naturally I said nothing, then she undid her blouse and showed me her nothings. She was just big enough to wear a bra but she didn’t yet. I said they look beautiful. She had really hard red nipples and ring around them.
I said without thinking – can I kiss them. She said no - then said well if you want to. I did and she shuddered with pleasure as I sucked them. After I had sucked both of them she kissed me and used her tongue in my mouth. My first French kiss. I liked it and pretty soon we were kissing really hard and good.
Her blouse was still open and I put my hand on her nipples and she put her hand down and felt my hard cock through my pants. She said I showed you mine now you show me yours and I reluctantly undid my fly and pulled my cock out. She touched me and my cock jumped with the sensual pleasure. She said do you jack it off, and again I said no, and she said I bet you do.

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   I blushed and said sometimes.
Show me she said and I said only if you show me yours and she had no hesitation in taking her pants off and I saw her cunt for the first time. She said now go on show me and I began to strop my cock. Then she said can I do it and I said ok and she then put her hand on my cock and began to pull me.
She said take your pants off so I can do it better and I did.   She put her hand around my cock and began to pump it. I felt for her cunt and ran my hand over it and tried to put my finger into her. She said do you know how to do it for a girl and I said no. She said come up to my bedroom and I will show you.
The two of us went up to her room and we both undressed completely and we looked and felt each other all over. Then she showed me how girls masturbate and then she let me do it to her for a minute or two. Then she said I want to do it to you first so I sat on the bed and she played with my cock and began to masturbate me. I took about 3 minutes before I was ready to cum. Her hand felt really different to when I do it so I got there quicker.   Just before I actually came I said I will do it now, and took over from her.

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   She just watched fascinated and said will it spurt stuff and by then it was on its way and I just nodded.   I shot cum all over her carpet. She got down close to my cock head and was fascinated watching my cum spurt out. It’s the first time I have seen a boy do that.
    Then I said what happens when you cum and she let me finger her showing me where to touch and rub her. I ran my finger over her slit and found her clit and after pushing my finger into her and rubbing her clit like she showed me. She kept telling me where to rub and how and suddenly I thought she was having a fit as her whole body jerked and she grunted a few times. I said are you ok and she said wow that was a beauty, you just brought me off and that was my first orgasm I didn’t make my self. I was fascinated watching her jump each time I touched her clit and her breast actually moved a bit as she had each spasm. I kept rubbing her even after she came until she said stop its beginning to get sore.
    After that I got her to spread her lips and let me look inside her and I put my fingers into her and spread her lips myself and they were all wet. I said did you piss yourself and she said no that’s the wetness girls make when they have sex so they don’t get sore. Its not like boys cum.
    She said well that was just wonderful, lets do it again and I lay on the bed while she pulled and pumped my cock and had a wonderful time playing with it and looking and feeling it and my balls. She asked a lot of questions about my cock as I am circumcised and she has only seen uncircumcised ones.

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       She really enjoyed playing with it. After about 7 or 8 minutes I was ready to cum again and I said I am going to cum and she said I will finish it this time and she pumped my cock and actually giggled as my hot sperm shot out the end of my cock and flew all over me and her. It was everywhere on her tits and belly and she rubbed a lot of it into her skin. I went soft and she took her cum covered hand and began to play with the cum I had on me. She put her finger into it and made long strings of the sticky stuff, and had a great time playing with it and rubbing it around my belly and made a pool of it in my belly button. She was fascinated and said I didn’t think it would be warm even though it was now cool and its all whitish and sticky, I love it.  She said what does it taste like and I said I have never tried to taste it. She then took her finger and got some on it and said open wide and wanted to put it in my mouth. I didn’t really want to and said I don’t really want to and she said well lets both do it together, I am curious to see what it tastes like. She said get some on your finger which I did and she then said ok we will both open our mouths and you put your finger in my mouth and I will do it to you and we can suck it off each others finger.
    She said 1. 2. 3 and we both sucked each other fingers. I tasted my own cum for the first time. She was the first to say yum that was amazing, fancy that coming out of your cock.

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         I thought it might taste like pee but it doesn’t and it has a strange taste but I like it. I said it didn’t taste like I thought either, I didn’t really like the taste but it wasn’t as bad as I imagined. She got some more off me and sucked her own finger and did it a few times and then gave me some more off her finger. This time I already had the taste in my mouth and this time it was a bit better.
      She said I cant imagine having that inside me making a baby, it is nothing like I imagined.  Lets do it again and the two of us masturbated each other and we both had orgasms again only this time she drank a lot more of my cum and I tasted her juice from her cunt on my fingers. When she asked me what I thought I said it was alright and then she said lets mix it together and we put cum on our fingers and then into her cunt and sucked the mix of our cums together. She said that’s even better than each one on its own. I said have you tasted yours before and she said plenty of times, I suck my fingers a lot when I masturbate.
      I was covered in cum and she was pretty mucky around her cunt and had some dried cum on her tits. She took me to her bathroom and washed ourselves and we dried each other off and I got hard again with her rubbing the towel over me. She then bent down and I though she was going to look or play with my cock again but this time she put her mouth over it and I got the most amazing feeling I have ever had with her warm mouth sucking and bobbing up and down on my cock. She looked up and said do you like that and I said do I ever, then we heard a car drive up the driveway. Shit she said that’s my mom, oh fuck I didn’t realise the time and we raced to her room and got dressed. Before she ran off she kissed me and said I will finish that next time.

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         I climbed out her window as she ran to greet her mom so I could get away.
      That was the beginning of a long sexual adventure with her and more will follow.
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