My New Adventures with Wilson...


Anyways, I would always enjoy teasing Wilson about sexual comments and we would laugh it off. Suffice it to say, we got more and more into it as the year went on and later became very good friends. One day in swimming class, we were the only ones left in the change room and I noticed that Wilson had an erection that he was trying to hide. He was in the process of changing into his white briefs and I saw his dick poke out. I commented but we stayed quiet about it. Knowing that I wouldn’t risk our friendship, he started another topic and I forgot about the whole issue completely. This was the first of our sexual friendship that would continue. Anyways, our classes were very similar and I would be in Wilson’s class for a major part of my day. As the year went on, I got to know Wilson well and went to go and see movies with him on breaks. One day, we had a spare (no-class) and it just so happened that I met Wilson in the bathroom in the basement. Now, it is not what you think, our school’s basement is actually quite nice, because it’s really our first floor. Wilson had just finishing using the bathroom and was walking towards the bathroom sink. I went in and said “Hi Wilson, how’s class”, he responded “What do you think? It was the most boring thing ever”. I commented (sarcastically), “I could…umm…help you get happier”…amazingly, he said “sure Matt”. We winked at each other and I could tell that he was merely joking. I didn’t care however and I decided to go over and bend down on my knees.

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   Btw…we were a private school so we all had identical uniforms. However, students would always like to glance at each other’s bulges as this was completely normal. It was an all-boys school, so who really cared? Anyways, I started by putting my hands on Wilson’s butt and just started by rubbing my face against his fly. Wilson immediately rejected at first and said “eeww…back away” I denied his request because I knew that he semi-enjoyed it. I always fantasized about this and I was pretty sure that he did too. So, I started to place my mouth against his crotch and I noticed that he started to get horny. As a sign of my sincerity, I stripped down to my own briefs and I continued on Wilson’s grey pants. I started to unbuckle Wilson’s pants and then ended up pulling them down. From the bulge, I noticed that his dick was about as long as mine and was so eager to start giving him a blowjob. I walked over to the bathroom door and locked it just to be safe. Then, I went back to Wilson and started to lick his penis through his underwear. Wilson was moaning heavily at that point and I noticed a certain amount of pre-cum coming through his briefs. Seeing this, I started to rub my hands up and down and slowly went felt my way around the waistband. I pulled down his underwear slowly and to provoke him, I started to moan. “Wilson, you have such a big dick…I’ve been dreaming for this for a year”, surprisingly he responded “me…too…oohh” To make him completely horny, I took off my briefs and reveled my “6.

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      5” dick”. He immediately made a fist and grabbed it. He started to jack me off and I said “Wilson, I have no clue why I didn’t know you were so good before”. I have never gotten a blowjob and this was the first time. Wilson later took his mouth and started sucking me. After about a minute, I pulled away and I started sucking Wilson. He was in so much pleasure that I thought he would explode. Every few seconds he would go” Oh…Matt…oh…” It’s hard to explain it, but he said it in such a way that it was sexy. About 5 minutes of this, he said that he wanted to try a 69. I’ve never tried that and neither did he, but suffice it to say, it went quite well. We got down to it in now time and laid on the floor naked. He said, “I’m going to cum…” I told him that I would swallow every bit of it…and I did”. He was so horny that I’m pretty sure that I didn’t have to drink anything for the rest of the day. I was full! After that, I cummed and he said that it tasted better than he thought. Wilson’s cock was so well-built that I decided to keep sucking on his cock (but…gently) for a few minutes.

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       He did the same. Unfortunately, the bell rang, and we got up and hugged each other. We spent a good 20 seconds feeling each other’s cock touch. We decided to switch underwear and I mentioned that I have already tried his on several times in the pool’s changeroom. He apparently noticed and filmed me doing it once. He still has it and actually watches it every night. Anyways, we switched underwear and wore our pants and touched each other’s crotch one more time. I straightened myself out and went back to school. After this experience, we were best friends and would always tell our parents we were going to the movie. Instead, we went to nude beaches, went to secluded places and gave each other’s blowjobs. He was the best man I’ve ever known. .