My secrets.


This story is true. Please await more of these stories in this series, about one per night. I hope that you comment and rate, critisism is taken happily, I want to know how I'm doing. Here it goes. . .

It was about five o`clock. My mom and dad were out of town, to Miami, probably to have sex. My mom and dad work as porn stars. You can find a bunch of vibrators and dildos in their bags. I've checked out some of their work, not to bad. . . I'm 16, my mom got knocked up at the age of 14 and had me and my twin brother at 15. My brother is emo-ish and I am too. I've always have had a burning passion to have such naughty sex with him.

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   Somedays, after watching our parents video's I see his erect dick. Whenever were alone, I make sure I don't wear a bra and I wear my sexiest thong and give him little flashes. I bet he notices, but is too nervous to come up to me.

One day, I'm taking a hot steamy shower, and then my brother, Daniel, walks in. He comes in, brushes his teeth and says "Hey Terri. . . "

I get nervous as he says these words. "Yeah?" I reply calmly.

"I don't know how to say this, but I want to have a baby with you. "

I stand in the shower, my face in complete utter shock. "I've always been attracted to you ever since we were 9. "

"So it's a yes?" he asks.

"Yes" I reply.

I get naked and lay on my bed that night.

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Daniel comes in in a pair of black boxers and lays down on my bed. I jump on top of him and instantly pull his boxers off. His dick is completly erect and he's now licking my rock hard nipples. I sit on his dick and push up and down, going faster and faster, pushing all of his 9 inches up my pussy. I scream his name so all the neighbors can hear. Then I put my head down to his dick and I decide to flick my tounge over his sensitive ead. He warns me that he's about to come, so I sit down on his dick and I go in and out so fast that I come before you do. You put come and I feel his seed go in my womb.
To Be Continued. . . .