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Topic: Chapter 1 Chapter 1
I met Erin at college. I had just graduated from High School three months previously and was in my Freshman Year at the Moorpark Community College. I was seventeen at the time, but my birthday was in September, so the “big one-eight” was coming up soon. Let me give you a mental image of myself. I’m an average-sized guy, about six foot; I lettered in three sports, so I’m very athletic; I have dark brown hair (although in good sunlight it takes on a lighter, redder shade), Hazel colored eyes, and a goatee that I’m very proud of. Erin was in my first class of the day. I missed the first day of the class because of a schedule mix-up and I was a little late to the second day. I’m always a little late. She was in the back, and, by virtue of her unassuming attire, she didn’t stand out. By that, I mean I didn’t notice her. It was the third day of class, when she was a little later than I was, that I really saw her. She burst into this quiet little classroom talking on a cell phone wearing this tight black blouse with no bra, and this black miniskirt and fading black cowboy boots with these big lensed, pink tinted sunglasses in gold frames. Now to describe Erin’s physical characteristics is hard enough, seeing as the only word that comes to mind is PERFECT. PERFECT ass, PERFECT tits, PERFECT legs, PERFECT eyes, PERFECT lips. However, trying to describe Erin’s personality is damn near impossible. No single word fits her; you have to describe her every aspect to, not only do her justice, but also to get just an idea of the picture of who she is.

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   Actually, it’s a wonder that we clicked the way that we did. She describes herself as a Lesbian, Wiccan, Hippie. Whereas I’m usually quiet, she’s loud. I’m big, she’s small… this will take too long. Um, the best way to describe her is as Clementine, Kate Winslet’s character from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. But we had enough in common to where our relationship didn’t play into that whole “opposites attract” bullshit. About the lesbian thing, she LOVES girls, prefers them to men. However, once in a while, something about a guy will just, strike her, and, so she’s told me, she just has to have him. I am the third. But, now it looks like I haven’t done you the favor of giving you her basic physical features. She’s about 5’4’’, weighing in at 120 (soaking wet). Current hair color, blonde. And although they’re usually confined, Poncho and Preferido (my pet names for her breasts) are a pair of perfectly round, natural Ds. Finally, to finish off this full house, full, truly kissable, blowjob lips. Now, true blonde or not, I’ve always had a “thing” for blondes.

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   Brunettes and other ethnicities have their own special place in my heart, (ooooh, Asian mouths). But those are other stories, if I ever get around to actually writing them. Needless to say, or I wouldn’t be bothering to write this, Erin and I hit it off. She had a boyfriend, but it didn’t matter; I wasn’t trying to get her. We would just hang out after class, go to the parking lot and smoke, and we would constantly be busting on each other. My “A” game was always on, but not in the sense that I was kicking game at her. Still, the attraction was there, between us. I’d never had too much luck with girls, so I was surprised at positive responses I found myself receiving, and at her apparent and continued interest. However, after the semester ended, we lost touch. Primarily because my cell phone was jacked (stolen) from my work. Fast-forward a few months, she calls me up and wants to hang out. But the only available time we both had was two days later when she was going almost into downtown L. A. to see her girlfriend. She called her girlfriend to see if it would be alright if I came, then called me back to tell me that Yes, indeed it would.

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   Two days later, seeing as my car was in the shop, I drove my mother’s Jeep into The Valley, picked Erin up, and we drove to her girlfriend’s apartment, taking the 118 to the 405, getting off at… some exit I don’t remember. We hung out there for a few hours, talked and smoked. Not much happened really. I didn’t even get to see them kiss. Then I left. She spent the night. About a week after that, I found out that I had to go to San Diego for about a month (family issues) I wasn’t able to see Erin before I left, but she either called me or I called her about every other day, and we’d just… chat. For about an hour or two at a time. It was about a day or two before I was to come home, that Erin told me that she had broken up with Amber (her girlfriend) two days after I’d driven her there. Just to bust on her, I told her that it was because she knew that she was meant to be with me. Laughingly, she just said “Maybe. ” I called her when I got home. We set a date to hang out the following week. I stopped by her house and talked to her mom (I had met her mom one day when her Mom had picked her up from school one time. Erin told me the next day that her mom liked me) while Erin grabbed her keys and we left in her car. 

   We drove around for a while, went to a park and took pictures, I bought her cigarettes (she never could keep track of her ID), and she treated me to lunch at the El Torito. She had an “audition” for a little production of Hedwig and the Angry Inch in an hour and a half, but although neither of us really wanted me to go home, neither of us could think of anything else to do. And, gas prices being how they were, she could ill afford to just drive around. That was when I realized that the house she was auditioning at was just a few blocks from my grandfather’s house in Chatsworth (woo-hoo! The porn capital of the world!) So I directed her towards the address, not really telling her where we were until we got out of the car. We went inside and of course the kitchen was a mess (great, she gets to see firsthand that my family lives in apparent squalor), but that was alright. I just made sure to pop my head around the corner connecting the Dining Room to the Family Room, just to see if my seventy-three year old grandfather was presentable (my grandmother having died several years back, and even before then he might go around shirtless after skinny-dipping in the pool or spa, so who could tell what he might do now?). I brought her around; however, he was asleep, so there was no real purpose in staying in there, listening to him snore. So we went into the backyard. My grandfather has always loved birds, so years ago my dad built him some huge, walk-in birdcages in the backyard. My grandfather was also raising some chickens (you can take the boy out of the country, etc. Even though he’d lived in the suburbs for fifty odd years!). So after giving her the grand tour and catching a chicken so Erin could pet it, we found ourselves sitting on the diving board. I thought to myself “Now or never,” and told her to “Stand up. ” Once she had done so, I picked her up in my arms and went for it. Straight for those beautiful, somewhat pouty, lips of hers.

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   Contact. Soft at first, giving way to a tasty, warm wetness that firmed around the inner edges when she maneuvered them around mine once her brain caught up with what was happening. She was… responsive. Ooh, tongue. Sweet (both the fact and in the taste). No resistance. Starting to breathe heavily, Erin broke off the kiss. Pantingly, “Hooo…we can’t do this here… hooo… your grandpa could wake up, come out here and catch us. ” “Oh, he won’t care. ” I protested. “We have to go anyway,” she said. “I don’t want to be late. ” So we left. 90% of all women believe that everything they need to know about a relationship can be found in the first kiss. I had to quiz her.


   We had been driving in a comfortable silence for a full minute when I asked “So?” “What?” Her eyes never left the road. “The backyard. ” She took her green eyes off the road long enough to give me a sideways glance with a hint of a smirk on her face, then returned her eyes to the road. “We’re compatible. ” “More than that,” I mockingly interjected. “You enjoyed it!” “I’m wet. ” She said. “But you have a thing for attacking me. ” “Attacking you?! I did NOT attack you. ” “Yes you did,” she said, smiling. “Whatever. And what do you mean, ‘a thing’ for attacking you?” “That first time you met my mom,” she replied. “I gave you a hug goodbye, you picked me up, and you grabbed my ass. ” “I did not!” “Yes you did. ” “NO, I did not.

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  ” “YES, you DID. ” “Look Erin,” I said. “You have a nice ass, and I would LOVE to grab it. However, as of yet, I haven’t. ” “Well anyway, we’re here. ” She said as she parked the car. “And yes you did. ”
Chapter 2: Getting There
It would be another two weeks before I would see Erin again: Cinco de Mayo to be exact on the date. I picked her up at her house, and we just drove around The Valley. She was wearing this turquoise maternity-styled shirt (that for some reason is popular these days) and blue jeans. I had a gift card to E. B. Games, and she showed me where the nearest one was; I took her to my grandmother’s house; and then I drove us out of The Valley and into the Calabasas/Westlake area where I lived. On the way there, however, we were listening-to/blasting The Smashing Pumpkins’ song Bullet With Butterfly Wings, when she decided unzip her pants and cover herself with the black Guinness sweatshirt that I had lying in the backseat of my car. After she had been fiddling around down there for a minute, I put a bit a bit of restrain in my voice, and I asked her, “What are you doing?” in a tone that suggested that I knew perfectly well what she was doing.

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   Nonchalantly, she replied, “Masturbating. ” She then proceeded to bring a very wet finger to her mouth and suck on it. “Yummy. ” She quickly took her other hand, which had also been under the sweatshirt, and wiped it on my forearm. “Sicko!” I yelled, not mad at all. I looked at her, looked at the road, looked at her again to make sure that she was watching, and licked her juices off my arm. “Hmm, you’re right,” I said. “Simply delicious. ” One could see she was shocked, in a happy way, and then she started busting up, laughing. I drove to my favorite tobacconist and bought a cigar with her, which I recall to be an intoxicating Litto Gomez (LG) Diez. We talked with the proprietor, who was a friend of mine, and I lit up while sitting with Erin on one of the leather couches provided at the store. I had just taken a puff when suddenly, fiercely, kissed me, stealing the smoke from my mouth. I passed the cigar to her, she took a puff, and she passed the smoke to me, via another kiss. Suck, lean forward, kiss, blow, lean back, pass. Wait, watch, lean forward, suck, lean back, reach.

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   We finished my cigar off like that. The combination of nicotine and loss of blood (it was going to other areas of my anatomy besides my brain) almost caused me to rear-end someone on my way to take Erin out to my favorite sushi bar. I ordered a little bottle of warm sake for us and some Santa Barbara Sweet Shrimp. I had been telling her about the shrimp some time previously. It’s my favorite thing on their menu. It’s live, then they kill it, cut off the tail, cut the tail in half, turn that into regular sushi, and while you eat the tail in the sushi roll, they flash fry the rest of the shrimp so that by the time you finish the tail, you are served the rest of the shrimp, and you eat that whole. It tastes like tempura, and the shell is all crunchy and tasty. Anyway, we had been affected by the sake, so we just sat in the front seat of my car, snuggling and listening to Tommy Lee’s song Good Times. It set the mood for the rest of the day. I drove her to this little park by my house and we ran around there for a while. She’d run from me, I’d chase her, tackle her, and pin her to the ground (Wrestling was one of the three sports I’d lettered in that I told you about in the first chapter of my story). Then she’d give, get up, and start running away all over again. Finally, I collapsed on top of her, breathing heavily. After a moment, she rolled me off of her, and we ended up in the spoon position, lying on the grass. Erin started giggling, like there was something naughty on her mind.

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   “What are you thinking?” I asked. She rolled over onto her stomach, and grinned at me, biting her bottom lip. Liking the possibilities of what I thought her look might entail, I repositioned myself so that we were forming a one hundred degree angle and the sun, which was starting to disappear behind the mountains at Erin’s back, shone through one side of her hair. Our faces were less than a foot away from the other’s, and Erin took my right hand in both of hers, slowly unbent my index finger, and took it into her mouth. I straightaway pulled my finger out of her mouth, looked her in the eyes, and playfully said, “Don’t tease me. ” She proceeded to cast her eyes downwards, adopted a pout, looked back up at me, made a cute whining noise in the back of her throat, and took my hand again. “Allright,” I said, rolling my eyes. She gave a happy “Yay!” and continued to imitate oral sex with finger, slowly taking it in and out of her hot mouth, and rolling her tongue around it. Having never experienced head before, on any part of my anatomy, even this faux blowjob was causing my toes to curl, my balls to contract. “Too much!” I cried, yanking my hand away. This, of course caused her to laugh hysterically. “OK,” I said, “Let’s see how you like it. ” I grabbed her hands. Serious now, she asked me “What are you doing?” “You’ll see. ” I replied, and I uncurled the thumb on her left hand.


   Keeping both my hands around both of hers, I leaned my head in, turning to the side so that she could continue to get a good view, opened my mouth, and started flicking her thumb with my tongue. She gave a start, then said “Whoa,” in a heavy expulsion of breath. “OK, OK, OK,” she said. “I get it. ” Laughing, I pulled her to her feet, kissed her, and led her back to my car. We drove to my house. I parked the car and we went inside. My parents were just about to leave to go to dinner and asked us if we’d like to join them. Seeing as we’d already eaten, we declined. We were left alone. Erin had been losing handfuls of the extensions in her hair all day, and we took this opportunity to take out the extensions (My gosh, did THAT take a while. ); but we took advantage of the opportunity and the necessary closeness to fool around. She had her hands up in her hair, I grabbed her waist and started kissing her neck. She instantly turned around, started kissing me roughly, and shoved me against the show door. I picked her up right under her ass and walked her over to the counter, where I placed her.

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   But it was then that she broke the kiss. She hopped off the counter, and we started in on her hair again. She washed her hair free of the product that was in it, and I helped blow-dry. When I was finished, I started to pull up her shirt, using my palm so as to keep my fingers in contact with her skin. “Don’t do that. ” She said. “Why not?” I asked. “This is why not!” And she turned around and lifted her shirt up and off her petite little body, revealing two perfect spheres of flesh. The maternity shirt had been hiding the fact that she hadn’t been wearing a bra! “Holy Mother of…” I drifted off. Her areolas were magnificent in size: a good 2 ½ -3 inches in diameter. I hadn’t seen her tits before, not in all their liberated glory. But I did the only thing that I could have done. I grabbed her by the waist, lifted her back onto the counter, and started sucking on them. Erin has this wonderful scent about her. Most describe it as vanilla-like.

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   I have a good sense of smell, and I pay attention to everything. She doesn’t smell like soap, it’s all her scent. Like vanilla, yes, but also a light, smokey tone from Djarum Blacks (her preferred cigarette), and a freshness one can find when driving around bodies of water. One’s personal scent is derived from so many varying factors, and it tells a plethora of things about you. What kind of soap, shampoo, deodorant, and detergent you use on your body and clothes; what kinds of food you eat; how often you exercise and other activities that you do.   Scent is one of, if not THE strongest sense that is linked to memory. Things you haven’t smelled in years can bring memories rushing back. I will never forget Erin’s scent. I had been going at her breasts for nearly a minute when Erin pushed me arm’s length away, got off the counter, grabbed me by the hand, and started leading me towards the door. As we exited the bathroom, Erin asked me “Which one is your room, again?” “That one,” I answered, pointing to the door on the right. “But…” Not waiting for me to finish, she threw open my door, jumped on my bed, and started burying herself in covers and pillows. She looked at me, grinning this beautiful smile, and gave a “Come here” gesture with her right hand. I couldn’t believe my luck! This half naked hottie was in my bed, telling me to “Come here. ” There was just one downside. I walked over to the bed.

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   I laid down next to her, making a show of staying above the covers.   Slipping my hand underneath the top sheet, I uncovered her left breast (Poncho), and started playing with it. I leaned in to kiss Erin. Just a quick peck. “We can’t do this here. ” I started. “Why not?” She asked. “Because my parents could come back any second, they’re the kind who check on their kids. Because I wouldn’t be comfortable doing it here, going directly against what my mother asked me not to do just before she left. ” I was feeling like such a pussy! Erin waited a moment, then, wistfully, “Could you go get my shirt?” “Sure. ” I said, and I left for the bathroom. When I got back, Erin was out of the bed, still topless, and just after I turned the corner she tackled me. I ended up on my back, with her straddling me. Weight on her palms and knees, she started to kiss me, right there on the floor of my room. Did I mention she was topless? After I was starting to breath heavy, she could sense resistance forming, and she broke the kiss.


       Sitting there, still straddling me, face inches away my mine, she said, “We can continue now, or we can go somewhere else. You don’t have to worry about disappointing me. ” “Well, that’s a relief. ” I said, jokingly. “However, much as your plan has worked to get my blood going, we are going to have to go somewhere else. Let’s not start what we can’t finish. ” “Allright. ” She pouted. She took the shirt from the floor where I’d dropped it, and put it back on before getting off me. I grabbed a pillow and a blanket from the hall closet while she fixed her hair. Coming out from the bathroom, Erin saw the items in my arms and asked knowingly “What are those for?” “Oh, these? Well, I’m sure we’ll think of something. ” As we passed my parent’s bedroom, I abruptly dropped the blanket and the pillow, grabbed Erin, pulled her onto my parent’s waterbed, “attacking” her. Our legs were still dangling over the edge of the frame, bodies side by side, and I pushed myself up onto one arm, kissing Erin forcefully while sliding my free hand under her shirt. Erin pushed her deeper into the giving water, yet again breaking our kiss, and, mockingly, said, “Let’s not start what we can’t finish!” I laughed. “Well, we can’t finish here, but we will finish!” I helped her out of the bed, picked up the blanket and the pillow again, and with that, we left my house.

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    Chapter 3: The Action
    I shoved the items which I had temporarily plundered from the hall closet into my back seat. I told Erin to come with me, and I walked her down a short path till we got to the bridge that spanned the two sides of the creek near my house. She lit a cigarette, and we each leaned into the railing of the bridge, facing the moon. I took a puff of her cigarette, and positioned myself her, enveloping her against the railing. I started in on her neck, nuzzling the hair away. “So what are we doing here?” She asked. “Nothing really,” I replied. “Just taking in the scenery.   It’s what I like about this spot. But we can be done now, so let’s go. I have another great place to show you. ” I drove into a residential area I knew that was zoned for the owners to keep horses. I had a buddy that lived there, and I knew where a big, dark, empty lot was. But the best part about this neighborhood was the fact that cops never patrolled in it. I parked in the lot, and we got out of the car, bringing my blanket and pillow with us.


       “How about over there?” I pointed to a dark corner where a tree was. “Looks good. ” Erin said, so we spread the blanket over the light brush and sat down, pillow between us. Now, I’m usually one of those guys that “runs hot. ” I. E. , I’m never cold. But because I know this, I’m usually worried for my female companions, making sure THEY’RE not cold. But for being early may and having no cloud cover, I noticed that, although cool, the night was rather warm. “You’re not still hesitant, are you?” Erin asked. “No, it’s just… this is big. ” “Oh yeah,” she said. “I forgot that you’re losing your virginity tonight!” I AM? I was emboldened. “Oh, great. ” I replied.

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       “The last thing I need is for the girl to be all, ‘That’s so Cute!’ on me about it. ” Butterflies in my stomach, I leaned forward over the pillow and kissed Erin. Contact. Response. She wanted this… possibly as much as I did. Mouths melded together, I placed the pillow behind Erin and slowly guided her down onto it. We were laying side by side, just making out for a few minutes, when I slid my hand across her belly into pants behind her, squeezing her ass and pulling her hips closer to mine. I was as hard as I had ever been, with Lancelot sliding down the right side of my thigh. Erin reached her hand between us and felt the shaft. She responded to the knowledge of my obvious arousal by breaking the kiss, sitting up, taking off her shirt, and telling me “I want to blow you. ” ‘Well, hey, that’s good enough’ I thought. So I sat up and slid my pants off. Erin was on her knees, and as I was taking off my over shirt, she tried to free my tool from it’s confinement. I watched her try in vain to get my prick out of my boxer-briefs for about twenty seconds before I laughed at her and said, “Here,” exposing myself in one deft movement.
     Mumbling, she stroked the shaft with her fingers, not getting a firm grip, just bridging the top of it while she massaged the glans with her thumb.

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       Leaning lower, she kissed the tip of me, swirled her tongue around the head, and finally, she took me into her warm, wet mouth. Oh, the feelings being awakened! The pleasure she had brought me by merely imitating this act on my index finger paled in comparison to the real thing. Jerking me with one hand, she used the other to play with my balls. Then she started to deep-throat all 6 ½ inches of me. Sliding her puffy wet lips all the way down my shaft, she drew her head back slowly, inhaling through her nose and sucking on my penis with all the power of a vacuum. With the base of my penis firmly held between her thumb and forefinger, she began bobbing her head up and down, up and down on my cock, occasionally giving my balls a slight squeeze. I didn’t want to come like this, so I said “That’s enough. ” Looking up at me with her big, green eyes, she took my balls into her mouth, sucking them, and pulling her head down till they popped free. Then she stood on her knees to face me. I reached down, and pulled her jeans and panties down in one swift jerk. Chest heaving, she pulled my boxer-briefs down. We threw ourselves onto our backs side by side, in a race to see who could take their clothes the rest of the way (from the knees to the feet) off.  Being only in boxers… I won. She was mere seconds behind me, and she spread her legs just as I rolled between them. Now I was hesitant.

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       “Allright,” I asked, “How do we do this?” “I’ll guide you,” She said. I moved in closer just as she started to tell me to. She grabbed hold of me. I lowered myself onto my arms as she positioned me at her opening. “Ready?” She asked. “Oh, yeah. ” “Then go. ” She kept hold of me till I was halfway inside her. Our breathing started to quicken. Then I was buried to the hilt inside of her. I took a second. “How’s that feel?” She asked. “To be honest… weird. ” “Weird?” she laughed. “We’re having sex, and it’s weird?” “Well hold on,” I defended.

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       “You build a portion of your mind and your life around this ‘act,’ and when you finally do it, yeah, it’s weird. But, it’s good. And you feel great. ” Now I was starting to move in and out of her pussy. But being inexperienced, I started moving my whole body instead of just my hips. “You don’t have to move your whole body,” she instructed. Thinking quickly, I replied, “Well if I didn’t, then I couldn’t do this. ” On my next forward movement, I gave her a kiss, pulled back, forward, another kiss. She giggled. I pulled out too far, and pulled out completely. As Erin moved to reposition me, I grabbed her ankles, pushed them above her head, and started pounding her faster. That got her going. Then she decided to go for a change of pace. She brought her legs down so that I was still on my knees and she was sitting with her legs to either side of me and her hands were holding her back up, and she was able to push herself towards me and meet my thrusts. Without breaking our rhythm, Erin pushed me onto my back and was straddling me, raising herself up two inches, and lowering herself back down onto me.


       “This would be easier if I had a headboard or something to hold on to, but I love this position too much to not use it,” she said. We had been fucking together for almost ten minutes when I told her that I was getting close.   She told me to “Go for it” because tonight was all about me. “Ok, but do you want me to come inside you?” “I hate condoms,” she said. “So I went on the pill three years ago. So yes, I want you to come in me. ” Music to MY ears. My breath started to get shallow, so she stepped up the pace. I started to grab her waist, using my thumbs to rub the V where her legs connected to her loins. I started to thrust upwards, farther into her. My mind was aflame with senses. My only thought was to “Get There. ” “Oh, fuck, Erin!” I moaned. “I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum, I’m…” I tightened my ass cheeks, rushed a few slippery strokes, “CUM!” Balls tightening, I felt myself spasm inside of her pussy, gripped by her slick walls. Again, pushing upwards, again, again.

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       “Oh, FUCK,” we said in stereo, and she collapsed onto my chest. We laid there on the blanket, in the dark, breathing heavy for a minute of two before I broke the silence. “THAT, was awesome. ” “Thanks… you’re still hard inside me. ” “I know, it’s gonna take a few minutes of walking before I go soft. ” “Well,” she said, sitting up on me. “You took such a long time, my legs are exhausted, and I have to get home. ” So she pulled herself off my cock and we got dressed. I picked up the blanket, she got the pillow, and we walked back to the car. As I drove her home, she admitted to me that she had only expected me to last maybe two minutes, MAX. “Well, next time we can see how long I can really go, and I’ll get to eat you out. ”
    "Yeah," she said. "Next time. " 
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