My True Diary of Sexual Firsts: Volume 1


My first truly sexual memory was formed a year later, at age thirteen. I feel hopelessly "in love" with a girl named Jenni on the first day of a church retreat. A beautiful creature, Jenni was only a year younger than I. Long, sandy hair feel just below her shoulders, and her virgin body was just beginning to blossom into that of a mature woman. She could not have weighed more than 85 pounds, with tiny round breasts and full, pouty lips. We began to passionately "make out" in private while often holding hands and embracing in public. We would kiss for hours until our tongues and lips reached an exhausted stiffness, and from time to time our hands would come to rest on the other's buttocks. Our "relationship" lasted for several months, consisting mostly of long telephone calls about nothing, secret notes passed in the school hallways expressing our "love" for one another, and the extremely occasional marathon french-kissing sessions to which we had become accustomed whilst on retreat. Then one Friday night while watching a movie together at a friend's house, my trembling little hand began to inch its way excrustiatingly slowly underneath the front of Jenni's t-shirt. Seated between my legs, I felt the warmth of her barren stomach and became deathly frightened with what I now know to have been the very first gleams of human arousal. I froze and then retreated, panting silently out of fear and confusion. Jenni showed no outward reaction, and after a long inner peptalk, I gathered my wits and resolved to explore farther. My palm--which was now shaking visibly and sweating profusely--sneaked again beneath the thin fabric of her t-shirt and met decidedly with her sweet, firm belly. I noticed my penis beginning to pulsate and fill with blood as I became more and more comfortable with my hand's position. I began to lightly graze her smooth skin with the tips of fingers, and Jenni gasped ever so slightly under her breath. Then it happened: she took a deep breath and leaned back deliberately, clearing the passageway of fabric that led to her young, supple breasts.

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   For the first time I realized that the goal was not merely reaching a "base" in order to brag to my friends; the goal was to become aroused myself by arousing her. I needed no further invitation to continue, acting upon my new-found revelation. I moved my fingers slowly but deliberately upwards until the side of my forefinger came to rest against the underside of her breast. Again I was filled with the inexplicable combination of fear and excitement, and the sensation of touching the silky curve of her bra caused my penis to push its way toward a painfully full erection. I could feel her body tensing as I began to stroke my finger back and forth along the bottom of her breast, and with each pass I began to steadily move my fingers upward until they crossed over the cup of her bra, finally reaching the sweet barren skin near the top of her bosom. I began to audibly perceive the shortness in Jenni's breath as my full palm now cupped and gently massaged her left breast. She pressed her back hard against my chest, leaning up to kiss me sweetly on my neck. Confident now in my exploration, I lowered my middle finger into the cup of her bra and for the first time felt the tiny tip of an erect nipple. Instinctively, I began to lightly encircle the areola with my finger tip, and Jenni let out the faintest, sweetest little sigh. We remained in this position throughout the end of whatever movie I had just missed, and within a matter of minutes the lights came on and the experience was over. We broke up a few days later after Jenni expressed concerns that we were "moving too fast. " Yet, the confidence and understanding that I gleaned from those few moments were life-changing. Over a year and several boring girlfriends later, I began talking to another girl that I met at church. Brandi was also a year younger than I, a blonde bombshell with long, flowing hair and a tiny frame. Her thirteen year old body was developed like that of a mature woman, with defined hips and pert little B-cup breasts.

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   She often wore the tiniest of sundresses, showing off her long, milky smooth legs and thighs. Again, the relationship began with flirting and progressed quickly to intense french-kissing outside the church gymnasium. My hands were keener to explore her tiny ass, and I often became fully erect from the mere anticipation of seeing her on Sunday and Wednesday evenings. Before long, I was awarded my learner's permit and began driving. My parents had given me a used GMC Jimmy as a first vehicle, and I received my full license a few months later. My relationship with Brandi had remained stagnantly predictable until this point, when all of the sudden we were able to leave the church property together of our own volition and I was able to drive her home on a weekly basis. We started skipping church services to "make out" in the privacy of my truck, and we would always kiss for what seemed like hours in her driveway before she would go inside. One particular night, we pulled quietly into the darkest part of her long, country driveway after leaving church. Our usual ritual of kissing began, but this time Brandi moved from her side of the SUV and climbed over into my lap, straddling me on the driver's seat. I was both surprised and aroused by this unexpected move, but she assured me that she would be much more comfortable this way than leaning across the seats to kiss me. I adjusted the driver's seat back as far as it would go to make more room, and we started again. Her lips attacked mine, and our warm tongues met with a new excitement. My hands explored Brandi's ass, massaging one cheek in each hand as she licked and kissed my neck. Her tiny hips gyrated slowly to the rhythm of our kiss, and without question my penis leapt to full attention inside my loose Umbro shorts. Everything then came to a screeching halt.

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  Brandi backed away and rested her tiny body on my knees with her back against the steering wheel. She giggled, looking down at the circus tent my shorts had become. By age fifteen my penis had already reached a length of 7 1/2", and its suddenly erect presence must have startled her as she sat atop me. She laughed at the situation, never taking her eyes away from my blood-engorged member. Then, without a word, she timidly reached for the bottom of my shorts and placed the tiny fingers of both hands beneath the nylon fabric and onto my thighs. With the slowest motion that I could possibly imagine, she began to creep the tips of her fingers under my boxers and closer to my pulsating penis. I closed my eyes and let out a loud moan of mixed amazement and pleasure as her hands met and finally gripped together my raging shaft. She held me there for what seemed like an eternity, both of her tiny hands wrapped completely stationary around my dick like a baseball player holds a bat. Instinctively and without being asked, I reached down and guided her hands up and down into a masturbatory motion. She caught on quickly and began to stroke me, fueled more by curiosity than by sexual energy. My penis was harder than it had ever been, and I could feel the pressure building as she moved her fingers more and more deliberately over the full length of my shaft. Able to contain myself no longer and moaning with reckless abandon, I arched back and delivered an enormous load of burning cum into the fabric of my boxers and all over her tiny hands. Brandi giggled with delight and suprise, as shot after shot was released. For the next ten minutes or so, Brandi examined the thick wads of cum on her fingers as I tried to calm down and gather my wits. She opened and closed her fingers, allowing the hot goo to stretch into strands.

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   She timidly placed a finger to her tongue and tasted for the first time the nectar of man. I told her how incredibly sexy it was to watch that, and the idea of being an object of desire apparently agreed with her. She licked and sucked the remaining gobs from between her fingers while looking straight through me with her wanton blue eyes. I was immediately hard again at the sight of this and in the great spirit of youth, and she asked if physically I could climax again. I told her that I would sometimes masturbate four and five times in a row at home, and without another word she pulled my shorts down over my knees and brought my full cock into view. She studied it as she stroked it gently with one hand, paying particular attention to the tip. She would change her grip slightly or procure a new motion and then question me about its effect. On and on this lesson continued, and over the course of an hour she brought me to three more explosive orgasms. It was not until her parents flashed the porch light signaling her curfew that the fun came to an end. Yet, that night would be only the beginning of the fun. . . .

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