My True Love (Part 1 of 2)


      Thank God for myspace. Otherwise I would have never found her again. I met Shandi when I was 20 and she was 14. We met at my job where I was a manager and she was the cashier. I fell in love with her the moment I saw her. Her blue eyes were just the topping to her great body. Every guy wanted her. There was not a single male that did not want to bring her in the back room and shove his cock up her ass. I never thought I would get that oppurtunity until a year later when I returned from a short trip to Florida.        I got off work early being the usual dead Saturday and she was on her break. I was hanging out with her in the dining room doing my usual flirting stealing her cell phone while she eats my french fries until out of nowhere she wanted an Iced Coffee from Dunkin Donuts' and asked if I would go with her. Like I was going to say no to a hottie like her. Anyways, while we were outside the store she asked if I liked her, I told her yes but she is way too young. She asked me to describe what I liked and I told her that her eyes were her best asset. That just stole her heart. She just pushed me down right there and started making out with me right outside Dunkin' Donuts.

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   I was rubbing her ass as she began to stroke my cock. At this point I knew I had to make love to this angel. I pulled away and looked at her. We need to go somewhere more private, let's go to my house. At the time I lived across the street so this was no long wait until I got my way with her.         As soon as we entered my room I could not keep her clothes on. I started kissing her and rubbing her breasts pratically ripping her shirt off. I kissed her neck for several minutes as she took her bra off for me. When I lifted up my head from her I just awed at her nipples, it is hard to describe their was just something about them. She had small nipples on probably about a 34B breast. I cupped one of her breast  playing with her nipples while I sucked her other one. She know began to moan in pleasure. I looked up her and told her you have not felt nothing yet. That was when my hand went straight under her jeans and black thong underwear and I started rubbing her clit. She was begging me to stop.

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   I had no intention  in stopping here and I kept going. She kept trying to push my hand away stopping me from making her cum. I finally let her have her way as I left her nipple with my tongue and started to lick the rest of her body from her breast, down to her tummy, then at her pants line, finally undressing her jeans and underwear.        I then proceeded to eat out her pussy like there was no tommorow. I licked her all over for a good twenty minutes. Eventually even getting her to rub her own clit while I licked which finally gave let me give her have her first orgasm which I was sure to lick clean from her pussy for her. She then returned the favor by sucking my dick, I especially loved when she licked the tip of my penis. She sucked almost like a pro which was odd because she claimed she was a virgin. As I was almost about to cum I stopped her. No way was I going to let her make me cum without me fucking her going this far. I picked her up from the floor where she was sucking me and threw her on the bed. I climbed on top her, spead her legs and rubbed my penis against her pussy. Up and down several times, then teasing her by inserting my dick a little then pulling it out. Then finally I had enough of teasing her and myself.         I slammed my cock into her tight little pussy at first she flinced a little and said it hurt.

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       But when I said do you want me to stop she said no. So I pumped her pussy like there was no tommorow. It was the tightest pussy I have ever felt, it was snug around my cock making the pleasure better than ever. I pumped her pussy, fast making her moan so loud the neighbors hears us. "OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" she moaned she didn't say much besides that but it didn't matter. I kept fucking her grabbing her hot ass, looking deep into her blue eyes telling she was enjoying every moment of it. As she came again, I could not help but cum inside her pussy. My sweet cream was in her. Everybody wanted Shandi & I got her. She make fuck other men in years to come but I took her virginity, that was her gift to me. I will never forget that day it was the best day of my life.       We went our seperate ways after that great day, she dated several guys, I am sure fucked some of them. I even got married and had two kids. But I never forgot her and now with my marriage on the rocks and thinking about her every day I decided to contact her again. I found out she had a boyfriend and was going to college but she wanted to meet up with me again.

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       Just as friends, that is until we did meet up but that is another story for Part Two.

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