Nailed Her in the Locker Room


Seeing her gave Darren a raging hard-on every time. He always had something for asian girls, and the fact that she went around the gym stretching her jogging shorts and sports bra in every conceivable position didn't help one bit. The fact that she was years older than him didn't stop him from sneaking a stare whenever she strutted past. "Watch it, man!" grunted Harold, struggling to hold up the barbell. Darren blinked and stammered, realizing that he was supposed to be spotting for his friend. The two of them set the weights back in place and Harold sat up, breathing heavily. "Man. . . you're staring at that chick again. " Harold mumbled in annoyance as he padded himself off with a gym towel. "Can't help it. She's fucking HOT. " Darren leaned over an exercise machine, watching Isa doing an stepping back and forth on the stretching floor. Harold chuckled gruffly. "Forget it," he said, "your scrawny white ass ain't gonna get laid.

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   Not with that chick, anyways. " Harold gestured at Isa with a tilt of the head. "Face it. She barely looks at us. And, she's got a hubby. " Isa bended over, nearly doubling her slender body as she gripped her ankles. She had a gold band that she never took off, and it was pretty obvious it was a wedding ring. Darren bit his lip, clearly frustrated. Harold laughed again. "Shut up, you don't have to remind me. " Darren didn't take his eyes off of Isa. "But, man, what I'd give to see more of that ass. " The friends watched for a few moments more. Harold suddenly grinned widely. "You and me both.

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  ""What are you thinking?" Darren gave Harold a sideways glancing, knowing that his friend got that look only on one of two occasions: when he was about to beat someone down, or when he was up to some trick. "Only that Chris has a camera in the lockeroom. ""Say what?""Fuck man, you're dense. " Harold leaned closer, whispering harshly, "Listen. . . that chick's always here late. She's the only girl around when it's closing time. " Darren blinked. "You go in, I'll cover for you, and you'll just *snap* *snap*. " Harold clicked an invisible camera. "No one'll notice!""No way. Coach'll kill us. ""What the hell? You a pussy or something? Look, I know Chris and. .


  . "*** Isa leaned back against the locker room wall, wiping her face clean of sweat before draping the towel over her shoulders. She took a deep breath and savored the feeling of a good day's workout. She undid her scrunchie, letting her shiny black hair flow down her back. As she closed her eyes in relaxation, she remembered the teenage jocks staring at her. She had warded them off with snobbish looks and cold gazes, of course, but that didn't stop her from enjoying the attention. She knew what they were thinking of, and always made it a point to bring the tightest, most tantalizing sports clothing in her wardrobe. She laughed inwardly last week when one kid's eyes almost pop out when he caught sight of her doing splits, the mound of her pussy hugged tightly by her tight bicycle pants. Today, she chose a sport's bra that couldn't help but hide her round, mature nipples. She slid down onto the bench and kicked off her shoes. She rubbed her bare feet together and felt the moisture that had built up in between her legs. She wasn't afraid to admit that she had been turned on by the abundance of young, masculine bodies around her. They were so energetic, so virile, and so much unlike her husband She licked her lips and slid off her jogging shorts, revealing the skimpy black thong underneath. Isa slid one finger in between her legs, surprising herself with the amount of wetness she found. She was really in the mood today.

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   She sighted wistfully, knowing that she wouldn't get any satisfaction when she got home. If he did manage to return from his business trip today, Isa knew he would be too tired to do anything but eat and collapse into a snoring slumber. Over the past four years, she's gotten used to the routine. Isa closed her eyes when she felt her finger push aside her thong and slide inside. . . ***Darren's jaw dropped. He had only taken his second picture when the camera nearly fell out of his hands. The slut was masterbating right in front of him!The asian chick had her legs spread wide, leaning back against a wall full of lockers. With her hand pushed into the front of her thong panties, she was fingering herself with gusto, her hips rising occasionally. It was her soft moans, longing whimpers, that drove Darren over the edge. Letting his sweat pants drop, he stood up from his hiding place and stepped into view. ***Isa's half-closed eyes suddenly went wide in shock when she noticed some movement out of the corner. She had expected to be completely alone. After all, the windows were already dark, and the poorly-lit lockeroom was clad only in the occasional moonbeam.

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   How embarassing it was to be found like this! Isa began to stammer. "Ah! I'm sorry. . . I didn't see. . . " She stopped speaking when she saw that the figure moving was no woman. She saw a scrawny but muscular blonde boy, completely naked. It was one of the football jocks. Her eyes were drawn downwards as she caught side of what he held in one hand. Though the room was dim, she clearly made out the throbbing erection, which he stroked in front of her. Isa's hand went up out of her thong immediately. She stood up and opened her mouth, as if to scream, but surprised herself with a hungry moan instead. She was still dripping, she realized, and very very horny.

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  Isa winced as he pushed her shoulders up against the locker room wall. She caught her breath just to see his hands getting a good grip of her breasts, mauling them roughly through her sports top. Her mouth opened again, but made no sound. The thought of crying for help crossed her mind briefly before fading away. She moaned, loudly. "Yeah. . . you're a freaking slut. " The jock began tearing at her top impatiently. Isa's hands grasped feebly at the wall atop her head as her breasts fell into view. The teenager was clearly turned on, and immediately groped them with clumsy lust. Isa tilted her head back and groaned. She closed her eyes, feeling the jock exploring and fondling her chest. Before long, the boy hand his hand down her panties, grabbing at her cunt.

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   Isa squirmed, her legs rubbing against his arm. She almost cried out as he pumped his fingers in and out of her roughly, still copping a feel of her breasts with his other hand. "Fuck girl, you're wet!" The teenager leered down at her, losing all timidity as she whimpered from his fingers' penetration. "You want it bad, don't you?" As Isa nodded her head, her eyes hazy with lust, the jock sat down on the bench and spread his legs. "Suck my cock. " Isa found herself kneeling in between the young man's legs. The kid clearly enjoyed the sight as her breasts hung down when she bended over his crotch. She wrapped her fingers around his dick, stroking it eagerly. The cock raged in her hand, throbbing with energy.
    She extended her tongue and began lapping it up. ***Darren leaned back, crossing his arms behind his head and enjoying the sight. The asian slut was on her knees in front of him, giving him a blowjob! She was sucking with gusto, making loud slurping noises. He particularly liked watching her smooth brown cheeks caving in, then shaping around his dick. "Suck it down, bitch!" Darren groaned, thoroughly enjoying his dominance over the older woman. He regretted not grabbing her ass in the gym.

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       She was virtually gagging for a fuck. Darren reached down and took a fistful of her silky black hair and started forcing her head up and down his dick, faster and harder. He sighed in satisfaction as he felt her chocking around his shaft. He looked down, and was surprised to see her reaching in between her legs and rubbing herself while she sucked his dick. The slut was getting off on this!"I'm gonna fuck your brains out. "***Isa lay back on the bench obediently as the teenager yanked off her panties. She was already dripping wildly, and she spread her legs without being asked. The young blonde boy leered down at her as she parted her knees for him. She must have made quite a sight. Her well-developed body was completely naked, the tattered remnants of her top on the floor beneath her. Her skin was smooth and brown, without any tan lines or imperfections. She laid back on the locker room bench, spreadeagle, with her hands holding on above her head. With her legs wide open, she was virtually begging for it. Somehow, that wasn't enough. "Fuck me.

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      . . please, fuck me!" The teenager smirked at her begging and got down on top of her almost as if oblidged. He positioned his cock and grabbed her hips. Without warning, he impaled her hard. Isa cried out sharply, her breasts jutting up into the air as her back arched. She shuddered, cumming almost immediately onto his raging, humping dick. The teenager kept pounding her pussy as she tightened around him. "Scream, bitch!" And Isa screamed. Her breasts wobbled with every thrust, and her mouth hung open to let out moan after moan. ***Darren was getting a mind-blowing fuck. Her cunt was tight, and as smooth as silk. He made wet, slick noises as he banged her up, and she groaned like a real whore. He licked his lips as he saw her jiggling breasts and starting mauling them again, knowing that he could do anything he wanted to her. He drove in hard and deep and held it in there, eliciting feverish whimpers from the panting oriental slut, before giving it to her again, faster than before.

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      He felt his cum building, and without hesitation, grabbed her hips and stuck it to her. He sighed in release, savoring the look on her face as he starting shooting her full of his hot jizz. She squirmed in his grip, wailing loudly. ***Isa lay back on the bench, still panting. Her breasts were smooth with sweat. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw the kid dressing up with a satisfied, smug look on his face. She was too weak to stand. The locker room door opened slightly, and she heard a rough whisper. "Yo, Darren! You ok?""Hell yeah!" The blonde teenager smirked and gestured down at her. "Hey. . . you guys want some?"===============================This is my second story. I think it's a bit more polished than the first. Please let me know if I can do anything better! Thanks!===============================.


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