Nanette's Adventures


A Pink Embarassment        It was a pleasure she had been denying herself for sometime now. Nanette had been fighting the urge to masturbate forthe past few days because she felt that a sixteen year old girl should not be doing it as often as she did, but she could resistno longer. It had only been three days since she last let herfingertips explore her body, but it felt like it had been years. Shewas building up to an explosive orgasm like she had not felt inher life, and she knew it. Then in an instant the excitementended. The sound of her bedroom door slowly opening and herbrothers voice jolted her memory. 'Nanny you idiot! You forgotto lock it!' she thought to herself. It was to late to do anything,she could see her brother walking through the door already asshe reached to grab the covers on her bed.     "Hey Nanny, do you know where my--" her brother hadbegun to say, but he stopped dead in his tracks as he spottedhis sister with a large red dildo sticking out of her cover up inher bed sheets and run to the corner screaming.     "Danny, get out!" she shouted as she jumped off herbed. The embarassment was almost enough to make hersick. Her brother spun around and closed the door behindhim, not saying anything else. After he had walked outNanette opened her legs a bit, reached her hand in to thesheets that she had tried to use to hide herself, and gentlyslid her dildo out of her pussy. She knew there was no wayshe could finish herself off now. She put her back to thewall and slid down to a sitting position where she coveredher head in her arms and cried to herself in embarassment.     After about an hour of thinking to herself about what sheshould do, Nanette got dressed in a quickly thrown togatheroutfit, grabbed her keys, and left the house.

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   She didn't saymuch on her way out except for "I'm going to Cassy's. " to hermother. She unlocked the door of her silver Mitsubishi 3000GT,hopped in the car, tossed in her Junior Varsity CD, and hitthe road. She was at her friends house in about ten minutes. She looked at the clock once she had reached her destination. '6:27. She'll still be at work. ' she thought to herself. It didn'tmatter though, she hadn't gone to see Cassy anyways. It wasCassy's father she wanted to talk with.     Nanette and Cassy had been friends ever since thesecond grade, which meant she of course knew James,Cassy's father, prety well. She had always thought of Jamesas a really cool guy, and she had felt like she was able totrust him with anything she wanted to talk about when shedidn't think her parents would understand and Cassy wasnot around.     Nanette sat in her car in front of the house andfinished listening to "Mad For Medusa" before she shut offthe engine and got out. She made her way to the big whitedoor. As she approaced it the door opened and she sawJames standing on the other side of it holding his keys.

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      "Hey Nanny, what's going on?" he asked as he tooka quick glance at his watch. "You know Cassy's still atwork don't ya?" he questioned.     "Yea, I know Mr. Tulls. I just swung by to talk toyou for a little while, but it looks like you're about to leaveso I'll come back later. " she said in a voice that soundedas if she were let down.     "Oh no, come on in. I was just going to run to thestore but I've got pleanty of time. " answered James ashe held the door open for her to enter. He lead her in tothe kitchen and offered her a seat. "Do you want anythingto drink?" he asked as he opened his fridge.     "No thanks, I'm not really thirsty. " answered Nanettepolitely.     "Alright. I'm going to have a soda.

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   If you wantanything just let me know. " said James with a smile on hisface. He grabbed a chair at the counter and sat acrossfrom Nanette. He stared at her for a bit before he asked"So what's on your mind today?"    "Well. . " paused Nanny. "Something happened tome today that was prety embarassing. I know I can't talkto my family about it because they won't understand I'mafraid, and normally I would go to Cassy about this, butshe's at work. " she said. She frowned for a momentand looked down at the counter, not sure what to say next.     "Whatever it is Nanny, you can tell me. " saidJames as he opened up his can of soda and took a sip.     "Well, I guess there's no point in avoiding gettingto the point. " she said with a slight pause. "Mr.

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   Tulls, latelyI've. . . well. . . I've been masturbating quite often. Well,the problem is that today my brother Danny walked inwhile I was doing it again. " she said as she looked downagain at the counter.     James let out a bit of a laugh when he heard thisbut stopped himself when he noticed how much she reallylooked like she didn't know what to do. "Well Nanny, that'snot really anything that you need to be embarassed about,it's a completley natural thing. " he said. He took anothersip from his Coke and cleared his throat a bit. "I know youprobably don't want to hear this from me of all people,but I do it prety regularly myself. There's no reason to beashamed about it, most people do it.

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  "    "I know. It's not that I'm embarassed that I wasdoing it, but the fact that Danny saw me doing it is justgoing to make things seem so awkward at home whenI'm around him or talking to him. "    "That's true. I remember once when I was pleasingmyself in the shower. I thought I had locked the bathroomdoor, so I didn't really bother to close the shower screen,but it turned out, I didn't. Cassy walked in and didn't reallynotice anything at first. I just kept trying to get the showerdoor closed, but I was so nervous and the water on myhands made it hard to get a handle of. She was washingher face off in the sink, and when she looked up in themirror she saw me. " he said. He took another quickdrink of his soda and sort of laughed to himself as herecalled the event. "So there I was, standing in the showerwith my left hand cupping my balls, with my penis at afull erection, and my left hand swining around trying to getthe handle on the shower screen to close it. " Nanettelet out a little giggle at the image and blushed trying notto laugh anymore. "We didn't talk much after it happenedfor the next day or two, till I just sat her down and told herwhat was going on. I think that's probably your best choiceto. Just explain it to your little brother.

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      Nanette thanked James for helping her out withthe situation and took a sip from the Dr. Pepper she hadtaken while she was on her way out. The whole way onthe car ride home she just thought of all the things theyhad talked about. She thought to herself 'He's right. I haveno reason to be embarassed about it. ' as she drove home. She thought about all the things they had talked about,about how masturbation was a natural thing, about howit's not like she was losing her virginity and she had donenothing wrong, and about how James told her that themost important thing he thought she should rememberabout her being openly sexual would be for her to holdon to her virginity. No matter what she thought of thoughthe image of James masturbating in the shower keptcoming back in to her mind for some reason. Shehad never considered James to be a bad looking guy either. For thirty-eight years old he was in a good shape. Hewas about 6'4" and didn't look like he weighed more than170 pounds, though she couldn't be sure of that. He hadshaggy hair that went down to his eyebrows and a littlepast the top of his ears that was dirty blonde. His eyeswere a light blue that Nanny couldn't help but smile eachtime she saw them. She wished her eyes were a bluecolor like that. She always thought they were beautiful.

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  Probably the most impressive thing about James's bodythough was that for his age he was still built. Severaltimes had she seen him working out in their gym andnoticed his six pack and muscles. 'Oh God, what am Idoing?' thought Nanny. 'Day dreaming about my bestfriends dad. It just seems wrong. Stop it Nanny. '. . has a huge list of lassies and escort services in Mykonos!

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