Naughty nest door - Friends in need.


While my 5 media business contacts were in town at a large conference, I decided to have an at home drinks and brain storm working session.
None of them knew anything about my naughty neighbours and they were mainly married and a couple years older than me, so I hadn’t really enlightend them.
It was about 8. 30, and being a Friday, no one was going anywhere very fast.
Suddenly I heard a noise of a taxi arriving and noisy girl chat from next door. I recalled that Sarah and Emma were returning home after a few days away in Spain. I would pop round to them tomorrow I thought, and then returned to the conversation.
But a few minutes later, there was a loud knock on the door, and I went to open it. When I did I took a breath for there were Sarah and Emma, both obviously a little drunk, and both dressed in summer shorts and tops which hid nothing of their respective charms.
“We brought this for you!” said Sarah as she waved a large bottle of Spanish brandy while she and Emma pushed past me and ran into the lounge.
“We haven’t had a fuck for over a week!” she yelled as she pushed the door open “and we want you to oblige. Now!”
The door opened onto the room where I had my 5 friends who were open mouthed.
“Ooh shit” said Emma.
I moved past them and tried to look cool and calm, but it was no good.
Sarah looked around and then asked who they were.
I did the introductions, and still remember their faces as they ogled the two sex bombs in front of them to this day: John, Dave, Brian, Matt, and Chris, a contact from the US.

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  . They all were looking at Sarah and Emma and they were obviously enjoying the chance to visually flirt with a couple of cute girls, one still clearly a teen. Sarah and her young sister Emma are both truly cute.
For the guys to see Sarah pretty, with a perfect slim figure and long beautiful legs and Emma, barely 5 feet, and the difference in height all seems to be in the legs. My lounge is open style with a long, wide padded couch on either side of a large coffee table.
I poured a couple of drinks for Sarah and Emma, who said to the guys that even though she was underage, Sarah allowed her to drink at home, and they always felt at home with me. I got a few envious looks with that, and then managed to steer the conversation to the holiday.
The usual talk of weather and sun tans came up. Chris commented on how smooth and tanned Sarahs’ legs looked. Emma said "What about mine? Aren't you gonna say how nice they are?" Brian said "Nice legs, nice asses, beautiful face. Both of you are beautiful. "
“So, show us the tans! I suggested, while Dave asked if they were joking about sex, and I quickly blurted out "No way. "
I looked at Sarah and Emma, and saw the glint in their eyes, and quietly told the guys that we had done a lot of sex.
Sarah made it clear that she wanted Emma to know all about things, although she smiled when she said she had been annoyed when she found I had fucked her sister.
Sarah mentioned the party we had all had a few weeks ago.

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   Emma added that they were willing to have sex with more guys but hadn't because they didn't want to get bad reputations. In fact Emma told them I had been the first to fuck her, and she nodded to Sarah and said that I had been there too. Brian looked at me and said that as we were all now so familiar we might as well pass the time with some sex. The guys didn't try to sweet talk Sarah and Emma they just let them know that they wanted sex. Emma and I looked at each other and she had a twinkle in her eye so I knew she wanted to do it. I made a quick decision to go along. It wasn't long before Emma and Sarah were modelling hot little bodies in panties and bras. Emma looked at Sarah and said "You go first, yours are bigger. " She complied and happily showed off firm, shapely breasts. Her nipples are really small, they barely protrude but Chris managed to find her right nipple with his tongue. John slipped her panties down and he played with her right breast. I looked at Emma and she had taken her panties off first and Matt was playing with her pussy. Dave undid her bra and her pretty little breasts were exposed. Her breasts have small tan colored areolas about an inch across and perfect eraser sized nipples. The guys sucked their tits and ran their hands up and down their thighs, and I saw Dave insert his finger into Emma.

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The guys and I disrobed and Emma and Sarah were looking at 6 erect penises. Matt obviously had the biggest; bigger than anything I had ever seen. I asked him how long it was and he said it was 7and a 1/2 inches. Dave was next, and it was about 7 inches. The rest of the guys were 6 inches or less. Chris had the smallest and he said it was 5 inches long. The rest of the guys kidded him a little, but Brian said that they needed at least one guy with a small dick to loosen little pussies up for the big guys. Chris said "So alright, let's see your pretty little pussies. ". Sarah and Emma both gladly laid down and spread smooth, shapely legs. They both have dainty lips and tiny openings. Brian said "Whoa, they look tight. . . really tight.

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We played with and fingered the pussies while Emma and Sarah both let us take turns having our cocks sucked.
Matt's nob end was so big Sarah could hardly fit more than the head into her mouth. Then Chris moved between Emma's legs and entered her. She gasped and closed her eyes. The slight grin told me she really liked it. John entered Sarah and I could see it felt good. Both guys entered really slowly and gently using short thrusts. From where I was, I could see Chris's dick moving in and out of Emma's pussy. Her eyes met mine and she smiled. We were both really liking what was happening. John made Sarah climax right before I saw him ejaculate into her. I heard Emma's soft moaning. Since we had fucked so many times before, I recognized the sound she makes when she cums. I watched as Chris stopped pumping and pushed as far into Emma as he could and I knew she had made him cum.

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   Brian entered Sarah next and he fucked her hard while Dave entered Emma. She made a loud "aach" sound as he got most of the way into her. I could tell it hurt a little because he was bigger than she had ever had. He eventually got it all the way into her and I could tell she was enjoying it. She looked so beautiful with her perfect body and perky breasts rocking each time his dick was thrust into her. I was getting ready to give one of them really good fucking myself. Then Matt got between Sarah’s legs and started to enter Sarah. The cum from Brian and John had helped make her slippery inside so he got started easily. But once he got about 5 inches deep I could see it hurt a little. She made moaning sounds. I looked up and everyone was watching him fuck her. Emma asked how it felt. She couldn't answer, she just nodded to let her know it was good. Once he was all the way into Sarah, I felt ready and when Dave came into Emma I went over and turned her over. I looked at her wet pussy, and taking some to the juices, I wet her dark rosebud and pushed my cock into her anal channel.

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“Oh fucking hell” she gasped. I felt so proud of myself for suddenly the guys looked at me and in one voice cheered. Sarah still gasped at the slight discomfort of having Matt's big dick going into her. Matt said "God these two babes are tight. ". Dave then came went to Sarah and Matt and moved on to the floor, his cock erect. Sarah eased off Matt and sat gingerly on Dave, his smaller cock entering her arse. She looked at Dave, and said “No way are you going there my boy. It would kill me. Just get back into her, she wants you back. ” She pointed at her wet red pussy.
Dave quickly obliged and they fucked her.
Each guy fucked each girl and every so often we took a recovery break. We rested for a while and Emma and Sarah both tried to let the guys fuck anally. Chris got his dick all the way into Emma, but it hurt and she had to make him stop, as they were a bit sore.

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   They then went back to regular vaginal fucking. Dave and Brian both put their dicks into Emma at the same time. She was sitting on Dave, in a reverse cowgirl position. That's when Brian walked up and put his dick into her. She said "Ow, that hurts. " but when Brian asked if he should take it out she said no. Chris and John decided to do the same thing to Sarah. It looked as though it hurt but it was fun anyway. The thing I couldn't bChriseve was when Matt and Dave, the two guys with the biggest dicks entered Sarah at the same time. By then she was slippery and stretched and they both got into her without hurting that much. They did the same to Emma, and her eyes watered because of the discomfort, but she didn't ask them to stop.
Thenm with two simultanious screams, they came together. Both of them were drenched inside with cum. Brian asked if either of them liked the taste of guy's cum, and after almost two hours of sex, Emma and Sarah discreetly sat down with tired and sore little pussies.
I suggested that they cool each other down, and nodded at Emma, who knew what I meant.

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She stood up and looked at Sarah with that little, cute, tilted head and Sarah answered it by standing and reaching over to her, sliding her hand down her side and across cupping her ass. Her other hand rubbed her breast and slid up her neck, pushing her neck up and meeting her lips with it. Sarah could smell Emma's breath, honey-like as she met her lips. They kissed, slowly at first, running their hands over each other as their tongues explored each others mouth.
    "They are so excited. . . " Said Matt.
    Sarah pushed the left nipple forward suggestively and Emma nodded, bending to take it in her mouth. It was Sarah's turn to gasp as she was sucked and prodded with Emma's tongue. She opened her circles to included the whole breast and then moved to the other one as soon as she revealed it. Sarah was finding it harder and harder to keep standing, she dug her feet in further apart for more support. Emma took this as an invitation to work lower and busied the fingers of her right hand. Sarah whimpered slightly and Emma stopped.

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    “What, baby?” she asked. Sarah looked embarrassed as she told her it was hard to stand and experience the pleasure she was receiving. Emma bit her lip and apologized for being thoughtless and asked her if the couch would be okay. Sarah nodded. Emma took her hand and lead her to the coffee table. I turned on the CD player and put on a slow Jazz track, and clearly Sarah liked the rhythm of the music and didn't want it to be turned off anyway. The table was low, it looked inviting. Emma sat her down on the edge, got a cushion and placed it on the hardwood floor, then kneeled. Sarah leaned forward, offering her breasts after she had taken off the sweater and opened her legs to accommodate Emma's body. They kissed again and Emma rubbed her back. When they broke, she asked Sarah, "Was this better?" Sarah nodded and kissed her again excitedly, opening herself further. Emma cupped both breasts together and sucked them both, making Sarah cry and bite her lip. Emma's tongue sucked and teased Sarah's nipples in a manner and patience that no man had ever had with her. Emma's right hand again worked under her skirt and up her thigh to her wet panties. She heard a giggle from Emma when she reached them and slid her fingers under them to her warm wet pussy.


       Sarah pushed it forward, reaching the edge of the bed with her ass, her legs were wide open now and she wanted anything Emma would give her. Emma released her breasts and pushed her down onto the table. She was partially raised so we could see Emma kissing her stomach and working her way down to where she was needed most. Sarah closed her eyes and toyed with her nipples half-heartedly, they were already so hard and excited. Emma's fingers entered her first, exploring and caressing her warm wet places. It was tight with need, and Sarah cried loudly when Emma's wet warm little tongue found her clit and wrapped itself around it. Sarah spread her legs even farther apart, willing Emma to go deeper, deeper, deeper into her. Offering herself up to her tongue and whatever she wanted to do to her. Sarah began to pinch her own nipples harder and cry as Emma sped up the tempo of her thrusts. Each one fully in and out of Sarah's hot wet pussy, each time making more wetness so when she reached the deepest she could thrust her fingers her cream oozed from her greedy hole. Sarah rocked to the rhythm Emma created from the music that floated through from the den across the hall. She began to moan as her point of pleasure gathered itself under and inside of her. Emma's tongue sucked at her clit gently, nurturing it with soft strokes while the pressure kept her erect and wanting more. She was so fucking wet and ready now, it was going to happen any moment now. .


      . and it stopped. Sarah opened her eyes and looked at Emma, who was standing before her. Her body shook with the impending orgasm, still the wetness flowed out of her in a steady small stream. Emma reached a hand down for Sarah to pick her up. She did so easily, Sarah was like a wet towel and shocked at the interruption. Sorry, Emma mumbled and positioned herself on the cushion sitting, with her legs wide open and Sarah's feet between them. Sarah put her feet under Emma's knees and allowed herself to be guided onto her tongue. It was hard to stand up but she managed as Emma's warm wetness prodded her clit again and her fingers found their way once again to her deepest wet areas. Emma slipped her tongue into her finger's place as she worked her fingers into her own excited pussy, finger-fucking herself. They fell into the old rhythm and Emma alternated between Sarah's feverish wet hole and her swollen clit as she kept up working on herself. Sarah lost control and bucked her hips so Emma could push her tongue deeper deeper deeper and cried as she came onto her prodding warmth in a flood of wetness. Emma took it all in and licked it up gratefully as Sarah shook with the effort of standing and coming at the same time. Sarah closed her eyes and felt the rhythm that Emma was keeping in herself, soon she was whimpering in the force of coming herself. Sarah opened her eyes and looked down at Emma's come and sweat-drenched face, she smiled back at her while she licked her fingers.

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       "Thank you" she said breathlessly to Emma. "Thank you," she said back. Then they both jumped as Matt "I think I am in heaven. God, you two here!!"
    Sarah fell with Emma underneath her leaning against the table. He was smiling and had his erection sticking out.
    Matt entered Sarah again, while Emma slid out from under them and moved over to me and said in my ear “Steve will you please put your cock into my pussy. I want you. NOW!”
    The night moved into morning and each girl had been fucked over 12 times. My last efforts were a sort of cum, but there was little to show for it, except an exquisite pain from my red cock, and a heat from Emma and Sarah’s warm wet holes.
    That’s the latest.
    Sarah, Emma and Kayliegh are waiting from you to hear what their lives are going to be next! Send me an e.