Naughty next door - 4


Naughty Next door 4
I had not seen Emma for a couple of weeks, since anal-ysing her work in the use of PowerPoint.
Then one Friday, Sarah saw me in the garden and called me to thank me for the efforts I had made, and my input with Emma. If only she knew, I thought, how much input I had put in. All of it, several times! Then she dropped the bombshell. ‘Emma has a boyfriend. He wants to do the same course at High School. She’s bringing him round tonight. I’m at a parent teacher evening, so I said you probably wouldn’t mind if they came round, so you can look at her project’ I muttered that I didn’t mid, but surely they would be listening to music or something. She said that Emma had suggested the idea and if it was Ok then she would feel happy.
So, that evening at around 6, I heard the knock on the door, and opened it to see Emma, who was wearing the usual shirt and short school grey skirt, but with her small frameless glasses on. Beside her stood a boy, obviously the same age, around 15, and who was not exactly the most sporting build, but thin and the same height as Emma.
‘Hi, this is Jay’ she said pushing past me, and dragging him by his arm into my lounge. Then she turned, grabbed me and kissed me, hard, with her little frame pushing into me. She looked down and saw that my track suit was starting to show my response. She grinned and ground into me. I will say that Jay looked uneasy at this.

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‘Hello Jay’, I said ‘So you are the boyfriend. Relax, sit down’.
He sat on the sofa and looked at us, and Emma turned and smiled. ‘We like the same things at school’. she said. ‘I want us to like the same things at home’. Unless I was very wrong I began to guess where the little minx was going, and so I put my arm around Emma’s neck, lifted her face, kissing her deeply, my tongue lashing hers, and once again tasted the sweetness of her mouth. Our kiss lasted minutes and I was calculating my next move as I felt Emma’s passion begin to rise along with my cock. I gently pushed her away. She moved over and sat next to Jay, and I watched as she lifted his arm and started to curl up next to him. She moved his hand to her breast. I saw that he was staring to lightly rub where he sensed her nipples to be with the palm of his hand. Her skirt lifted and I saw the pink panties she was wearing, and my cock stayed right where it was. Hard and erect. His action was quickly rewarded, as I saw her breathing increase against his face tightly pressed against his shoulder.

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‘Hey, you two love birds. Want a drink?’ I asked. This was new ground to me. I wanted that little lady, and yet she seemed to be acting out with Jay in front of me. But Emma quickly responded by saying that she wanted a coke, and that Jay would have one as well. I turned to go to the kitchen. As I did, Emma said ‘I’ll come and help’.
As much as he hated to stop, Jay abruptly leaned back and broke off their passion and so I went to the kitchen followed by Emma, who then put her arms around me. I responded by turning and grabbing her thighs, and lifting her onto the kitchen surface. I pushed between her legs and opened them.
‘What goes on?’ I asked ‘Why are you here, with him?’ I nodded my head toward the lounge.
“I want you to teach him how to make me feel good. He knows what I want, and wants to know more!”
“Emma’ I snapped ‘you could get us all into trouble. If he tells anyone, or you let anyone know what we have done. I could be in real bother.

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  ’ I thought about Sarah.
My concern obviously disarmed Emma, and she nodded her head, knowing what I meant, and she re assured me by saying ‘No one else knows, and Jay won’t say, because he wants me too much’.
She put her head to one side, as she always did, and I grinned at the simple sex and honesty of this lovely girl. I moved my hands and gently stroked her thighs. Emma blushed, and I stopped. We got the drinks. And took them back.
“So Jay. Emma says you are researching things,” I said. She laughed, and he looked surprised.
“Like her”. I said. Jay picked up on the direction I was heading, "Yeh, Steve. She said you can help us get the grades we need’. Seeing the pink appear in her face he continued, "She not only has a pretty face, but a knock out body, too.

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   Can't tell much about her legs in that skirt, but I bet they're as pretty as the rest of her. " His compliments deepened the colour in her cheeks as Emma surprisingly looked embarrassingly down at her feet as she made small circles with one foot.
I was glad to see that Jay figured out what I meant and had given him the opening he wanted. I agreed with him, "You said it, Jay. She has the best looking legs you'll ever see. " Then I suggested to the increasingly embarrassed Emma, "Show Jay your legs. Pull your skirt up so he can see them. ”
Emma’s foot began to make more circles. "Oh, Steve, they're not that great. My legs aren't anything special. " I moved and stepped away from her and stood beside Jay while he urged the girl before them, "ahh, c'mon. Show us both and let us be the judge of how nice they are. " Emma still didn't make any effort to reveal her legs, so we started to beg, telling her we just wanted to see them a little, and not to be so bashful about it. Finally, Emma gave in, hiking her skirt up a little above her knees, revealing no more than another six inches before she quickly dropped her skirt. I cajoled her, "Emma, that's not showing us anything.

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   I've seen all of them. We want to see your legs. " Jay pleaded, "Please show us. Please?"
Emma couldn't resist when I pleaded with her so she reached down and pulled her skirt up again, raising it until it was just a couple of inches above her panties. I instructed her, "Hold it up for a little while, so we can really see those legs. ” Jay let out a wolf whistle, "wow, Emma, you do have nice legs. They're perfect!" He stared at the tapering shape of her legs. Her thighs were perfect, continuing the taper running up to her hips. The skin appeared soft and creamy, with a white glow knew so well, inviting to the touch. After a minute of appraising her lovely legs and endless compliments, I directed, "turn around and let us see the back, too. ”
Emma had no problem with that, but knowing she wouldn't do what I wanted on her own, I walked the few feet to Emma and stepped in front of her and put my arms around her waist, arms outside of hers, pinning them in position in front of her. She was still holding her skirt up while Jay continued his appraisal but released it when she felt me raise her skirt up above her panties in the back. "Steve!" she exclaimed in a joking way, "you're showing my underwear”. Then I put my thumbs in the elastic of her panties and pulled them half way down her bum, revealing to Jay the white skin of perfectly rounded arse cheeks with half of the crack exposed, and added to Emma, "Now Jay can see some skin. "
I bent to her pouting lips, began to kiss her, in a matter of seconds Emma forgot about her exposed behind, and wrapped her arms around my neck.

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“You're my girl. ” I said, and looked at Jay and motioned to him with a finger, then pointed down at Emma’s behind. Seeing Jay's acknowledgment, I returned to Emma’s lips.
Jay understood the signal and stepped up behind Emma, then softly brushed her white skin above the panties with his fingers. Not sensing any rebellion to the touch from her, he worked one hand inside the panties, lightly rubbing the baby-smooth skin. While he stroked her skin, I undid first the zipper to her skirt, then with a final effort, the large button at the waist and released the skirt from my fingers and eased my hips away from Emma slightly, permitting the full skirt to drop, stopped only by Jay's hand inside her panties, which he quickly removed. Jay gripped the panties and pulled them down to her ankles, then stepped back to admire the view of the young girl's complete bum exposed from just inches below the waist. The sight was unbelievable, with Emma’s perfectly shaped legs flowing to a perfectly shaped arse.
Emma had her forehead against my chest, "I'm proud of the way you look and I just wanted Jay to see how lucky he is to have a girl like you. " Emma spoke hesitantly, "You're proud of me?" I bent and kissed her forehead, I released my grip on her waist and stepped back a couple of steps. I motioned to Jay to join me. It took just a step for him to get to my side and turn to look at the front of the half-naked girl.
Emma stood there while Jay stared at her white belly with the shaven cunt.
She was truly a beautiful sight, her young-woman belly almost flat, surrounded by her little slightly rounded hips tapering to those legs. The sight of her panties wrapped around her ankles would have been cause for laughter, but neither of us was laughing.

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   We took in the exposed features of her body inch by inch, marvelling at how perfectly formed each curve seemed.  I had seen Emma naked many times before, but still could not resist staring at her body as though it was the first time seeing it, like the first viewing of a famous painting. The silent viewing must have lasted several minutes before I said, "Take the rest of your clothes off, Emma. Let us see all of you. ”
Emma began to undo the buttons and removed the blouse and dropped it to the ground, then, like a contortionist, bent her arms behind her and worked the hooks of her bra loose pulling the thin straps from her shoulders and letting the bra fall in her hands. Jay noticeably gasped, as he stared at the most perfectly shaped, largest breasts he had ever seen. Emma stood there with the bra held in both hands, seeing the admiration in the faces of both of us staring at her newly-uncovered flesh.
Our look seemed to please her and a slight smile began on the pouting lips. She bent down and removed the panties from her ankles, the erotic sight further arousing us. Emma then stepped out of her skirt and bent over again to retrieve it innocently unaware of the effect the jiggling of her breasts had on us watching her every movement.
I stepped forward and put his arms around her waist, pulling her hips to me. "Oh, you’re so beautiful!" Emma’s face lit up with his declaration and, still clutching her clothes, she wrapped her arms around his neck, stood on her toes, and kissed me pulling my head down to hers. I felt a surge of heat in my cock.
I removed my arms from her waist and placed a hand on each breast, lightly massaging, teasing the nipples. Taking his cue, Jay stepped behind Emma and began to rub her bare arse, then pressed the clothed hard on against the crack formed by the two white mounds of muscle.

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   Emma made no effort to resist, so Jay began to feel between her legs, admiring the tightness of her thighs, heightened by her. Jay let his thumb brush against the hair crested lips of her pussy and was pleased to feel the quivering response from her body. He worked his hand lightly down her thigh and then back up, once again letting his thumb rub against the moistening lips, slightly penetrating the hot crevice.
When I felt she was ready, I broke the embrace, whispering to Emma, "Lets get to the bedroom’
I started to move and noticed that Jay wasn't letting Emma’s passion subside. Jay was still standing behind her, but was now kissing her neck as he fondled a breast with one hand and fingered her from behind with the other. Emma seemed to be enjoying it, as her head rested backwards on Jay's shoulder, one hand behind his head as he tongued her neck, her legs now spread wider where I could see Jay's fingers penetrating her from below. Slowly her broke away and we went upstairs.
Taking Emma by the arm, breaking Jay's grip on her breast, I lowered her to the blanket, then settled down beside her while Jay stretched out on the other side. I said that I wasn’t sure why she had wanted help. She looked and said ‘Well it’s nice isn’t it? And Jay wanted to see. ”
We quickly returned to the sexual arousal of the naked body between us, hands and lips exploring her entire body, both sucking on a tit, alternately deep kissing her half-open mouth, working fingers in her now hot, gushing slit. Emma had always been quick to lubricate, her pussy juices easily flowing with the slightest touch, more than other girls I have known.
Emma was rapidly getting to the feverish point of passion, her body beginning to writhe on the blanket, soft moans escaping from her mouth when it wasn't covered by either Jay’s or mine. She had parted her legs as wide as possible, bent open like a frog, a leg resting on each of the men, providing full access for the probing fingers, her hips heaving upwards as a finger was inserted deeply inside of her. After at least a half-hour of such sensual teasing of her body, Emma began to plead, eyes closed, "please, Steve, please, put it in, please.

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I spoke to her “Say it. Say fuck me'. Tell us you want us both to fuck you, that you want our cocks. " Jay fingered her throbbing pussy deeply as enticement, then repeated, "Say it, and we'll fuck you over and over. Give you all the cock you want. " My finger joined his, the two fingers pulling the tight hole open further. Emma could no longer stand it, crying out, "fuck me, please! Fuck me! Please put your cock in me and fuck me. Please!”
I glanced at Jay and nodded, then pointed at first Emma’s head, then her cunt, “Go on” I said. “You can make her feel good. Look at her, ready for you. ”
Jay immediately understood and, getting to his knees, he unzipped his pants and removed his six inches of uncircumcised hard meat, then quickly got between Emma’s legs. Taking a leg in each hand, Jay folded Emma’s legs against her torso and then let them rest on his shoulders as he inched forward on his knees. He placed his dick in position and, with a sudden lunge forward, burying his dick fully inside Emma’s vagina, the head striking her hidden cervix, eliciting a moan of pleasure from her. Despite her heavy flow of pussy juice, Jay could still feel the tight grip of her opening on his dick as he began to stroke it in and out of her cunt.
As Jay slowly, torturously fucked Emma’s pussy, I straddled her face and rubbed my precum-soaked dick head on her half-parted lips.

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   Her lips quickly opened, her tongue snaking out to tease my cock before I slipped it into her mouth and began to rhythmically fuck the pretty face.
Emma was still a novice at oral sex, but in her impassioned throes, her cunt being massaged with Jay’s cock she was performing at her best, her tongue flickering all over me with each stroke, sucking inward as I pushed forward, attempting to swallow the whole length, her passion eliminating her usual gag reflex.
Jay made a motion that we switch places, a hopeful look on his face. The idea appealed and with Jay's cunt-juice smeared cock slipping into Emma’s mouth while I buried mine to the hilt in her overheated cunt. As soon as I started stroking full length, I felt Emma’s insides convulse and the muscles in her legs tighten around his waist, and knew she was having the big one. Emma always had several small climaxes followed by one big cumming, then, if we continued to screw, she would have several more small climaxes. I heard a stifled climatic moan escape from her lips wrapped around Jay's dick, then her small hands clinched into tiny white- knuckled fists, beating the blanket beneath her, as her feet pushed against me an attempt to force my cock even further inside her.
I looked down at Emma’s pussy juice-soaked bottom and removed my cock slowly from the drenched hole and, rubbing it downward to the tiny brown spot beneath the swollen lips, pushing the clear juice with the purple head onto the little hole, he began to slowly work his around and around the rim of her arsehole. I then heard a different type of groan from the helpless girl, but didn't ease the pressure until he felt the head parse inside her. To divert her attention, I placed a thumb on Emma’s clit and began to massage lightly while I rested my dick in place in her bum. I began to methodically fuck the pretty arse.
After a few minutes, I tapped Jay on the shoulder. Getting his attention, I motioned for Jay to get off Emma’s chest. I pointed at the blanket beside Emma and motioned for Jay to lie down beside her. Jay quickly dropped down on his back beside her.


   Once he was lying down, I raised one of Emma’s legs over his head so her body turned to the side while kept buried inside her. Once Emma was turned on her side, I easily picked her up and laid her on top of Jay, adjusting her body so she had a leg on each side of his while my legs were straddled outside of Jay's, the action spreading Emma’s legs wide for our cocks. Jay figured out what I was up to as soon as she had rolled over on top of him, and he slipped his cock inside the dripping cunt awaiting him.
With the new position the little girl was in, I pounded against her arse, feeling even more sensation as Jay did the same with her pussy. Jay spoke between deep breaths, "Oh God, I can feel your cock through her cunt every time I stroke in. " He held a hand on each of Emma’s shoulders as he worked her and his hips back and forth as I began to furiously pump her arse, injecting my load of pent-up cum deep inside her, continuing to brutally fuck her even after shooting until, finally, my cock began to deflate inside her.
Not even acknowledging Emma or asking her, Jay rolled her off of me, and then wordlessly rolling her onto her belly, he lifted her by the hips so she was on her knees with her shoulders flat to the blanket, her head resting to one side. Jay didn't waste any time placing his dick on the spread hole and taking up where I had left off, easily entering the forbidden depths that I had stretched wide. Emma started to lower herself fully to the blanket, but Jay pulled her back up as he rocked her entire body with the force of his strokes into her white arse. He held her by the hips and enjoyed his first anal fucking with a woman with a vengeance, not caring or even hearing the girl's small whimpers, as he rose to his own climax. It took but a few minutes to do what Emma’s mouth and pussy had not accomplished as Jay added his load of cum to mine, both loads filling her packed cavity as both she and Jay collapsed to the blanket, his dick still inside her, but wilting, slowly withdrawing.
I dropped to my knees and gently, lovingly, rubbed her back, I then bent to kiss her shoulder. Emma turned over and looked up at me, her eyes slightly wet from the pain she had experienced. "Thanks for what you made Jay do. I'll always do whatever you want me to do from now on, Steve.

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   As long as it makes you happy. " Little did Emma know what her pronouncement would mean in the months to come (or is that cum?). . .
(If you want to know more about Emma and I let me know. )
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