Naughty next door - The Sarah and Emma story continues


“Welcome home. ”
Emma lay naked on the bed as I walked in, exhausted from a trip to London.
Another long day and another train trip back to my home on the North West coast.
I leant over, and stoked her hair.
I thanked my lucky stars that Sarah, next door, had kept quiet about what Emma and I had been doing, probably because of our fucking in the hall when she came round to tear me apart (I had thought) about myself and her 15 year old sister who now lay before me, her right hand gently rubbing her pussy. She whispers into my ear, “I’m glad you’re on time. ” Her voice soft and silky like her willowy frame.
The arms that wrap around me are pure energy, sending an electrical charge all through my tired body. A smile touches her lips and there is a playful gleam in her eyes. She leads me to the bed, and undresses me, gently, and I react as she lowers my boxer shorts and liberates my hardening cock.
Then she says, “I have something for you. Just shut your eyes. ” I do as commanded by my little minx, wondering what is in store.
I lay still, and heard the door swing open. I obey her instruction to open my eyes. She is there, another, older version of “Her.

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Sarah stands there in her tight cropped sweater which outlines her breasts, about handful size, and her skirt barely covers her small round tight arse. The low heels she wears tightens up her legs for a complete picture of female perfection.
Emma gins and says, “Sarah told me what happened. I told her it wasn’t you, it was me, mostly! She said she wants to play. I didn’t think you would mind some extra company. She is an expert in the art of massage therapy. ” The tension and stress of a long day… week… month… soon will be a faint memory when these sisters complete their task. “Is there anything you desire from us?” asks Sarah with a wicked grin I recall from when we fucked in the hall. “ How about we just play and get ready while you think about what would make you happy” says Emma “Would that be ok?”Sarah and Emma, two flowers in my garden, gently caress each other. Sarah reaches to pinch and fondle Emma’s nipples and firm breasts. Emma lets her hands and fingers wander under Sarah’s skirt. They work each other into a light lather of sexual tension then glance sultry looks my way. Emma strips Sarah to her red panties and slides her fingers deep into hers and her sister’s pussy then with one finger in her mouth walks to me putting the other into mine.
    I taste and smell the nectar of both girls. She leads me over to the bed and lays me down.

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       Both sets of fingers working my naked body which is overtaken by warm flesh and tender kisses. Two sets of lips explore my chest, legs, arms, and everything in between. Busy fingers work their own and each others hot pussy, firm nipples, and my hard cock into writhing excitement. Sarah takes my hard cock in her hands, holding firm to my shaft, kissing and licking the length of it. Emma takes her fingers still playing with Sarah’s hot shaved pussy, and startles my mind. “Shove that hard dick in my arse Sarah. That is where I want it!” Emma leans forward to allow my cock to enter her waiting arse. I roll her over, push into that small lovely bud, and slowly reach full depth. She winces and eases forward, as I ride her arse hard watching her squirm with the pleasure and pain of it, listening to her deep moans. Sarah continues to play with her hot pussy and pushes her fingers into Emma’s now red pussy making them both orgasm in mind blowing spasms. I am still riding the waves, hold out till they are done before I drive my hard tool deep for my own amazing fireworks display sending Emma into another body wrenching cum. She lets out a deep loud groan with a soft “Steve that was so fucking good”Sarah tells her to stop swearing. Emma just turns and looks at her sister.
    “Well, it is fucking, and it is good” she purrs. I dismount the one sister to find the other ready and waiting.

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       She works me back into a nice lather of desire, kneeling at my feet, licking and sucking your cock. “Me now! You can have any hole you desire. ”I grab her and throw her down, pin her arms above her head and thrust my rock hard tool deep in her quivering pussy, sending her into another round of ground shaking orgasm. Emma joins again playing with herself while I ram her sister over, and over, and over. She grunts and groans encouraging me to go harder, faster, and deeper.
    “Don’t Stop!” Her body writhes under my powerful thrusts, and then she screams as Emma puts her fingers between her thighs and mine to rub her engorged clit. She cums. I let out another barrage of juices. The world seems to explode in a world of extraordinary colours and light. Every touch, sound, and smell is dramatic and exaggerated. I look over to see Sarah start to stir. Emma is walking away, her naked arse swaying gently with each step.
      I hear her start to pour water into the in bath. It would seem this evening is not yet finished. I follow the sultry sister into the washroom to find her getting into the bath submerged in bubbles.

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         I lean over and play with the bubbles that are laying on her firm breasts. Her head leans back as she enjoys my touch. “I need to shave. Would you care to do it for me?” I take the razor blade from her sudsy hand and feel her legs spread before me. I clear out the bubble to see her waiting pink pussy. She is still in a quiver from the previous encounter. I touch inside her thigh making her groan. My fingers guide the razor along the soft skin losing the hair that is barely visible. It is impossible to resist allowing my fingers to explore the cavern of soft velvet. One finger, then another and another snugly fit insider her. My hand finds that sweet spot deep inside a woman’s pussy that causes her world to spin out of control. I have her impaled on my hand, helpless to move or object. I continue until her body spasms again around my fingers. The shave continues with frequent trips back into the depths of her, each time causing her body to flail wildly. Sarah steps from the door revealing that she has been watching with anticipation through most of the “shave.

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        ” She glides across the floor adding hot water to the now cold bath. Emma still impaled whimpers softly at the new temperature. Sarah slides her off my hand and into the warmth of her full pussy.
      The bubbles all spent, Emma’s body glistens in the water. She reaches for the oil on the side of the tub and drizzles it across her shoulders letting the thick liquid run down her breasts. Her hands slide over her body as she massages herself. She stands in the bath to continue the rub down over her belly, hips, pussy, and legs. She slithers her body all around to make me oiled as well. She steps out of the bath, and she takes my cock and balls working them into a hard quiver, she slides one leg on each side of me. Sarah lifts herself off my wandering hand and I reach out to Emma and pull her close, sliding my tool again deep inside her waiting body. I shift her and slide her up and down with each thrust. Emma moves in closer to accept the sensations in her thoroughly fucked body. When I am finished with the bath Sarah towels my body.
      Emma turns and taking her older sister returns to the bedroom, where she produces Sarah’s red vibrator.
      “Now, dear sister, I am going to fuck you till you scream!” I get onto the bed next to their writhing bodies…….

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      Thanks for the comments. Maybe Sarah and Emma will keep coming.
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