Never turn back 2


Mackenzie gasps as she hears the knock on the door, Dave brings his finger to his lips “shhh Mackenzie, under the table” Dave says barely above a whisper.


Like a dear caught in head lights she just stands there staring at the door, her hands rigidly at her side. Dave gives her a little push, she comes out of her almost trace like state and gets under the desk.

The knock at the door continues “Coming” he walks towards the door and opens it, only slightly “Yes?”


“Hey Dave, I need some help with report cards, I just don’t get the system” Says Mr. Bailey, Mackenzie’s English teacher.

“Oh Malcolm I don’t know if this is the best time…. I’m kinda busy” he says slightly nervous, and desperately wanting to get back to Mackenzie.

“Oh Dave don’t be that way” Says Malcolm with a slight push, “Jesus you would think you have someone else in here. ”

Dave coughs awkwardly “Ok Malcolm but lets make this quick”

Mr. Bailey goes to sit behind Mr. Smith’s desk, and starts up his computer “I am just useless with this new computer form” he starts to tap his fingers on the desk as he waits for the computer to start up.


As the computer finally starts up he pulls his chair in closer and feels Mackenzie under the desk “What the heck” he says as he looks down “OMG Miss Winters?” he says in complete shock.


Mackenzie is holding herself so nothing is shown; Dave clears his throat “Malcolm how’d you know?” He smiles slightly “Malcolm why don’t we come over here and talk for a second” Mr. Smith says as he walks towards the back of the classroom.

As the both walk towards the back of the classroom, Mr. Bailey still in quite shock, Mackenzie reaches for her clothes.

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     Quickly trying to put them on and make a dash for it, she puts on her bra and panties, she hears there hushed whispers as she reaches for the rest of her clothes. As she stands up to put on her skirt and blouse on Mr. Smith and Mr. Bailey look back at her


“Mackenzie what are you doing?” Mr. Smith says looking her up and down again.


“Well…I was just…. ummm you know…. ” Mackenzie stammers.


“Come here Mackenzie!” Dave says as he opening his arms for her.


Mackenzie walks over to where he is and walks right into his arm. Dave lightly brushes the hair off her neck as he kisses her lightly on it. Once he has kissed her for a little bit and can feel Mackenzie relaxing he reaches back and undoes her bra. He continues kissing her as he works his hands down her back, settling them on her ass, rubbing it, then giving it a hard smack.

"Ouch" Mackenzie says muffledly since her head was in Mr. Smith's shoulders.

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Mr. Smith gently caresses Mackenzie's hair. "Next time don't get dressed before I say you can, understand" Mr. Smith says muffledly since his lips are still against Mackenzie's neck.

Mackenzie's nods, taking her head off Mr. Smiths shoulder look towards Mr. Bailey, staring slightly at him, and looking lower down on him seeing the tent starting in his pants. Mr. Bailey smiles at her "Mackenzie, come over here" He calls to her.


"Go on" Mr. Smith’s gently encouraging voice said.


She shyly walks over to Mr. Bailey, covering herself still shy in his presence as she walks over to meet him. Mr. Bailey reaches forward pushing her hands away "Don't cover yourself up Mackenzie.

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She brings her hands down and places them at her side, staring down at her feet as she does so, turning a deep red. Mr. Bailey walks over to her, taking her hands in his bringing them to his belt buckle, "Undo them sweetie. " Mackenzie undoes his belt buckle then moving onto the button of his pants and zipper, they fell to the floor. Mr. Bailey smiled up at her as he pushed down on her shoulder, slightly indicating he wanted her on her knees. Without question she got on them, looking up at Mr. Bailey, he just nodded in this little understanding, Mackenzie brought her lips onto his cock, licking just the tip slightly.


Mr. Bailey shivered slightly as Mackenzie's soft little tongue touched the tip of his cock. As her mouth slipped over the tip he closed his eyes just letting the feeling wash over him.

Mackenzie continued sucking on the tip on Mr. Bailey's cock as she rubbed his cock. He pushed down on her head, and Mackenzie just opened her mouth taking more of him in until his cock was pressed hard against the back of her throat. She vaguely heard the sound of clothes hitting the floor, but as the noise started Mr.

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   Bailey gave another forward thrust forcing more of his cock down her throat.


Feeling his cock pressed deep inside her throat, he moans quietly, for fear someone may hear him, the feel of her hot throat and the sound of her gagging as he kept his cock in her throat was driving him wild. He started to fuck her mouth slowly, allowing her to get the rhythm he desired before letting her take over. Stifling another moan as Mackenzie attempted to deep throat him, getting closer and closer to her goal and getting him closer and closer to getting off.


He rapped his hands up in her hair "Mmm god Mackenzie, deep throat me" With that she forced herself down on his cock, deep throating it, gagging, he held her there as tears ran down her face, she brought her tongue across the underside of his cock. She felt the soft caress of cold hands on her back as Mr. Bailey let go of her head letting her come up for air "mm that was a good girl" He pushed his cock back at her mouth as she was gasping her air, forcing it back into her mouth.  Mackenzie was working her tongue over the tip on his cock in tiny circles as she sucked on it, as Mr. Smith reached under her, rubbing her pussy lips slightly, opening them with his fingers, getting on his knees placing his cock at the entrance to her whole. With a quick trust he was inside her. She groaned as she felt him enter her, sending vibrations up and down Mr. Bailey's cock.

Mr. Smith slowly started to pump in and out of her, using all his strength to keep him going, even though he was finding it very hard because she was so tight. Mr.

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   Bailey was watching this all the while, as Mackenzie kept working on his cock, he couldn't handle it anymore, he had to come. He grabbed her head once again making her deep throat him as he shot his jiz down her throat, exclaiming "Fuck yeah" as he came. He held her there choking on his cock as shot after shot of his jiz was shot down her hot throat, Mr. Smith speeded up his trusts, faster and faster and Mr. Bailey pulled his cock out slightly, still with it in her mouth as the final shot of his cum shot into her mouth he pulled put his slightly demised cock. "Now swallow it like a good girl" Mackenzie looked at her teacher and swallowed all of his jiz.


Now that Mr. Baileys cock was out of mouth she was free to moan as Mr. Smith kept on fucking her. "Keep her quiet" Mr. Smith said with a grunt as he kept his fast pace going. Mr. Bailey got down on his knees starting to kiss Mackenzie as his hands traveled all over the front of her body, caressing and pinching her nipples for a little, keeping on hand there to play with her breasts he let his other hand stray lower to find her little clit. She rubbed it fast, hoping it would bring her over the edge.


The rubbing of her clit and the constant thrusts from Mr.

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   Smith, she felt the tingle all over her body, slowly turning to more deeper pleasing feelings as she was brought over the edge, as the sweat trickled down her face, burning a place down it following the paths of her tears, she came, sucking on Mr. Bailey's tongue so she didn't scream out as she came.


The tightening of Mackenzie's pussy walls of her already tight pussy was just too much for Mr. Smith and he shot his load deep inside Mackenzie. He withdrawlled as they all fell into a heap on the ground panting, trying to desperately catch there breath.

Mackenzie the first to recover looks over at the clock and pretends to look worried "Fuck, I have to go" she says quickly, to get away from the situation before her and not having to deal with the after math at this moment, she quickly retrieves her clothes and makes a run for it, as she throws everything on mumbling something about an appointment and before either of the men could get dressed or a word in she was gone, little did that matter, they knew they would see her again tomorrow because she had English second period.


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