Next Door Lives a Little Girl Chapter 2


She was more than willing and took off in that direction on her bike. “Come on I’ll race you,” she jokingly jousted. Upon arrival we entered the rather musty smelling cottage. I turn on the air conditioner and spayed some floral room freshener. Before I could turn around she had dropped her cute little tennis skirt to the floor, revealing her metallic gold low rise panties. It was one of those that look like a skirt, but is also shorts. Skorts, I think they are called. The color was white with gold piping around the edges. She then rapidly removed the her t-shirt. The matching gold bra and panties was sight to behold, not to mention the fact it was making a bulge in my pants. “Help me unsnap my bra,” she said. “Gladly Sherrie,” Standing behind her I unhooked her bra with one hand, and cupped her tiny breast with my right hand. Removing her bra, I pressed our sweaty bodies close. She felt my erection as I held her. Her slight grinding motion of her butt cause me to moisten my briefs with pre cum. I dropped my hand from her breast and gently slid into the front of her panties.

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   It was hard to distinguish if she too were getting wet or if it was sweat. I kissed her on the back of the neck and she moaned with acceptance. “You can take your shower first,” I suggested as I turned her around and slid her panties down on her hips. There was a slight pout on her face and with a little giggle said, “I thought we could maybe take one together. ”Without further ado she helped me off with my t-shirt and proceeded to take my shorts off. Jokingly she said, “It looks like your cock is about to bust out of your underpants. ”Gazing at her gorgeous peach fuzz, I said, “looking at your naked little body would make any guys penis burst out. We proceed to the bathroom. The bathroom was rather small and the shower was really only designed for one person. After adjusting the water temperature, we stepped in. Grabbing the soap, I lathered her body as we stood ever so close. She was extremely pleased when I rubbed her tits and even more so when soaped between her legs. I then wrapped my arms around her and gave her a kiss. I could feel my penis rubbing against her pubic hair. She took the soap form my hand and said, “My turn now.

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  ”She lathered me from head to toe and paid particular attention to by balls and cock. With my cock covered with soap, she grabbed it and started to stroke it. The slow pumping felt oh so nice. She could tell she was pleasing me. “Stop”, I said you are going to make me cum. I know, please let me pump it out of you,” was her reply. With her continued gentle and stroking gradually getting more rapid I quickly came shooting my cream all over her belly. The orgasm was intense and she was obviously pleased to have pleasured me so. Exiting from the shower we dried each other with large extra soft towels. Even though I had just cum my penis was still semi erect. She was the size of a little girl, her body proportions where that of a full grown woman. Drying off her beautiful form was breath taking and arousing. As we finished I said, “you got me off and I should do the same for you” Grinning, she simply said, “OK. ”We left the bathroom and turned to the only bedroom in the quaint little cottage. Sherrie immediately laid down on the fluffy deep quilted comforter.

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   On her back and completely naked she look most seductive. I wanted to put my not so large cock in her little pussy so bad. I knew it would feel so tight. Having talked about having intercourse before I knew she did not want to. What the heck, having her jack me off was OK with me. I was willing to wait until she was ready before we went all the way. In addition I didn’t have a condom handy and too she was only 13. Nevertheless, she looked very inviting. “You said you might go down on me the last time”“Would you like me that,” I responded. The immediate reply was, “Yes. ”“I’ve seen it done on the Internet and wondered what it would be like,” she expounded. “It looks like really cool fun. ”I very slowly spread her legs apart and placed my tongue directly on her clitoris. He reaction was one of pleasurable acceptance. Having just come form the shower her body was so fresh and captivating.

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   The fluids form her pussy were likewise very sweet. As I continued to lick her and at the same time gently suck. Her body gyrations signaled that she was about to have an orgasm. “Oh Kevin, you make me feel so good. ” she said with obvious pleasure. Her orgasm intensified and then she lay limp as if she had collapsed from exhaustion. “Thanks,” she said. “I’m happy you did that to me. ”We laid facing each other on the bed completely naked and chatted as she savored the after glow. Sherrie, propped herself up with one arm and with her free hand held my semi erect penis. She simply played with it for a while and then without warning turn her body 180 degrees and placed her mouth over my cock. It became stiff. I had just cum less than 30 minute before, but the sensation of her sucking on me made me think I could perhaps get off again. The sensation was so great and now gazing at her pussy directly in front of my face, my desires were rekindled. While she continued to suck me, I gently lifted her leg over my head.

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   Not hesitating I placed my tongue directly on her G-spot. It was the first time I had ever had a gild suck me, let alone have the opportunity to eat pussy at the same time. Within seconds we were both throughly enthraled with the experience. I could feel the myself getting closer to an orgasm. “Keep it up,” Sherrie said, taking her mouth off my cock only long enough to express her pleasurable appreciation. I stopped gorging my self with her tender pussy for a moment and said, “Sherrie you are going to make me cum again. ”“Oh, let it go, I am about to cum too,” she gasp. “Kevin, I love having you suck and lick me. ”“It feels out of this world. ”She said, “this must be what heaven is like” and then continued to suck me as she moved her mouth up and down my shaft. My cock was throbbing and then I could hold it no longer. I could feel the surging of my cum as she sucked. I stopped eating her. As I turned, I could see her wiping my cum form her lips. I handed her a tissue form the night stand.

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  “Do it to me some more so I can get off,” she begged. I gladly accommodated her and within seconds she was going wild as she experienced a tremendous orgasm. We both concurred it had been an wonderful experience and vowed to meet again. Certainly, I was in favor. As we left the cottage Sherrie asked, “would you jack off for Ceria and me sometime. ”“I know she is your very best friend, but you didn’t tell her about us? Did you?” I said with a bit of anger in my voice. “Yes, but she won’t tell. I promise. ”“Please say you will do it. She wants to see a guys penis and watch it cum. ”We’ll talk about it and maybe I will consider it. The next adventurer in Chapter 3 coming soon. .

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