Next Door Lives a Little Girl Chapter 3


Every time I would see her or talk to her she would ask me about masturbation for her best friend Ceria. I tried to tell her she was in the seventh grade and Ceria only in the sixth. “I know,” she said, but went on begging me. “Please, pretty please. She really wants to see you cum. Don’t worry she wont tell nobody. ” With great reluctance and misgiving, I said I would if we had the right opportunity. My only stipulation was that they would both have to get naked. “Not a problem” Sherrie assured me. I guess my indecisiveness gave way to my hormones. On the plus side, us she foxy good looking for being not quite 13. Actually she was more developed than Sherrie. She was a little shorter, and appeared to be slightly heaver. I may have thought that since her tits were definitely bigger. Her long back hair, tits and good looks would give me a hard on when I thought about her. That opportunity came about two weeks later.

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   Our parents were the best of friend and they were going out to eat at some fancy restaurant about 50 miles from home. They occasion was to celebrate Dad’s 50th birthday. The secondary function of the trip was to make plans for a cruise both family were going on as soon as school was out. Since it was going to be late when they return, Sherrie had ask her mother if Ceria could spend the night. Mom thought it was a splendid idea since she would otherwise be at home alone. Ha ha, I would have kept her company!On Saturday night I could not wait for Mom and Dad to get the hell out of the house. As soon as they pulled out of the driveway, the phone rang. It was Sherrie. “Hey what’s zup?” Sherrie ecstatically said. “My cock is up that is what’s up. ” Was my joking reply. “Well give us about 30 minutes and then get your butt and cock over here. ”They wanted a few minutes to take a shower and get ready. Um, I thought. What have they got on their minds.

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   I immediately jumped in the shower, shaved (balls too), put some Tommy after shave on and grabbed some fresh underwear. I pulled on a pair of black spandex briefs, that were really cut low. I liked them because the seemed to accentuate my family jewels and they felt good being so snug. Wanting to look really cool, I chose a pair of baggy board shorts and a nifty fish net muscle shirt. The phone rang again. This time it was Ceria’s sweet voice. “We’re ready. Come on over,” she said in an almost seductive tone. “Be right there”When I arrived at the back door the both had dresses on. They had obviously gone to great lengths to look really sharp. They had fixed their hair and put on makeup. The blue eye shadow made them look so alluring. Wow, and they smelled so good too. Sherrie had some kind of musk on and Ceria something with a vanilla sent. Rather than looking cool I felt underdressed.

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  “Follow me,” Sherrie instructed. We proceed to Sherrie’s bedroom, where they had some very low wattage light bulbs glowing. The shades were drawn and about a half dozen candles flickered. Soft music, not typical or the type of stuff she normally would listen too. If I wasn’t in the mood already, they had sure insured I would be. “Can I get you a drink,” Sherrie asked. Ceria spoke up. “It is really just 7-Up that we put in fluted glasses. I really wasn’t thirsty, but thought I may not be polite if I didn’t. “Well girls, how are we going to do this?” I asked. To my surprise Ceria, who is normally very quiet and reserved said, “We want you to undress us or we’ll strip for you. ”I opted to undress them and proceed to walk over toward Ceria. She seemed like she was scared so I turned and approached Sherrie. Sherrie smiled with acceptance. I held her and kissed her while a reached around and slowly pulled the zipper on her dress down.

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   Tugging it forward over her shoulders, I let it drop to the floor. Oh my God, now I could plainly see her black her strapless bra and back lacy panties. She was still in her high heeled shoes. Her panty hose were also a see through black. God, she looked so irresistibly erotic. I sat her down on the side of the bed and removed her shoes. Then I asked her to stand and I pulled her panties hose down. Laying back on the bed, she raised her legs. I and helped her off with her shoes and hose. I then turned my attention to Ceria. By now she seemed a little bit more relaxed and even walked toward me. Her dress button down the front so I slowly started with the top one. “Would you like me to kiss you?” I suggested. Sherrie, can I kiss you boyfriend? Ceria asked. “Sure you can, but he is not officially my boyfriend.

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  ” She said. “He has never asked me to go with him,”Without hesitation and open lips she touched hers to mine. I continued to unbutton her dress. I couldn’t believe it, I felt her tongue in my mouth. For a twelve year old she sure knew how to kiss like a big girl. When I reached the last button I took the opportunity to place my had on her pussy. She jerked at first, but immediately moved towards me. Her dress fell to the floor and she kicked it to the side. I could tell that she had a good mound on her. She too had panty hose on. They were white sheer and went well with the white nautical dress and red shoes she’d worn. Pulling those down over her hips she rubbed up against me. She felt the bulge in my pants and continued to press against me. “I have never felt this way before,” she conveyed “It feels so rad. ”She was getting hot to put it mildly so I backed off to take a look at her body and gently lay her down on the bed.

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   Sherrie watched as I removed her shoes and panty hose. With her legs slightly spread, even in the dim light, could tell she was wearing Sherrie’s sheer white bikini panties. I love those panties as you can see right through them. The bra was plain white, but looked good on her lungs. While admiring both girls in their panties and bras, I dropped my shorts to the floor and then pulled my shirt over my head. . Both of them sat up to get a better look at my black tightly fit briefs. “You look so damn hot in that underwear,” Sherrie said as Ceria nodded her head in agreement. I pulled them down just a bit exposing my stiff cock. Ceria gasp, saying, “ Oh my God that is the first time I have seen a guys thing for real. ”“I’ll give you a better look later on”She said, “I am getting so excited and I can tell I am getting wet. ”With my cock still suspend by my briefs I reach down and unhooked Sherrie’s bra. Sherrie took the opportunity and wrapped her hand around my penis. I pulled away and asked Ceria to sit up as took her bra off and giving her the same advantage Sherrie had. Ceria didn’t touch me, but stared directly at it.

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  On my knees I asked Sherrie to stand up. Her pussy aligned perfectly with my face I pulled her panties down. Leaning slightly forward I kissed her peach fuzz. She became aroused, but I stopped and turn to Ceria . Without asking she stood up and turned to me. At close range I could tell Ceria had a lots of pubic hair. Sure enough, when I removed her white panties, there was a beautiful little mound of back fur. Considerably more pussy hair than Sherrie. She must have been expecting a caress as she moved he pussy towards my face. Whatever she had on sure smelled good. I obliged her. She breathed heavily and made a slight moaning sound. I was getting more than aroused myself. Standing up and taking my briefs complete off, I asked , “How do you want me to do this. ” “Would you like for me to just stand in font of you and jack it off, or would you like to help.

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  ”“I don’t think Ceria wants to do what we did. ” Sherrie referring to when she sucked me and I shot off in her mouth. There was no reaction form Ceria. “Do you want to touch his cock?” said Sherry to Ceria. Ceria smiled and sheepishly said, “Is it ok with you Kevin?”“I don’t have any problem with it. ” In fact how about each of you jacking me off” Sherrie smiled and Ceria nodded her head. “Ceria will it be OK if I touch you,” I asked. With obvious uncertainty and after looking at Sherrie for approval said. “OK, you can. ”I then laid down on the bed and propped my head up with several pillows. Then I asked Sherrie on one side and Ceria on the other. They both jumped as if it had been an order given by a general of in the army. Being that Ceria was left handed I put her on my left side. Any inhibitions Ceria had were now removed. By the same token all of my concerns about jacking off for a 12 year old were erased.

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   She was excited and started to rub my leg in hopes she be first to grab my cock. “Let me go first to show you how to do it. ’ Sherrie said to Ceria. Ceria you could tell was somewhat disappointed, but acquiesced. “Do you want to have an orgasm after I cum?” I inquired. “And would you like me to help you get off. ”Neither one said a word, but nodded their heads affirmatively. “OK here’s the deal. ” “You can each take turns. You decide how many strokes each one of you want to take. If it is 15, then Sherrie you will pump me 15 times and then Ceria you will take over on the next stoke. Whoever is jacking me when I cum loses. I’ll help get the winner off first and then the loser. OK?”“OK neat. Lets to 10 strokes.

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   Is that alright with you?” Says Sherrie enthusiastically. “Go for it” Ceria replies. Immediately, Sherrie wraps her hand around my cock an begins. She instructs Ceria to watch how she does it. “8, 9 and 10. "Counts Sherrie,Ceria continues. “11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20"As Sherry takes over and about mid way into her turn, Ceria squeals, “Look he is cumming, you lose. ”“No stupid,” Sherrie says, “that is just pre cum. You’ll know it the real stuff when it squirts out. ”Looking disappointed Ceria takes her turn. I can feel it building up but try to think of anything but sex so I can hold off. It is almost impossible as I keep several fingers between Sherrie’s legs. The pussy juice she is excreting is driving me crazy. With my other hand I play with Ceria’s right breast. She conspicuously enjoys the stimulation.


   I would love to put my had in her pussy but she is not setting in a position where I can. Sherrie takes over and it is feeling oh so good. I don’t know how much longer I can hold out. Inquiringly, I ask Ceria, “ Can I put my hand between your legs and rub you. ”Ceria quickly repositions herself , responding with a nod and a smile. Now I have my right hand in Sherrie’s pussy and my left in Ceria ’s. I am fighting to keep from cumming. The feeling in undescribable. I insert my index finger in Ceria’s vagina and she moans and moves her body . Her fluids are flowing. Now, once again, it is Ceira’s turn. It can’t hold back any more. I make my body very ridged. With that and eruption my semen ejects. “Oh I love it.

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   That is so cool. ” says Ceria. At the same moment she climaxes. I can feel contraction within her tight little pussy. As she comes to an orgasm I think how great it would be to have my cock in her instead of my finger. Sherrie looks very dejected as she has not got off. As Ceria finally stops stroking my now ultra sensitive penis, I tell Sherrie, “ as soon as I get cleaned up I’ll be back and take care of you. ”She smiles and says, “hurry. ” I stand naked at the vanity washing my cock and belly. Without announcing or knocking in comes shy and reserved Ceria still reveling with pleasure. As if it we no big deal she sits down to take a pee. “I am so sticky, I need to wash too,” she exclaims. “We shouldn’t be doing this, but that was the best thing I ever did” “You won’t tell anyone will you. ” seriously she says. “No, I promise this is just between you, me and Sherrie.

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  “Thanks Kevin” she says. “ I am glad you let me see you cum and play with you cock.
    ”“Remember, I still have to get you off once again after I do Sherrie. ”“Oh that’s right I was the loser, but not really. ”“Maybe sometime we can do each other again. ” I suggest, and she shakes her head in an approving manner. I return to the bedroom and Sherrie lay naked on her bed with her legs spread exposing her beautiful peach fuzz and pussy. I am completely soft, but can feel a burning between my legs as I gaze at her gorgeous little body. I lay down beside her and tenderly suck on her tiny breast. I can feel her nipple harden. I place my fingers into her pussy. One finger I place inside and with another I touch her clitoris. She moans with pleasure and I alternate between french kissing her and sucking her breasts. She is very receptive and welcoming. “Will you do to me what you did the last time and make me have an orgasm with you tongue?” she softly speaks.

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      For some reason the way she spoke made me stiff again. “Yes, I’ll do it to you, but I wish you would let me fuck you. I want to put my cock in your pussy so bad. I have a condom in my pants pocket. Please let me have intercourse with you, please?”“No Kevin! I told you we weren’t going to do that. I’m not ready for that. Maybe someday, but not tonight. ”Without further conversation I turned and got on my knees, putting my lips between her legs. I felt her milking my cock. I know that I can’t cum again so soon, but I’ll let her play. She moans and moves her hips expressing her pleasure. I feel her turn closer to be and lift my left leg. She slides further under me and lowers my leg. I am on my knees in a doggie fashion eating her pussy and she is now sucking my cock when in walks Ceria . “Oh, I am sorry,” she says.

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       “I had better leave. ”Momentarily taking my cock out of her mouth, she tells her, “Hey we’ve both watched this on the internet and said how much fun it would. ”I feel my cock slide back into her mouth again. I, in turn went back to running my tongue across he clitoris and in and out of her vagina. Her juices are so sweet. Within moments her body movements become more intense and I can feel her sucking me harder. Grater and grater her gyrations became. She takes her mouth from my cock. “Oh, shit I am cumming. . . . . . .

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      . . . . . . . . aw. ” She screams! “Oh God, keep it up. ” I stop and turn back around looking at the expression of satisfaction one her face. “But, I didn’t make you cum. ”I replied, “That’s OK, us guy are not built to have as many orgasms as you girls are. ” Stumbling to the bathroom with exhaustion, Ceria says, “Hey dude, you promised. ”“Let me wash up again, catch my breath and I’ll be back.

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      ”As I am washing all the pussy juice from my face, Sherrie come in, gives me a kiss, says thanks and hops in the shower. Returning to the bedroom I find Ceria laying on the bed. For some reason she had put back on the white panties . Quite frankly I think a just a little bit of dressing makes the salad so much better. It sure made me hard once again. She smiled, signaling me to the bed. I quickly accommodated her. Laying beside I ran my hand under her panties. Without saying a word she spread her legs in acceptance of my hand. I began to rub her sweet spot and run my finger in and out of her. From her earlier experience she had obviously learned and was now putting her new found knowledge to good use. As I sucked on her tit, she asked, “Aren’t you going to do the same thing to me that you did you Sherrie?”“What, you want me to go down on you,” I asked. “Yes, can you?”With that invitation I slipped to the bottom of the bed, spread her legs further apart and slid up to her pussy. Pulling her panties to the side I once again put the experience of my tongue to work. She continued to moan and move her hips.

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       It seemed as if she would climax any second. “You are not doing it to me the same way you did Sherrie,” she said. “You mean you want me to put my cock near your face. ”“Yes, do you want me to take my panties off,” she said. “Leave you panties on, I think they look sexy. You know I might cum again if we do this. ”“It’s OK”“Are you sure?”“Yeppers, “ she ecstatically says to me. With that, I got into the position. Pulling those sexy see through panties to the side I dove into her mound of pussy hair on to sweeter things. I noticed that Ceria’s taste was different from Sherrie’s. Not as sweet, but still really good and the vanilla body spray she had applied made a very tasty treat. At the same time I felt my cock slid into her mouth. Not only was she sucking, but doing an in and out movement. This felt even more enjoyable than when Sherrie was sucking me. It was feeling better and better all the time.

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       Likewise, I could sense by Ceria’s movements she was becoming more aroused. The juice was flowing from her pussy. I was enjoying every second of it. She stops only long enough to say, “I am almost there. ” Immediately she returns to her original manipulation of my now swollen penis. I can feel the rhythm of her hips and pelvis increasing. Her moans are heard even with her attention drawn to my cock. And then she becomes uncontrollably wild. Within seconds I can feel my cock pulsating and I explode with another load of cum. What an awesome feeling!As I raise up and lift over her, I can see her half gaging and spitting my sperm into her hand. “Are you all right?” I ask, as I quickly grab a towel laying on the floor and hand it to her. “I am sorry that I came in your mouth, but you got me so worked up I could not hold it back. ”Still coughing she, “It’s OK, it is just that it was the first time I had done something like that. ”As I proceed to get dressed, Ceria sits on the side of the bed obviously enjoying the afterglow. Giggling she says, “I’m glad these are Sherrie’s panties.

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       Yuck, they are sticky really wet. ”She went on to say, “Sherrie said they were your favorite and would make you cum. She was sure right. ” Sherrie returns from the bathroom wearing a short blue floral night gown. We all chatted for a while and agreed it had been fun. Ceria said, “Thanks for letting me join in. I was scared at first, but you were so gentle in made everything OK”Sherrie got ready to give me a goodby kiss, but stopped. “Yuck, you have sticky all over your face. ” She then whispered in my ear, “Let’s just you an me do this again”I winked as I left. Chapter four and chapter five shortly. .
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