Ohh hey there "Big Boy"


I was sitting in my room, texting some of my friends when I got a call from my ex. Now Nathan is a player, if you had sex with him, you had sex with half of the girls in his hometown, plus a guy. Yes Nathan was bi, but I was okay with that, it never bothered me. I answered the call, not expecting that he'd call for a good fuck.
-Kaytee, hey whats up.
-Nothing, just sitting here. How are you? I haven't heard from you in months.
-Eh, fine I guess. I've been working with the band and blah blah blah.
-Oh thats. . . .
-You need to come down, I have to see you.
-Uhmm. Okay.

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   Be there in 15.
We hung up. I thought he wanted me to come down to toke up like we normaly did the days we did see eachother. But no, when I got down there, I went to his basement door (where his room was) and there he was. Shirtless and in his tight skinny jeans, his long, emoish hair all a mess, but fixed. He pulled me in.
"Hah. Wow Nathan. Didn't have enough time to get dressed or something?" I chuckled, and went over to his mini fridge. I pulled out a cold bud light, like I always do when I'm at Nathans.
"Well, I was thinking that it's been a while. And I missed you. " He said, smiling that amazing, breath taking orgasmic smile. "I was thinking we could. .

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  . ya know. Do the do. "
I almost choked. I was shocked and excited! I was going to fuck Nathan! The boy of my dreams! Without an answer, I pulled Nathan aginst me. Kissed him deeply, my tongue explored his mouth and his exploring mine. We fell onto his queen sized bed, him on top of me, I could feel his 11 inch cock aginst me.
"Sorry about that. . . " he laughed and blushing. I didn't answer him. He took off my shirt and I helped him with his. He lain me down further onto his bed, unbuttoned my jeans and threw them on the couch. He then took my panties off with his teeth, and saw that I was hot and ready.

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   Now it was time for the fun we have when we have sex. I unbuttoned his pants. "Shank!" I yell. We both laugh our asses off.
"You ready for this, baby?" Nathan said takin off his boxers, his long, hard thick cock jumping out of them.
I was breathless, and sooo horny. I needed him, I WANTED him. "My moms not home. So your going to see a side of me, you haven't seen before. "
I was 10x more excited now! I wanted him so bad. He positioned himself on top of me, put my legs on his shoulders, and stuck his cock inside me. I moaned loud, it felt amazing. He stuck it all in me, and took slow, deep thrusts in and out of me. "Oh fuck, your so tight!" Him panting, me moaning.
"Faster," I breathed.

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   "Harder, don't stop untill you cum. "
He went faster, and faster, harder and harder, deeper and deeper. I was in heaven. He was hitting my g-spot over and over. I pulled him close to me, kissing him, scratching at his back, biting and pulling his lip. Biting his snake-bites. I pushed him off.
"What you doing?" He said, breathless.
"It's my turn," I said getting on top of him.
He grabbed my waist, and I stuck his cock all the way in. He let out a big moan. I rode him, just the way he liked, I had HIM screaming now. He stopped me, picked me up, his cock still inside me, and slammed me against the wall. "Fuck!" I screamed. He found my g-spot again, and pounded in me, harder and harder.


   "Oh Nathan! Fuck me harder! Faster! Deeper! Uhhhh fuck!" My screams turned into high-pitched squeeks.
He came in me. I tell you what, this was the best sex I have ever had with him. He gently put me on the bed. Seeing that I was tired, he got a blanket and coverd us both up.
 "You can stay with me tonight. " He said with a smile. He felt my body all over until my eyes closed. "I love you. " He said to me, my eyes opened and I kissed him.
"I love you too, NakedNathan. (My nickname for him. haha)" He chuckled. We fell asleep together, and the next morning, we woke up and went upstairs for breakfast. His mom was excited to see me.

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When I went to leave, his mom looked at me.
"You just come back here anytime to see us. " She said with a smile. I looked over at Nathan, and he looked at me and smiled.
"Oh, I will. " I walked out with a wink.
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