Older women are the greatest- believe me.


I am 17 and last week I was being driven home by the mother of one of my team mates after football training together. His mom told me he had injured himself and wasnt able to train that day. On the way and as we talked she said I heard Garry, her son, talking the other day and I gather you and Julie are having an affair.
I said shit the silly bugger – how could he do that to me I will kill him.  
Well she said is it true.
I went every colour of the rainbow and stammered out well sort of.
She said sort of didn’t sound like what you two were talking about on the phone. Then I realised she must have been listening on the extension. I said well I gather you heard everything so you know it is.
She said I am sure her parents dont know, how long have you two been at it.
I said look I don’t want to discuss this, its too incriminating.
She said well I could always let slip to her mother that its going on between you two.
I said you wouldn’t would you, hell Garry and I are best friends and that would kill my friendship with him if you went blabbing about my sex life all over town.
She said well I could always be discreet BUT.
I said BUT - WHAT.
She said you know Garry and his father and I are divorced and we are alone.

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   I said yes - so what.
She said you also know I have seen the pair of you at pool parties at home skinny dipping and to be perfectly honest - I have not seen a boy your age so well hung. I am fascinated with you penis. Now this is something you can hold over me – I have fantasised a couple of times when I masturbate about having sex with you.
I said WHAT – you think about you and me having sex and masturbate too.
She said believe it or not yes and now I am fulfilling a promise I made myself I am asking you to sleep with me.
I said I don’t believe this YOU want ME to SLEEP with YOU.
She said I cant make it any plainer – yes.
Hell what do you think I am – having sex with my best friends mother.
She said you will regret it if you don’t.
I said you are more than twice my age even if you are in good shape, I couldn’t.
She said I am 38 and I maintain a good tight body and keep myself in good physical shape – you have seen me naked at the pool, so what is there to stop you. I am not some old frump.
I said plenty – you are my best friend mother- you are twice my age- you should be looking for men not boys to have you sex with. I already have a girl friend and what will happen there if I have sex with you.

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She said it will just be between you and I and if the answer is no then you never know who may hear about you and Julie and with her parents connections, I think your whole family will be run out of town. He is a pastor in the church – not somebody to mess with.
I said this is blackmail.
She said – exactly. If you don’t then you have most to lose. I don’t know how you will find your way out of it – I guess you will just have to do as you are asked.
Holy shit I said what did I do to get myself into this mess.
She said by talking to Garry and letting his mother who has the hots for your cock hear you and now you have no options. Make up your mind it will happen and believe it or not I believe you will enjoy it, maybe even better than with Julie. I think I can show you a trick or two you can learn and then make Julie happier.
Oh God I said when have you planned this for. –
This afternoon, when we get home – Garry is not injured he has been sent on an errand and will be away till very very late tonight, I am taking you home now and you and I will make love and I will get to enjoy that monster in your pants. And with that she put her hand onto my groin. I only had footy shorts on and there was basically noithing to restrain it.   As she did she felt the erection rise and there was nothing I could do, my cock obviously was armed and ready to go, even though my mind was not willing, the flesh was.

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Not another word was said as she drove to her place and into the drive and to the garage at the back where she and I could enter the house and not be seen from the street.
She took my hand and led me to her bedroom and said ok, now have a shower and get yourself smelling sweet and lovely for me.
She left me and I undressed and got into the en suite shower off her bedroom. I soaped myself up and then she appeared naked and got into the shower with me and proceed to soap me up all over paying particular attention to my pubic region which was now well and truly erect. I have to admit her body was firm and taught and really in very good shape, no loose skin and her breasts were firm with some uplift still left and her pubic area completely bald. Her nipples were quite prominent and the areola very red.   She had shaved or waxed herself recently as there was no pubic stubble she was very, very smooth. I gather she had planned this well before as everything was just the way she wanted it to be. She actually got down and for a moment put her mouth over my hard cock, sucked it for a moment then and then kissed it – I nearly came on the spot, but she then put her hand on my balls and squeezed them and I lost a lot of interest and my erection subsided slightly.
See she said I have complete power over you now. I guess Julie has never done that for you and she was right. I said nothing I was almost shaking with fear.
She got me to soap her up which meant I had to touch her breasts and pubic region and she directed me where to soap and rub and once again it was something I had never performed before- a sort of masturbation of her. I had never fingered Julie off, just touched her there a couple of time as we prepared to have sex together.
After the shower we both got out and we towelled each other dry and again she made sure my penis received a lot of attention.

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   She said I love that cock of yours – eight inches of pure pleasure, it is beautifully circumcised – my husband was not cut like that and I never really got to like it.
I was saying nothing I was almost terrified.
Then she took me to the bed and we lay together naked and she began kissing me and telling me where to feel – which for the time being was her breasts. At first I was cold and unresponsive when we kissed but she was good and it only took a couple of minutes and I closed my eyes and imagined I was with anybody other than my best friend mother.
By now I was good and hard and she felt me and said I think its time for this beautiful cock of yours to be introduced to its very best friend. She lay back and prepared herself for missionary sex. I knew it was going to happen and still not having spoken a word for 5 minutes or so I prepared to enter her. I had never seen a bare smooth vagina so close up before. Julie has all her hair and most girls at the pool parties had some even if it had been trimmed or shaped I never really got close to the few bare ones.
My cock was really at its hardest, it wanted to go hunting, but my head was saying you shouldn’t be doing this.
Without a word I took my cock in my hand and guided it toward her hair free cunt. Her outer cunt lips were tight and while I could see her inner labia lips protruding slightly she really did look good and I had to admit without looking at her face I had begun to get aroused at the thought of having sex with her, it didn’t matter now it was just a cunt I was going to fuck. As I went closer she put her hand down and used her fingers to open herself to accept me. I looked up and she was looking intently at my cock and her cunt waiting and watching as I began to insert my cock into her now open pink pussy. I noticed how shiny and wet it was, her juices were flowing already and I could see the excess fluid slightly stringy like pre cum stretched across her opening.

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   Now I was really in the mood, bugger her age and the fact she was Garry’s mother, she was just a cunt to me and I was now looking forward to entering her tunnel of love. I put the head of my cock against her lips and covered it with her juice, I had a slight drip of pre cum leaking from the eye of my cock ready to help lubricate her but it was not necessary - she was really wet.
Still without a word I let my cock slip in further and further until I was almost in completely, then she let out a soft moan of pleasure as she herself could feel me filling the void in her that started at her cunt lips and went deeply up into her. I know the walls of her vagina are not long and that within her is a void filled with her cervix and womb. She was remarkably tight I felt, I hadn’t expected her to be as tight as she was. After 17 years of marriage and I assume she had more than her share of sex and one baby she would have been far looser. Anyhow it felt good. Neither of us had said a word, actually we didn’t need to as the sensation was as good as I would have wanted it. It was in fact very comfortable and enjoyable.
It was only then she said – there doesn’t that feel good, I bet Julie doesn’t feel as good as this. I said I am not fucking Julie I am fucking you. I had spoken my first words in about 7 or 8 minutes.
Now I was enjoying the sensation, fucking is a very pleasurable event even if it is your best mates mom. Maybe all cunts feel the same but as I thought about it she did feel better than Julie, but Julie was pretty inexperienced and I had only had 2 other girls before her a year or so earlier and we were about 15.
I started to fuck her in the usual way slowly thrusting and lifting my ass to withdraw almost to the tip and then re thrust.

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   She was enjoying every moment, I was not sure how long she had been without a man but she obviously masturbated from her earlier comments. She was really getting into it and began to move with me and meet my thrusts with her own ensuring I was getting maximum penetration and as I did she tightened her muscles around her opening and squeezed me as I went in. The sound of our flesh slapping together was now quite obvious and her breasts were bouncing about a little on her chest as I thrusted harder and harder to make her whole body shake. The bed was really being stretched to its limit. It felt great. I continued to fuck her for three or four minutes then she said its time for a change and told me to pull out.
Now she said its my turn, and with that she got over me and prepared to ride me. I had done this a couple of times with Julie as I found out that it’s a pretty good way for the woman to reach her own orgasm this way.
Have you done it with Julie like this before she asked.
I said I am fucking you – nobody else - what I do with Julie remains between us.
OOOOHHHHH she said touchy arnt we. Come on relax and enjoy the fuck of your life – so far. Then she was lowering herself down onto my now wet and slimy shaft which was covered in our love syrup and slowly disappearing into her. Oh god she said this feels wonderful, do you realise Garrys, dad is not as big as you, that’s one reason I wanted it with you. I said forget history I am not interested in who or how many guys have fucked you I just want to get this over with.

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She said now admit it you like it, I can tell from the look on your face.
I said ok I like it - but I wish it wasn’t Garry mom. You have a great cunt and you fuck well, lets leave it at that.
She proceeded to ride me cowboy and she was very good, she had the stamina in her legs to maintain a good rise and fall on me. Julie had problems there, and I was really enjoying not only her cunt riding my cock but her tits were bouncing around in front of my nose and I couldn’t resist the temptation to put a nipple into my mouth.   Once I got my lips around her nipple and I bit her gently she moaned and groaned with the pleasure of it and I just enjoyed what I had not bothering to think these tits were twice as old as me and Garry had at one time suckled on them drawing sustenance from them as I was trying to do seventeen years later, without success. Somehow we were both enjoying the sensation as I swapped and changed from one tit to the other and she assisted by offering them to me as I released one to search for the other.   I was more interested in suckling than fucking at the time and she was enjoying both. It wasn’t long before I realised she had almost reached her orgasm as her moaning and groaning got louder and her pace on top of me faster and then she burst her boiler and she had an extraordinary strong orgasm, grunting each time my cock moved in her and graoning with the pleasure of a great orgasm. She really had enjoyed that and possibly it was the loudest orgasm a girl or woman in this case had ever had with me. It was far stronger than I had experienced with any of the 3 girls I had fucked. She really let herself go and after what seemed like a minute or two she collapsed on top of me gasping for breath and shaking all over. For some reason I wondered what her orgasms were like when she masturbated.  
Then without a word she rolled off me, lay on her back and opened her legs and prepared to take me in missionary again, as she gasped for breath she said come on, its your turn- fill me up baby.
I mounted her and began to enjoy once more my pleasure of fucking her.

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   I was pretty physical and loved watching her tits bounce about and roll around on her chest as I forced my cock deeper and deeper harder and harder into her.   After about a minute or so I felt the pressure building up in my balls and the head of my cock becoming all sensitive and her cunt tightly gripping my shaft that was now rock hard and I raised my speed and thrashed her cunt wildly with my cock and finished myself off with hard and fast thrusts and had a exceptionally good orgasm myself. My semen filled with sperms  flooded from deep inside my balls and filled her cunt to the brim and overflowed all over us as my cock slowly subsided and finally slipped out of her dragging a strip of cum over her thigh before my cock slipped down between my legs letting the last drops of cum seek from within.
She said Christ that was magnificent. Where in the name of god did you learn to fuck like that.
I said I am glad you liked it – to be honest so did I – I never thought you would be as good as that. Now I wish you were not Garry's mom and we could do it all again.
She sort of giggled and said no I am not Garry’s mom I am a slut that picked you up and fucked the arse out of you. Don’t worry as far as I am concerned you are a stranger and believe me every time I see you in future I will remember this day for ever. You were fucking fantastic, I hope Julie enjoys you as much as I did.
After that we both showered together again, this time I was far more accommodating and treating her like a friend rather than Garry’s mother. Now I was beginning to hope that this may happen again. We had fun in the shower and had sex again standing up, something I had never had before.  She stood with her hands against the wall and I entered her from behind. It felt great with the warm shower beating down on us and dripping off my balls.

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   When I came my balls were swinging and hitting her arse as the warm water had softened the sac to a very soft and pliable state.  After we showered we towelled each other off again and it started us off again. She dragged me onto the bed and I fucked her hard and fast missionary and the two of us were really into it. No words - all action. She was no longer Garry’s mom she was the best fuck I had ever had and I wanted more. After I came we kissed and fucked again, the fourth time, this time it was more subdued and soft and sensual. We were both exhausted really but still enjoyed every moment even though we were both covered in cum and love juice after two wild sessions one after the other as well as the two other loads of cum I had shot into her earlier.
This time I showered alone and she did the same. We both dressed and we held each other tightly and kissed and she said I want you again, not now, later – I had to say I was more than happy to oblige.
I said you will have to arrange it so Garry never realises what we are doing, I know he will never learn from me I am fucking the arse off his mom and I cant get enough of it.
She said I am so happy, don’t worry I can be very discrete and devious; we will meet regularly and relive these moments often. I am glad you just didn’t take the opportunity to fuck and forget me, I am really happy we actually got it all together in every way. Look after Julie and remember I am always available for you whenever you want me.
With that we walked to the car and she drove me home. It was dark now and I had some thinking to do to explain why I was so late – I just couldn’t say I was fucking the arse of Garry’s mom could I.

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   Maybe I was helping Garry with his homework, well it was his home but it wasn’t work, it was extreme pleasure and Garry would never have spoken to me again if he knew what we were studying. .
That was the beginning of a long association of sex with Garry's mom. I continued to see Julie and we eventually parted after 3 years of being in love. She eventually realised I was unfaithful and why our lovemaking became better and better.
I still see Garry's mom regularly as she bought a small apartment in town and we met in our love nest regularly.  He knows we are lovers having caught us in the act about a year after we started. It was rough for a while between the 3 of us but eventually it settled down but my frienship with Garry was never the same. It didnt affect her and we got it all back together quite quickly and I could never be more thankful for the wonderful sex we have together- despite her age. Older women are fantastic - even if she is the only one I have had.