Once Upon A Fairy Tale


Topic: Once Upon A Fairy Tale: My Dream Cum TrueWhen I met my boyfriend Zach, I knew it was love. He was the sweetest guy ever to me and I loved him so much. I wanted to be with him forever and I wanted him to take something very close to me. . . My virginity. . .
One day, after school, Zach came up to me. "Hey gorgeous. Miss me?" he
"Of course. Come here you. " I said and kissed him passionately.
"We have a date tonight, I'll pick you up at 8. " he reminded me.
When I got home, I threw down my backpack and ran right into the shower.

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   I was so excited for the date and I had an idea that he would take my virginity tonight. I had to look PERFECT. I showered and used my best smelling shampoo and soap. When I got out, I looked at my clock. 6:02. Okay, i had time. I threw open my closet doors and looked for the sexiest lingerie and dress I owned. I found a lacy black bra and a skimpy see-through thong. Then I found a gorgeous, short black dress that had glittery paths all over it. It was perfect. I then sprayed myself with an amazing smelling Dolce and Gabbana perfume and but on a diamond necklace and dimaond earings. I took another look at the clock. 7:54.  
"HOLY SHIT!" I screeched and grabbed my purse which convienently matched my outfit. I ran downstairs just as my mom and dad were about to leave on their 3 day vacation.

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   "Bye guys, have fun!" I said kssing my 'rents goodbye. "Be good honey" yelled my mom. Luckily, they were gone when Zach got here. They knew we were dating and all but i didnt want them here when he gt here. 7:59. At exactly 8, he pulled in. I ran to the car and jumped in. "You are too good. Right on time" I giggled and he leaned over and kissed me. "Have you ever looked so beautiful?" he asked me. I laughed and replied, "Only for you, baby. "
We got to the restaurant and it was amazing, not to mention expensive. We both had lobster thermidor which was really good and talked for a while. Then, we left and sat in his BMW.
"That was really nice, Zach.

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   I love you so much" I said. "I love you too, baby. " he said and we kissed romanticaly.   "So are you coming back to my place?" he asked. "Are your parents home?" I replied, worried if they were, I might not have sex with him. "No, they went to this reunion thing at their old school and wont be back for 2 days. " he said. Yes! Thank god! I thought to myself. "Then absolutely" I replied. I thnk we both were thinking the same thing about what was going to happen.
We got to his house and sat down on the couch. "So did you like ---" he said, but I kissed him before he finished. Then he grabbed me and we started making out. When I layed down on top of him, I felt his cock against me and boy was it erect! I broke the kiss and told him to take me upstairs. He winked at me and grabbed my hand and led me up.

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   I knew it, I just knew i would lose it tonight. I was so happy and when we got to his room, I shoved him on his bed and jumped ontop of him. We continued making out and finally, he pushed his tongue into my mouth which I happily greeted. We continued this for about 20 minutes until we were both so friggin horny, I couldnt wait any longer. "Zach, I want you to have it. Take me tonight. I love you. " I whispered into his ear. At first, I think he was nervous and hesitant because he kissed me for awhile again. Then, he placed his hands on the back of my thighs and continued up, slowly reaching his destination: my pussy. I moaned into his mouth when he finally reached it and I felt him getting harder and harder. I broke off our kiss and ripped off his shirt. "Shit, you are so muscly" I moaned as he continued teasing my pussy. It was true, he had a damn 4 pack and he was sooo tan and sexy. "Its all yours babe" he replied.

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   I massaged his chest while he repeatedly teased me. Then he reached up and unlached my C cup bra and Slowing inching off my dress. I admit I was alittle nervous and scared. 2 of my friends lost their virginity and said it hurt at first. I wasnt good with pain, but I was determined. . . and ready. When my dress was off, I was still wearing my thong. I quickly unbuckled Zachs jeans and pulled them off. "Ooooo, what's this?" I teased as I saw his cocking inching up through his boxers. I giggled flirtatiously as he kissed my hard. I loved this so much and I wasnt even feeling rushed or anything. He didnt immediatley take me so I was proud and repesctful for him for being so patient because I knew what he wanted to do, but I still was neervous. I crawled on top of him and stroked his longish blonde italian hair while he nibbled and sucked on my C tits.

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   I moaneed gently as he began neading one and sucking the other. "Ooooo. . . . Ooohhhh"I moaned. "You like tht?" he asked. "ooooo, I love it!" I yelled. Then he slowly inched his way down, kissing my until he reached my thong. He looked wonderously at me and I nodded to him and gave him the green light to go. He pulled it off me and kissed me while he played with my pussy. I groaned with pleasure. "Oh it feels so fucking good Zach. oooooo    ohhhhhhh" I moaned and kissed him. Then I pulled off his boxers and it was time for me to become a woman.

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   His head was pointing directly at my entrance and I think he was still nervous. "How big are you?" i asked. "About 9. 5 inches. This may hurt since its your first time so tell me if you want me to stop" he said. He was so loving and caring to me that I didnt care how much fucking pain I was about to be in, I just wanted him so badly. "Go for it big boy, Im all yours. "I said alittle shaking. We inhaled together and I locked my legs around his waist and grabbed onto his arms and closed my eyes. He lunged forward and I screamed in pain. I felt tears forming in my eyes as my whole body screamed at me. As tears rolled down my cheeks, he asked me if i was alright and if he should stop. I said no and to keep going. He lunged again and I screamed in pain again. He did this svereal times and even though it hurt so bad, I knew i wanted this.

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   Before I knew it the pain turned into amazing feelings and we were moving at a slow but wonderful pace.
    "Ohhhhhhhh. . . . . . Ooooooo. . . . . Mmmmm" I moaned. He smiled at me and bent over to kiss me. He increaced his pace and i pushed hard on him.

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       I deeply moaned in his mouth and he lifted the kiss off. "Oh my fucking god. Fuck me! Fuck me harder, please. Faster harder Ohhhhhhhh" I screamed. He deeply oliged and i felt him get deeper into me. It felt so good and i knew he was enjoying it too. "Ohh fuck! Fuck me baby. . . oooooo" I screamed in pleasure. "Oh your so fucking tight. Im gonnna cum!" he yelled back. Then he did and i felt him empty a huge gallon inside me. It was the best feeling in the world and his cock was soo nice inside me. Then he went soo fast I thought he was going to burst.

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       I orgasmed so loud that a dog outside barked insanely. "OHH OHHH OHHH AHHHH MMMMM SHIT SHIT SHIT FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME SHIT FUCK OHHHH OHHHHHH" I screamed at the top of my lungs. "Oh my gd=od Zach, Im gonna cum!" i yelled. "Me too. " he said and we came together and ended our climax. He collapsed ontop of me without even taking his cock out. It still felt so good. We began to make out again, with his cock still inside me and me still shaking from my orgasm. Then he picked me up, him STILL inside me and he bounced me ariund, up and down on his hard cock. It was about 30 seconds before I had another screaming orgasm. "OH SHIT! FUCK ME! OHHH! OHH! FUCK ME! SHIT SHIT SHIT! FUCK ME! AHHH OHHH OHHHH OOOOO MMMMM!" I screamed. We bounced together and I orgasmed 4 more times! It was so fucking unbelievable. Then we together collapsed on his bed and I sat ontop of him. "Ready?" I said. I pulled out his cock and held it while my entrance hovered above it.


       Then I slammed down so hard and screamed with pain and pleasure. I rode that fucking guy like a fucking cowgirl. "Ride me girl, ride me and make my cocky proud!" he screamed. "Fuck, your soo tight!" I bounced up and down, my tits flying in every direction. Then when he shouted he was going to cum, I readied myself for another huge load. I jumped off of him and let him squirt my body. My arms, legs, tits stomach and pussy and face were covered in white hot cum. I licked it all up and told him to cum over his chest. He agreed and jerked his cock for a few minutes and then came over his chest. i then knelt before him and licked up all of it and smacked my lips with satsfaction. "Suck me off, baby" he said. With out wqrning, I shoved his cock to my mouth and rode up and down it, shoving it down my throat. It was tasty and sexy and thn, with out warning he gave me a huge load of hot cum which i nearly gagged on, but swalled it ALL down. I wasnt like cake but it was good. Then we made out and got dressed and he dove me home.

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    It was the best night i ever had and i finally lost my virginity to the man i love.  

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