One Freezing Cold Day in December


We were the teenagers who never seemed to fit in. We were typical “band geeks”. I enjoyed hanging around with the nerdy/geeky types, because that was where I felt most comfortable. I was quiet and very mature for my age, and people noticed that, but took it for snobbery more than anything else. I wasn’t very tall, but I was thin, with legs up to my eyelashes. I had shoulder length white-blonde hair, and very pale. I was also covered with scars from previous bouts of “teen age angst”; something that I tried to cover up. Mike was the only one who never seemed to care. He was average height and gangly. He wore glasses and had the most ridiculous bowl hair cut… He was adorable, though. And the most wonderful boy I’d ever met.
So, as I was saying, this day was nothing out of the ordinary. “Mum” and “Dad” had left me, and Mike, on our own in the house, so they could take a small, two-week trip. We were used to this, so thought nothing of it. We had spent the majority of the first three days lounging around, and being complete slobs! Watching movies and sleeping late.
As we had been snuggled up together underneath a blanket for a good few hours, I thought that there would be no problem with wearing just a pair of French-panties and a loose fitting t-shirt, as it can get rather hot underneath all that wool.

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   I was wrong, however.
“Why don’t you have any clothes on?”
“I do have clothes on. ”
“No, you have your underwear on. I meant real clothes!”
“Oh. Well, I thought it would be ok, seeing as I’m covered up. And it’s not like you havn’t seen this before. We used to take baths together when we were little, for Christ’s sake. ”
“I know, I know. I just… I really don’t want to be seeing you in that. It’s making me uncomfortable. Please change?!” He was looking at me in such a strange way, and for a moment, I thought I could see the same look in his eyes that the boys used to give me, before I lost all interest in myself. I decided I was crazy after a few seconds. ‘It’s Mike! He could never like me in that way!’ So, I did what he asked, and started off upstairs.
Once in my room, I opened the wardrobe doors to see if I could find anything that was comfortable, yet appropriate. I pulled out pants, skirts, shorts, but nothing seemed to “fit”.

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   I was beginning to get frustrated, so I collapsed on the bed and laid there. ‘If he doesn’t like what I’m wearing, he can stay down there by himself!’ I sighed gently. It was far too hot up there. I turned over, onto my back, and wriggled out of my panties, and then my t-shirt. The door was shut, so there was no chance of Mike wandering up the stairs and seeing. I arched my knees, and put my arms behind my head. It felt so good to lay there, with the warmth from the fire gently teasing my skin.
I started to wonder: ‘What if Mike did see me as more than just a friend? It certainly would explain a lot. . . He was very overprotective of me, when it came to boys. Maybe he was jealous? I had never felt anything that would suggest he had feelings of a sexual nature towards me. Well, only a few times, and only when we’d hug, but, surely that was because he’s just a typical eighteen year old male? Perhaps not. ’
I began to notice a familiar feeling in between my thighs. I had never thought of Mike, my dear best friend, in this way before.


   And I wasn’t sure why. He had always been so gentle with me. He’d hold my hand when we were out, he’d slowly kiss my cheeks and forehead when I cried. I’d sit on his lap sometimes, too. When I had nightmares, he never hesitated to let me get in his bed with him, where he would hold me so tightly it was as if we were one. It was only natural that we would end up together. Everybody said so!
Maybe it was the heat affecting my head, but I slowly inched myself up to rest on my pillow. I found a comfortable position, and then I softly started to stroke my stomach, and sides. I could feel my nipples harden as I brushed over my ribs with my fingertips. It took all my will power not to reach up and play with them, but I knew it would feel so much better if I waited. I moved my hands down to the tops of my legs, as I imagined Mike trailing a line of kisses from my neck down to my tight, shaved, sixteen year old pussy. My right hand found its way there, and gently touched the hot, wet lips.
I moaned quietly as my left hand began kneading my breasts, stopping, once in a while, to tease my hard nipples. I was in heaven. My right index finger was circling my clit, and rubbing it up and down.

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       I knew it wouldn’t be long before I came, but I just couldn’t stop myself Up and down, up and down. I found my slit and played with the opening for a short period, before carefully inserting my finger. I could feel the walls of my pussy clench around it, reacting to my cold skin. I moaned slightly louder this time. I inserted another finger and moved them both in and out together, getting faster and faster as I pictured him fucking me relentlessly, until I could feel a strong orgasm coming.
    I was finger fucking myself, and letting my left hand rub my clit furiously. It felt so amazing. I was gasping for breath in between moans. I must have been louder than I thought, because I never heard the footsteps outside and my door opening.
    “Hey, Zero, are you gonna come down and… Oh my God! I’m so sorry, I should have knocked!” Mike covered his face with his hands bashfully, and turned to face the wall.
    “Damn right you should have knocked!” I scrambled quickly to try and cover myself with my bed sheets, which were drenched with my juices.
    “I’m sorry! I never thought you’d be… You know. I thought you were angry with me! And, since when has not knocking ever been a problem?”
    “Since now!” I was trying my hardest to stay angry with him, but my pussy was still on fire, and, to be honest, I was quite excited about the fact that he had caught me.
    “Well, it’s ok,” I said, holding the sheets tightly around me whilst rising from the bed,
    “No hard feelings. ” I turned him around, moved his hands away from his face, and planted a kiss on his cheek.

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       I smiled.
    “I’m going to go and take a shower. Why don’t you make us some dinner, or somethin’?” I let the sheets slip a little, and with them now barely covering my perfect ass and breats, I walked across the hall to the bathroom, leaving him standing there. His face aghast.

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