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There I was. Lying on a bed at my friends house. It was me, my friend, his girlfriend, my girl friend, and my friends mom. But lets go back three hours.

My name is adam. I am 16. I have a 7” dick, and am 6 ft. my friend, nate, is 16, 5’11”, and has a 6. 5” dick. My girl friend’s name kate, and has a 33c bra, and is 5’9”. My friends girlfriend, elly, short for eliot, and has a 20c bra, 5’8” and nates mom is named sue, and has a 34dd bra size, and is 5’10”. But here’s what happened.

It was 4 o’clock on a saterday after noon. Me, nate, elly, and kate. We were at nates house watching mean girls. We were realy making out , and not paying attention.

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   About half hour later. Nates mom came home. She said hi and went into the kitchen to put away groceries.

Crash, “aw, damnit, adam, can you come help me” I came out of my make out session and went in to help. She spit some water on the floor, and got some on her shirt. It was a white shirt. I knelt down and grabbed a sponge and helped. I looked up and her for a sec, but couldn’t look a way.

She was scrubing. Her wet tits swaying. She had no bra. I went hard. I tried to hide it, but some how she noticed. She was horny. Her nipples were erect.

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   She then whispered something to me. And went into the living room. Nate then came in and said “my mom said you wanted to talk to me”

“yea, she just told me that the wanted to have a five-some with all five of us. And no offence, but your mom is hot. ”

“oookkay. Awkward, but ok. Um, this is…”but before he finished the sentence, nates mom called us into the living room.

We came in, and we saw all three of them making out, with there shirts off. Nate and I stood speechless, and were erect. Kate then said “hey, get naked and help us get our pussies out of these skirts so we can get this fucking on”

We striped and came over to lick their pussies.
    I tried my special trick on kate. I licked around her pussy and then suddenly stuck my tounge right into her pussy. She screamed in pleasure. “Oh, fuck yea,” she said, “oh yea”

    Then sue took went over to a locked cabinet, unlocked it, and took out lube and a two sided 9 inch dildo. Of course, this made me and nate feal a little small, but at least ours cummed.

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       Nates mom took it and stuck it in her pussy and the other end in elly’s. they lebian fucked, and it was awesome. While they fucked, nate and I group fucked kate. Kate laid down on the floor, and nate stuck his dick in her pussy. I stradled her, and she tit fucked me until I cummed. “hello,” I said, and shot it in her face. She then popped my dick out of her tits and in to her mouth. another cum from me in her mouth made her gag, and nate then cummed and made her giggle, and at the same time, all three of the girls cummed.
      We then moved, so nate could get blown and tit fucked by elly, while I fucked her, and kate and sue lesbiam fucked. Then, I got to solo fuck sue in every position Two hours into it, we tried something different. I lay down, while kate lay down to make out w/ me, and sue sucked and tit fucked my cock, while nate licked her pussy, and while elly sucked and tit fucked his cock, and kate and elly rubbed pussies. It was awesome. Then we took a After the break we moved into sue’s room and fucked there, but it mostly wound down from there on. Except one part where nate and I each got fucked by all three of the girls at the same So there I was. Lying on a bed at my friends house.

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         It was me, my friend, his girlfriend, my girl friend, and my friends Oh, and by the way, Sue got pregnate, but fortanly for her, he husband, nates dad, thought is was his, but it was really mine. Jk, it was nates.
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