One Lucky Day


  ÂI woke up at 11AM on Saturday, eager for Kix to come over. Kix is my girlfriend, and everyone called her Kix because it was her nickname. I was fifteen at the time and was an average guy. I was 5'8, weighed 140 pounds with a slight build. Back at the time, I had a 5 inch cock. Kix was also fifteen, she had small B cups, just the way I like them, and an ass to die for. I ran to the train station to pick her up and take her home. I saw her and she hugged me tight, pressing her breasts against me. She was wearing a tight pink and white striped sleeveless shirt and nice, tight jeans. We walked on the streets since there was snow all over the sidewalk. A car was speeding behind us and splashed us with slush and snow as it passed. Our jeans were completely cold and wet.
  ÂWe got to my house and I gave Kix a pair of my shorts to wear so she didn't have to wear cold and wet jeans. She threw a blanket over my head and told me not to peek, and I didn't. When she finished was finished, she pulled the blanket off my head and I got the slightest peek at her white cotton panties. The shorts were too loose for her, but she rolled it so that it would stay up, even though it barely did.

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   She then sat in just the right position for me to see her panties again, and I noticed a little animation on it. She noticed my eyes looking downward and asked me what I was looking at. I asked her what the was on her panties, and to my surprise, she pulled the shorts down to show it to me. It turned out the white cotton panties had a heart with an arrow through it and a "I love you" over it.
    She pulled her shorts back up and looked at me, but didn't notice the erection I had.
    Â Â ÂI went to close the door since my parents were home, and locked it while I was there. We layed on my sofabed and started watching Titantic. She leaned against my chest in between my legs and drove my boner into her back. She probably did notice, but didn't say anything.
    Â Â ÂNot too long after, I kissed her neck from behind and turned her around. I layed Kix down on the sofabed and kissed her softly. She playfully hit my shoulder and rolled me over, putting her on top. Now her crotch was literally on mine. She rocked back and forward being the hyper person she is, but she was basically rubbing my cock through jeans. We were both virgins, and I knew she was very inexperienced.

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       I was quite inexperienced myself too. She leaned down and kissed me passionately. My hands moved around everywhere. I slipped my hands under the shorts, but no panties to run over her sweet ass and squeezed it a little. My hands then moved upward and I started to caress her breasts over her shirt. She didn't stop me, so I just kept going, and after a while she threw a blanket over us, and continued to kiss me.
    Â Â ÂWe kept at it for a while and then I wanted to suck on her breasts. I slid my hands under her shirt and started caressing her breasts again, and being inexperienced, I tried pushing the bra upwards. She whispered to me to unhook her bra, if I knew how. I fumbled with her bra for a second, but unclasped it. I just massaged her breasts and she told me to take off her shirt, so I did. I slipped her shirt over her head, and I got a look her breasts. They were beautiful. Just the right size for my hands to cup then and they were perky. She got out of her bra and I rolled her over.

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       I continued kissing her and worked my way from her lips, to her neck, to her chest, to her breasts.
      I kissed them a couple times, and then started to suck on them and lick them. At that point, she wasn't sure what to do, so she just layed there. I noticed that she was nervous, so I went back up and kissed her on the lips again. I continued and then went back to her breasts, I just kept sucking and switching every little while. I felt her hands on my back and shirt as she pulled off my shirt. I held her in my arms and felt her warmth. God was she warm. I went back to kissing her lips, and layed her down.
      Â Â ÂShe gave me the slightest, almost unnoticeable nod, So I slipped my fingers past the shorts toward her crotch. I pulled her panties up just slightly so my fingers could enter. She had quite some hairs, but not disgusting amounts of hair. Although I didn't see anything, I was feeling my way around. I found her slips and started rubbing around. I spread her pussy lips just slightly so I could slip a finger in.

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         She didn't squirm, and I noticed her hand was reaching for my cock. So I let her, her hand slipped into my jeans and past my boxers. She held my cock for a minute not knowing what to do, as I started to rub her vagina. She didn't make a noise, not even a moan and as I was just about to shove my finger in, there was a knock at the door. We hurriedly put on our clothes. She threw a blanket over my head again and told me not to peek again, so I didn't. I waited for a second and the next thing I know, she put her panties in my hand. She whispered to me to hold onto them until the next time she came over. We kissed deeply once more and headed out the door, where my parents were staring at us as I left to bring her home. .

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