one night at my house


My name's Peter, and I'm 17. Well, my parents told me they were going out for their anniversary on the upcoming Saturday night, and I would be at home alone. I planned to just look at porn all night, but I got a better idea.
There are a lot of people in my neighborhood, but there are two girls my age who I'd give anything to fuck. One is Mariah, a skinny dirty blond with C cups and a tough ass (she swims year round). The other is Alison, who's not as skinny as Mariah, but she has bigger boobs and her amazing bubble butt jiggles like crazy.
School had just let out for the weekend, and I saw Alison. I went up to her and asked "Hey, you wanna maybe chill at my place tomorrow night?"
"Yeah. " she said. "I won't be home till about 8, so I'll come over then. "
"Great. " I said. Next, just as I was about to walk home (I live within walking distance of school), Mariah came up to me.
"Hey. Did we have any physics homework?" she asked.
"No, we've just gotta study for next week's test.

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   You wanna get a head start on that tomorrow night at my place?"
"Sure. I'll be over, let's say, 7?". I nodded.
At about 6:30 the next evening, my parents left. I prepared myself for the girls. I would get about an hour alone with Mariah, then the fun would really begin once Alison arrived. I chilled for a while, just watching TV, then sprang to attention once the doorbell rang. It was Mariah, as expected. I didn't really care what she was wearing, on account of I'd be seeing her naked. "Hey. " she said. "I brought my textbook and notes. "
"Great. Let's get started. " I then proceeded to pretend to study.

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   Mariah's booty shorts were extra tight, and I could feel my cock beginning to grow. Just the thought of fucking Mariah made me hard.  I was sitting at the table and Mariah had gotten up, so I accidentally-on-purpose dropped my pencil. When Mariah came back, I asked her to pick it up. So she bent over to get it, and her ass was in my face. I couldn't resist, so I squeezed her butt. She looked at me like "What the hell". My boner was sticking way out, and she noticed. I hadn't masturbated all day long, so I was really horny. Mariah took notice, and said "You want my ass? Well come and get it!" She pulled down her pants to reveal her tough swimmers bottom. She had no underwear on. I worshipped her ass for a bit, then we moved to my bedroom and once there, she yanked off her shirt and my pants and sucked my cock like a porn star. After a few minutes, I came and she swallowed the entire load. I was impressed. I lay on the floor and Mariah was about to squat down so I could lick her pussy, when I heard the doorbell.

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   "Oh, shit. " I thought. In all the excitement of finally getting Mariah's ass, I had forgotten that Alison was coming as well.
I told Mariah to wait, put my pants on, and ran to the door. Alison was there, and she looked busty with a tight shirt on. She also wore a skirt, and I looked up it and saw she had no underwear as well. She came in, and when I told her Mariah was here also, she didnt seem to mind. In fact, once she saw her naked in my room, she seemed to get intrigued.
"So am I supposed to get naked too?" She asked, and proceeded to take of her shirt, revealing braless D cups. I had to squeeze them, and Alison's nipples got hard. I sat on the bed, and Alison shed her skirt.
I was thrilled. I took one look at Alison's ass and almost cummed my pants. I reached out and grabbed the whole thing with both hands.
    Mariah then gave me the promised face-sitting session, only with Alison sucking my dick.

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       "I'm cumming!" I yelled, and Alison stopped sucking and I blew it all over her face. Mariah came shortly thereafter, and licked all of my cum off of Alison.
    I only have one dick, and there were two girls to fuck. So Alison was okay with me doing Mariah, as long as I fucked her as hard as I could afterwards. I stuck my dick into Mariah's pussy, thrusting harder and harder. Alison fingered herself to keep herself occupied. "AHHHHHH! FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK ME!" Mariah moaned. I decided to pull out and switch to anal. I rammed my cock up her ass, and she screamed so loud that the neighbors' windows broke. I kept thrusting and grabbing her ass, until I came up her tight asshole.
    Alison was ready, and she rubbed her bottom on my cock to make me hornier. I fucked her up her pussy, and cummed, but the real pleasure was the anal. Alison moans with the best of 'em. "Come on. More, more MORE!".

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       I gave it all I could, and I shot the biggest load ever up her ass. I was just about worn.
    But the girls insisted on giving me a double blowjob to top it off. I had gone flaccid from cumming so much, but a few grabs of ass fixed that. Alison gave a couple sucks, then Mariah pumped a couple, and so on until my penis tingled with pleasure. I shot the cum from one convulsion onto Alison's face, and another onto Mariah's, until I literally had no cum left.
    So, once the dust had settled, the girls left, and I spent the night a very happy man.

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