Only Thirteen and She Knows How to 'Nasty': part 1


‘Only Thirteen, And She Knows How To Nasty’* - part 1 * Title courtesy of Frank Zappa and the Mother’s of Invention’  ‘The lords’ of  perverted lyrics -  ‘Brown Shoes Don‘t Make It’. from ‘Absolutely Free’.    Where this is one of the lyrics.   Other gems from this include:- “Going to cover that girl in chocolate syrup, and boogie till the cows come home.   A SCHOOLGIRL CAUGHT WANKING:I was sitting in the corner of the classroom, sat on a set of low cupboards and draws, and it was a Friday morning.   I was a student teacher, and at this early stage of the course I was doing a mixture of classroom observations and giving lessons.   I had left a well paid job as a representative for a large drugs company.   I hated the job, and was always away from home.   It did mean that before I became a student again at thirty, I at least had a flat that was paid for, enough in the bank to more than cover the years course, and having given back the company car, a newish Audi TT coupe.   It was the autumn term, and I was at a girls secondary school in a wealthy district of the town.   Most of the pupils were bright and from privileged backgrounds.    The school had a strict uniform code: white shirts and school ties - blue and  silver-grey broad stripes with a thin colour stripe to denote the year a pupil was in - grey or navy pleated skirts or trousers; white, black or navy socks, or opaque black or navy tights; low heeled plain, black lace-ups, ‘Mary-Jane’ or loafer style shoes; and optional navy pullovers, cardigans, or blazers - with a silver-grey edging.   There was also a blue gingham shift dress option for the warmer weather.   The class I was observing was in a temporary ‘port-a-cabin’, as the school was building an new ‘wing‘, including a theatre, so some of the classroom were closed during this building work.   To the left and front, was a group of students and the board was in front of me.   The pupils were thirteen to fourteen years old.

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    The lesson was a maths one, and it was the last lesson of the morning.   Some of the class were struggling to pay attention. Doing observation required me to keep my attention on how the lesson was , and the way it was received by the students.   Near the end  the of the lesson, one of the girls - Toni - was finding it especially hard to concentrate on the lesson.   As her concentration failed, she had started swinging her legs open and closed.   It started to become a distraction to my observation whenever I needed to look at that part of the classroom.   Toni slumped down in her chair, and as she did so, I could not help but notice that as she opened her legs, I thought I could detect a brief glimpse of white cotton panties.   My eyes, like a ships lookout and a lighthouse, were attracted.   The opening and closing of her young teenage thighs, showed like the beam from the lighthouse - her white panty cover cunt, a bright light in the dark shadowed region under her short skirt.   Her grey skirt rode up even more, exposing a clear view of her panties, the material tight against her young pussy.   I was sure that I could make out a grove, as the panties were drawn into a ‘camel toe’, and a slight difference in colour as her juices were absorbed by the cotton. One could not help notice that she was one of the more mature girls in the class, and also that her shirt was tight against her budding breasts, a delightfully firm ‘B’ cup.   Her neat, light brown shoulder length hair, was pulled back into a pony tail.   As I’m sure you can guess, I was starting to become erect.   I knew that this girl was far too young to be legal, even though she was at the point of being a woman - she was what you could call a ‘child-woman’, even if not recognised by the laws of the land, it did not stop them being horny and extremely desirable.

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  I was still drawn to the beacon of her white panties each time I needed to observe that part of the classroom.   Suddenly I noticed her look up and look straight at me.   Was I imagining it?  Then I found that she was leaving her legs spread open for longer; then she slid even further down in her chair, exposing even more of her crotch, and at the same time stopped closing her thighs.   I looked away - may be to quickly - and  I tried to avoid that part of the classroom.   My cock was now almost fully erect and becoming uncomfortable.   But I could not help but be drawn back to the erotic sight of Toni’s gusset; when I did, she was staring straight at me, and a smile formed on her face.   Shit, had she noticed me looking up her skirt?  Was she now deliberately showing me more of her teenaged, panty covered cunt?  Had I been that obvious?Fortunately, the bell rang for the end of the class, and the pupils left the classroom for the lunch break.   When I left, I noticed that Toni had not gone directly into the main building, but had gone around the side.   As this was unexpected, I followed her.   I found her by the large trash bins in a relatively secluded area.   I carefully positioned myself so I could see her and hopefully, so that she could not see me. As I did so, she lifted her skirt and pulled the now obviously damp gusset of her panties to one side, and held them so that her pussy was exposed, as was her sparsely haired pubis.   With her other index finger she ran it along the grove of her cunt and the moisture allowed it to easily slip passed her labia and she pushed in and out of the sopping wet cunt.   Another finger was pushed in along side the original one.   Her face started to contort with pleasure and her digits now concentrated on rubbing the hood of her clitoris.

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    Suddenly and quickly she came.   As she did so, I emerged from the corner and called her name.   She looked up and dropped her skirt, her face reddening with embarrassment.   What was I going to do now?  I thought quickly.   As a way of delaying any action I would take, I told her to see me in the form room that I shared with my teaching mentor at the end of the day.   I could see her juices coated her fingers, and I wished I could take them into my mouth and taste this young girls pussy cream.   To save both of us any more blushes I turned and headed for the main building, leaving Toni to rearrange her panties, skirt and composure. Fortunately, Friday afternoons were a quiet time for me, so I could  consider what I was going to do.   But I could not help but see Toni’s white covered pussy and the sight of her masturbating in my mind.   Several times as I did so, I found I was getting another erection.   In between erections, I decided that I would just give the girl a stern rebuke, hoping I would be suitably convincing.   The end of the day approached and I dismissed the form I was nominally in charge of with my mentor.   I had not mentioned what I had seen and as she had a busy weekend planned, I was soon alone in the form room. Toni knocked on the door and I called her in.   As she entered, she closed the door.

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    This was not what normally should happen with a teacher and lone pupil, but I was too concerned with how I  would tell her off.   Her white socks had slipped down her calves, her tie was loosened and the top button of her shirt was undone.   She looked like the naughty school girl  - one that I had caught wanking.   I was sitting at the teachers desk - a rather old fashioned styled piece of furniture, with two draw units either side of an opening with a solid back to it - all in a dark wood.   I pushed back on the castored chair and turned towards Toni, who now stood in front of me.   I told her while I could understand the new sexual desires that were becoming part of her life as she became a young woman, the school was not a place for them and whilst not being wrong, should be kept to a more suitable place - such as her bedroom. “But Sir,” she exclaimed, “I also teased you in the classroom this morning, and I think as I was so naughty, I deserve more than just a ‘telling off’. ”I was shocked and was unsure what to do now: corporal punishment had long been banned in schools .   Toni though, took the initiative, and I was stunned when she placed her self across my lap and said that a spanking would be fit punishment for her ‘naughtiness’.   I did not know what to do!  Here was an under-aged girl flaunting her new found sexuality.   The sight before me though was erotic, and a man’s second brain took over as my cock started to become engorged.   Hormones had taken over too, and I was on auto-pilot.   I lifted the hem of her pleated grey skirt, and savoured the site of a pair of white regulation school knickers, tightly stretched over a  barely teenaged bottom.   I lifted my hand and hit alternate buttocks.   After six spanks, I wanted to see the effect, so took hold of the waistband of the panties and forcefully pulled them down the firm muscled thighs of this ‘Lolita’, until they where at her knees.

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    Toni let out a sigh of pleasure.
    A series of hits came down on the increasingly red cheeks.   My erection pushed against the material of my chinos, and the firm nubile body over my knees.   The spanking was causing Toni to push against me and it was obvious that she was rubbing her pubis against me and was also becoming aroused.   After a further twelve slaps, I could feel her lubricating fluids soak into my cotton covered right leg.   As Toni ground her bare cunt against my thigh, her legs moved automatically in response to the spanking,  kicking up and down causing her school knickers to be forced down around her ankles, and from there to join her loafers on the floor. Toni became more animated, and soon she was close to an orgasm.   I gentle caressed her smooth buttocks, feeling the warmth that the spanking had caused.   I could feel the warmth coming from her excited cunt and eased my hand down to touch the engorged labia, and the slick, sticky fluid that had soaked her cunt and now flowed down her thighs. As I stroked the area and her golden-brown pubic hair, my fingers were coated with her juice, as I raised them to my mouth, tasting the fresh young girls cunt fluids. She placed a clenched hand to her mouth and a muffled cry could be heard.   She went limp and slid off my knees.   She looked up at me, and squatted on her knees. “Thank you Sir” she said, and with a grin on her face, looked at my chinos, and placed her hands on the bulge and briefly stroked it before pulling the zipper down and easing my hard cock out of it tented covering.   Holding the base and firmly rubbing the shaft up and down, she lent forward and with the tip of her tongue circled the glands of my circumcised cock.

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        After a few rotations of the glands, Toni dripped saliva over the tip and used her tongue to coat it. At this point there was a knock on the door and as the door opened.   The minx playing with my cock, quickly shuffled backwards under the desk and I followed her, so she was hidden under the desk and hidden from the door way.   Mrs. Redman - the deputy-head - entered the room and asked why I had not left to start the weekend.   I told her I was just collecting some items ready to work on some lesson plans, and I should not be much longer.   With this she wished me a good weekend, while my mind reeled, both with shocked thoughts of being caught with a thirteen year old girl sucking my cock and the an image of frightful prison scenes.   Thankfully she had not noticed the knickers and loafers on the floor!While Mrs Redman closed the door, Toni’s open mouth engulfed the top of my cock and as the speed of the pumping motion of her hand increased, she took as much of my cock into her mouth as she could, pumped on the hard flesh staff.   Having been aroused most of the afternoon with thoughts of the teasing display in the classroom, and observing Toni masturbating, it did not take long until I was feeling the tingle in my balls which signals that ejaculation is imminent.   Now we were alone again, I reached forward and held her silky haired head and forced it further onto my cock.   As I felt the back of her throat touch the head of my cock, I released five blasts of sperm into her mouth.   I pulled my penis out of her mouth and one last shot of seed hit her on the crease between her lower lip and her chin. Toni looked up with a mischievous grin, and with the index finger of her right hand wiped the viscous white ejaculate from her face, and onto the tip of her tongue, then into her open mouth.   I could see the man fluid in her mouth, before she licked her lips and swallowed, then showed me her open mouth again, but now empty of sperm.   An ecstatic cry left her mouth and she asked if that had been good, as it was the first time she had had a cock in her mouth and felt and tasted spunk.

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        I told her it had been as good as any I had known, and it was a wonderful first cock sucking. “Thank you Sir,” she said, “Is that all for now?  Though I know it won’t be the last time I’ll need to be punished and hopefully a fucking too. ”“Yes, that’s all for now, you dirty little bitch,” I replied, still shocked from the events of the day, and not being caught by the deputy head.   Toni then stood up - picking up the knickers - and kissed me on the cheek and whispered in my ear to meet her, in my car near the entrance of a nearby park tomorrow at 10 am.   Before I could reply, Toni had  placed her panties in my shirt pocket, slipped on her shoes, then skipped out of the room.   I was left to tuck myself away and zip up. What would happen tomorrow?  What had the dirty little minx planned for me?  I left for home and to take pleasure in the damp, cunt perfumed girls panties till then. Continued in Part 2:  ‘Toni in the Motel’.

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