Our Babysitter - Part 3


"I'm Paulette, Kelly's friend". "She said that she was bringing a friend with her tonight, but when I didn't see you out front, I thought she had pulled my leg". As I checked out this beauty, her hair was blonde, and it looked as if it reached her butt, it was all pulled over one shoulder and she layed there. She has grey eye's with long lashes, a cute nose and small lips. Her breast were not as large as Kelly's but these were about 32B, and her nipples jutted out like tiny lances. She was shapely, and looking to her crotch, her pussy was clean shaven. She looked to be about 17. "Speaking of pulling your leg, it looks as though you could use a little help there?, as she looked at my stiff cock. "I really need to shower, I smell like ten miles of bad road" "Well then, let's hit the shower", as she got up from the bed, giving me a full view of her pussy as she slid off the bed. She grabbed my cock and went to the door, checking to make sure the kids were out of sight, then made our way to the bathroom. She turned on the shower with her free hand and when it was right, we got in. She let go of my cock, took a wash cloth & soap and began to wash me down. She was standing behind me, and when she let the washcloth go to my still raging cock, she slowly stroked it's length with soap and then down both legs. While she was still bent down, she turned me around and my cock was right in her face. Her tongue darted out and licked the head of my dick, and I threw my head back and closed my eyes as the water ran over my face. Then I felt her lips encircle my cock and she teasingly slid down my cock millimeter by millimeter, until she had all of it in her mouth.

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   She sucked hard and then worked her head back and forth. My dick wasn't going to be able to stand much of this. A girl I had just met five minutes ago, was stark naked in my shower, sucking my cock, I think I won the lottery of love. "Paulette, i'm going to cum, keep sucking my cum down your throat", as I started to ram my cock harder into this poor girls mouth. My balls started doing a jig and I was shooting my cum into her mouth. She seemed to work faster on my dick, not letting a single drop of cum escape her mouth. When she was satisfied that she got all there was, she released my dick and stood up and kissed me. Kelly knocked on the door and said that supper was ready and we should get to the kitchen to eat. I looked at Paulette and whispered that I could eat right here. "Later, there will be plenty of time for that. Paulette dressed in a peach colored, one piece dress that hugged every inch of her. Her breast were pushed together and the cleavage looked very nice. The bottom of the dress just covered the cheeks of her ass. I threw on jeans and a t-shirt, and we went to eat. Walking into the kitchen, Kelly's green eyes hit mine, and she asked if the shower was nice tonight.

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   "Yes, much better than previous nights", I said. My two little girls sat at the table, being fed by these two beautiful teenagers. All I could do was stare. After supper, I was in the living room, playing with the kids, while Kelly & Paulette cleaned the kitchen. I was laying on my back and my daughters were bouncing on my stomach when Kelly was, all of sudden standing over my head , with one foot on each side, she bent over to pick up my youngest and looking straight up her dress, I could see her pussy. She stood over my head, and then she made like my daughter was to heavy and fell to her knees. Her dress completly covered my head, so I extended my tongue to her slit and licked her outer lips and the tip of my tongue wiggled in to play with her clit. Little did I know, but when Kelly sat on my face, Paulette took both kids and gave them their bath and dressed them for bed. I didn't know how long she was going to sit on my face, but I licked her cunt and my tongue entered her and I was working it in and out of her pussy, every few strokes, i'd suck on her clit. I could tell this was getting to her, as her pussy was moving back and forth on my face. She stopped moving, then got up, turned around, and her pussy was back in my face, and I dove into it. Her pussy tasted so sweet and I wanted as much as she'd give me. She lifted her dress from my head, and was looking into my eyes when she said "I'm going to cum, suck my pussy, suck my juices" "OH YES - I'M CUMMING - SUCK ME - CUM CUM, DAM I'M CUMMMMMMMMMMMING" Her juices flowed out of her pussy and I sucked down each drop. She bucked her pussy so hard over my face, I almost couldn't breath, but who cared. I licked her pussy clean and she got up, looked at me and said, "Thanks, I needed that" I layed on the floor, her juices all over my face, really a little tired, so I got up slowly.

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   As I stood, Paulette walked back into the room and came over and kissed me. "UHM, I smell pussy all over your face". She danced her tongue into my mouth, then she licked Kelly's juices off of my face. After that kiss, she walked over to Kelly, straddled her lap and began kissing her. Paulettes dress rode up her ass and when she bent in to kiss Kelly, her pussy was in view. I knelt down and lowered my head and ran my tongue over her pussy and asshole. Kelly spread her legs apart, so I rolled onto my back and the back of my head was on the cushion, between Kelly's legs, with Paulettes clean shaven pussy right there. I repaid Paulette for her earlier cock sucking in the shower. Her pussy had a different taste than Kelly's, but it was intoxicating. The way I was wedged in between Kelly's legs, my arms could only hang by my side, so I lapped at Paulette's pussy like a kid let loose in a candy store, I wanted it all. Paulette was kissing Kelly and dropped the spaghetti straps and revealed Kelly's tits. Her mouth was quick to get to Kelly's nipple, while her hand was fondling the other, as she rocked her pussy on my face. Kelly lowered Paulette's dress and placed her hands over Paulette's breast and squeezed her nipples, while Paulette ran her hand down between Kelly's legs and fingered her pussy. Paulette slid a finger in and out of Kelly and the juices started to drip on her hand. Paulette's thumb worked Kelly's clit, while the finger took care of the love tunnel.

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   I couldn't tell what was happening, so I continued eating the pussy in my face. Paulette was really flowing. I inhaled those juices as her pussy rocked on my face. Each time I hit her clit, she reacted by juicing up even more. I could tell that Kelly was about to cum, because her legs were squeezing me tighter and tighter. Paulette was picking up her pace also and then Kelly's almost crushed me, as she reached her boiling point and exploded onto Paulette's fingers. Paulette let loose with a scream of delight, which was muffled by the fact that she still had Kelly's tit in her mouth. I licked up all that pussy juice that came my way, and again it was all over my face. Paulette got off of Kelly's lap and lifted her dress over her head. She removed my pants then she sat on my raging cock. Her pussy rubbed her juice all over and then standing a little, she grabbed my cock and placed it on her pussy lips. Paulette dropped slowly, as my cock entered her cunt. When my cock was all the way in, she rocked her hips back and forth, sliding my cock in and out. Kelly leaned forward and gave me an upside down kiss, tasting Paulette's pussy on my face. She spread her legs apart, my arms were finally free.

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   I reached up and put my hands on the back of Kellys head, holding her face to mine, while Paulette rode my cock. I let loose the pressure on Kelly and whispered to her that it was her I wanted to fuck. Paulette lifted Kelly's face, and they were kissing again. Kelly took my hands and placed them on Paulettes tits. So I twirled the nipples between my thumb and forefinger. I kneaded her breast and then pulled her to me and started to suck on her titties. Paulette knew I wouldn't last very long, and she kept riding my hard cock, faster and faster. This was going to bring me off real quick. I wanted to hold off, but this was my third night of lovemaking, and the first time I was in a pussy in all of this. I felt myself ready to cum, so I pumped faster, if that was possible, into Paulette's pussy. She sped up too, and My cock shot load after load of cum into her. She too flooded my cock as I shot into her. Our juices mixed and was quickly puddling on my crotch. I was, by this time, completly pooped. I just layed there, half on the floor, half on the couch.

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   Kelly threw her leg over me and stood, as Paulette let my flacid penis fall out of her pussy. Just then my phone rang, it was my wife. She was going to go to a bar with the other waitresses after work, and would probably end up at her mom's for the night. She would see me in the morning. Kelly and Paulette went into the bathroom to clean up a little, returning with a washcloth for me, Kelly cleaned me up. I told Paulette that I really wanted to fuck Kelly, but Kelly didn't want to. "I know, we've talked about it alot, but she wants to save herself for marriage", Paulette said. "As you must have gathered by now, we've been friends since we were little children and have been playing with each other since we were 12, but she has never let me put anything in her pussy except for my finger". Kelly returned from the bathroom and sat on the floor on my other side. I put an arm around each of them. Kelly looked at my cock, laying there limp on my leg and asked me if I could get it up again. I think it's going to take a little time before it is ready for action. Both of them smiled at one another and reached out for my cock. They took turns stroking my limp penis, and to my surprise, it was geting hard again. The race was on, Kelly and Paulette slid down and commenced to licking and sucking on my cock.

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   When Kelly was sucking it, Paulette was placing my balls in her mouth, then they would switch or they'd both work on licking me. I found heaven that night, right there in my living room. Watching these two suck me off and licking my balls was every mans dream, and I was living it. Kelly stood up and walked over to her purse and got a tube of something. When she knelt back down a side of me, she said, "You can't fuck my pussy, but my ass is still virgin, and i'll give you that. She greased me up and Paulette greased Kelly's asshole. With me still half upright, leaning against the couch, Kelly turned her back to me while Paulette guided my cock to the anal passage. With my cock at the opening, Kelly was very slow in lowering herself. "God, I don't think it will go in". "Do it slow, it will go" I said. I held Kelly's hips as she went lower and lower. Her ass was stretching to accommodate my love muscle. Reaching her spincter with my cock head, she stopped and then she shoved herself onto me. My dick was buried to the hilt inside of her. "God girl, you are so tight, sit still for a little bit to get use to it", I said.

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   Paulette got in front of us and started to eat Kelly's pussy. Kelly started to move my cock in and out. Paulette was doing something right because Kelly was bouncing on me faster and faster. Paulette didn't miss a single beat while she was licking Kelly's pussy. Kelly's ass was so tight, I loved it. She placed her hands on the floor, leaned back and was kissing me when she told me that she wanted me to cum in her ass. She wanted to know what a man felt like when he shot his load. Kissing me, bouncing on my rod, while Paulette ate her out was to much for her. I'M CUMMING - CUM IN MY ASS - FUCK ME, FUCK ME HARD - CUMMMMMMMMMMMMMING Paulette ate it up, and all this sexual energy got to me, as I shot my load in Kelly's ass. OH GOD - HE'S CUMMING IN MY ASS - I FEEL IT - CUM JOHN, CUM IN ME Kelly was cumming again and Paulette lapped up ever drop she found. When Kelly stopped, my cock was still in her ass, and Paulette slid up and kissed us both at the same time. Shortly Kelly was able to move. As she stood, my limp cock fell to my leg. Paulette reached up and put her hand over Kelly's ass and slid a finger into her. Kelly said, "No, no more right now, I need to rest.

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   Paulette removed her finger and let Kelly go down the hall. "Well, you didn't deflower her pussy, but I can tell you for a fact that you were the first to get into that butt. She wouldn't even let me do a dildo in her butt", Paulette said. When Kelly returned, i asked if her parents were picking her up, and she informed me that she was spending the night at Paulette's, and that Paulette would drive. When I told her that my wife wasn't coming home tonight, she smiled and said, "Her parents are expecting us there". They stayed for a short time, then they dressed in their jeans and shirts, putting the dresses in a carry-all. I looked at the clock and it was nearly 12AM. Dam this was a good night. I slipped on my jeans and kissed them both good night and Kelly said she'd see me tomorrow. I wonder what she planning to do tomorrow????.
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