Our Next Door Neighbors


I found my self watching Jammie as she laughed, her tits jiggeling slightly, those beutiful brown eyes sparkeling, my eyes traveling down to her legs. God those were gorgeous legs. Nice and long, perfectly shaped. Wait a minute. . . she was a sixteen year old! I couldn't be thinking these things about her. And yet I couldn't help myself. I wondered if she was a virgin. But it wouldn't surprise me if she wasn't. That night after they had gone home, my wife and I were laying in bed talking. I reached over and cupped my hand around her tit. I couldn't help thinking about Jamie. Hold on what was I doing? I was acting like a teenage boy in puberty, with a mad crush! "Honey, what do you think about our neighbors?" my wife asked me. A picture of Chriss flashed through her mind. God he was one hung boy.

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   "They are very nice don't you think?". "Yeah real nice. " I replied sleepyly. A year passed, and Chriss turned eightteen. We were invited to his birthday party, and it was a blast! We met alot of Chriss and Jamie's frinds, and we got to meet Jamie's boyfriend. He was a tall handsome guy, with blonde hair and blue eyes. He had good manners, and seemed intelligent. No one would have guessed that he worked at an auto shop. Just a few weeks later Chris graduated highschool. He was going to go to the local college, so he still lived at home. He played quarter-back for the college team. Chriss really was starting to grow up. He bacame even more muscular. Jamie was seventeen now, and she was growing up too. Sometimes, I could catch a glimpse of her tanned hot tits while she was sun bathing out back.

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   God she turned me on. Laying out there topless, with nothing but the panties of a string bikini on. All I had to do was look at her and a lump would form in my pants. Work was also getting hecktick. I would leave early in the morning and come home late. Lauren complained about this. She didn't like when I was not there. I was sorry, so one night I planned a surprise. I would buy Lauren some roses, white roses were her favorite, and take her out to dinner. She loved when I surprised her with romantic things. I quietly unlocked the door, and closed it behind me. I looked inthe living room, which is where I usually found her studying. I thought she might be upstairs, so I snuck up the stair way. I heard some loud moaning. "OOO,o god yes, o yes, o don't stop, no, don't do that just give it to me god damnit!" It was Lauren's voice.

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   I was stunned. What the heck was goin on here? Then I heard another voice. "Yeah you like that don't you? U want it don't you. Beg for it. I want to hear you beg for my cock you white slut!" It was Chris's voice. I looked through the crack in the door, and saw my wife on all fours on the bed. Chris was rubing a collassal cock between her legs. Teasing her with the head. "Oo Chris fuck me god damn it! I want you to fuck me good. Please Chris just do it!" Lauren begged. She had never begged for me like that. Chris laughed at her. "You want my cock you white bitch? Are you sure?" he said I could tell that he couldn't hold mcuh longer, he wanted to fuck her jsut as bad as she wanted him to fuck her. His cock was throbbing. All 13 inches rock hard.

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   He reached for her tits and ran his hands down to her hips. "Yes I want it! OOO god Chris just fuck me! Fuck me good! Please Chris I want it!" He grabbed her hip and popped his head in her slit. He pushed in some more. It just seemed to glide in. Pretty soon he had all 13 nches in. "OOOOO! O yes! O Chris your so big. O fuck! O shit! MMM!" Man my wife loved it. Just then I noticed a huge buldge in my pants. This was great! A nineteen year old boy fucking my twentyfive year old wife. Chris started pulled hi cock half way out and rammed it back in. Slamming his balls agains her ass. He started to fuck her fiercly. Ramming it in harder, and harder. My wife screamed with pleasure. I was getting jealous.

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   Why couldn't I give her such pleasure? "OOOOOOOOOOOOO! IM CUUUUUUUMMMMMIIIIIINNNGG!"My wife yelled. She creamed all over his black cock. I could see he was holding off cumming, clearly he loved this as much as my wife did. He pulled out his cock, glistening with my wife's cum. "Suck it bitch!" He yelled. He grabbed her hair and shove his cock down her throt. She sucked it fiercly. He was biting his lip. He loved treating my wife like a bitch. I could see he was about to cum. He blasted his load right into her mout. Lauren had never let me do that. What surprised me even more was that she gobbled every drop of it! After that they lay there a few minutes panting, and kissing and runnig hands all over eachother. "Well di you lie it?" Chris asked Lauren. "Oh god Chris that was so good, your cock is so fat.

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   It felt like you were ripping my pussy apart!" she said she started to stroke his cock, getting it semi hard again. "Well now. Your pussy is so tight. Like Jamie's. Like a teenager. " Chris told her. Jamie. So he had fucked Jamie too. I wasn't surprised. It's wasn't like my cock was small. It was 10 in big, with a very fat head and base. Still I was jealous. Even though I had liked the show. I came home many times while they were fucking. Sometimes I would stay and watch, sometimes I would leave again.

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   One day Lauren had to go visit her sick mother out of town. I had the house to myself. . It was winter now, so I couldn't see Jamie sun tannign anymore. But occasionally I would catch a peek at her when she changed in her bedroom, and I would jerk off imagining her. She was so hot with her perfectly rounded tits, and her tight ass, tanned skin, and long black hair. I would imagine those full lips sucking my rod. A few nights later, I came home and found Jamie sitting on her porch. She was locked out. I asked her to come inside so she wouldn't catch a cold. I made some hot chocolate,hnded her a cup and sat down next to her. I rubbed her hand and told her she felt cold. She must have noticed the bulge in my pants because she smiled, and said she was all warm now. I asked her if she didn't want to take off her coat? She slid it off revealing a button up shirt and a short skirt. "So how was school today?" I asked her.

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   Not that I really cared. "It was okay. " She replied. A moment of silence. "Do you know your wife is having sex wit hmy brother?" Jamie asked me. I was surprised that she knew, and that she just came right out and told me. "Yea I know. " I told her. "Don't you mind?" she asked. "Well she's having fun isn't she?" I din't want to tell her that I was dead jealous of Chris. I was glad that she was having fun though. "Do you mind Chris fucking m wife?" I asked Jamie. I reached over and squeezed her knee. I think she was surprised that I used duh language in fron of her. "Oh no I don't mind.

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  " She said a bit unsure. We talked for a while, about alot of things. My work, school, graduation, what she was going to do with her life. We talked for almost two hours! I told her I was going to start dinner. I got off the couch, but Jamie pulled me down again. "Do you need somethign Jamie?" I asked. Instead of answering she kissed me on the lips. God her lips were warm. I kissed her back without even thinking, and pretty soon I had my tongue darting in and out of her mouth, intwining with hers. She wasa good kisser. I moved my hand up her thigh and felt her ass. Suddenly I realised what I was doin. "Jamie, your only seventeen!" I told her. She just looked at me. "I've seen how you look at me.

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   I know that you watch me when I undress. I see when you get hard if I touch you in any way. I want this as bad as you do. I've wanted it since we met last year!" she said. I just couldn't argue. She was just to damn hot. I kissed her again, and I ran my hand over her ass and felt her titst hrough her shirt. She started to unbutton her shirt, so I helped her. She was wearing a black low cut bra. I pulled my shirt over my head, while she slipped off her skirt and tights. She had ona black thong to go with her braw. God damnit she had a nice body, slim but perfectly curved. I clumsily unsnapped her braw, and hungrily sucked her tits. They were so firm and soft, and her nipples were pinkish brown and rock hard. I ran my hand down her stomach and alongher thighs.


   I felt her pussy through the thong. It was soaked. I pulled off the thong, and took a minute to inspect her pussy. It was glistening with moisutre, and shaved, with a swelling cherry I couldn't wait to pop. I licked the inside of her thighs, and slowly probed her cunt with my tongue. Probing her anus and her slit. "Ooh that feels nice!" Jamie moaned. I sucked on her cunt for a while, and licked her pussy lips, and nibbled a little here and there. Jamie was moaning loudly. She orgasimed but didn't cum, which was all the better. I wanted her to save it for later. She pulled off my boxers, and kneeled in front of me. She looked at my rock hard cock, and put one hand on the base, and rubed it with her palm. She leaned forward and began to suck me fiercly. I held her hair out of the way as whe took the whole length of my prick in her mouth and throat.

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   After a while I couldn't take it anymore, and i pulled her up on the couch and spread her legs. I slowly puched my head into her slit, and slid a little more in every few seconds. She moaned and bit her lip. I pushed it in until i was up to my balls, "Gos your so big!" Jamie breathed. I slid my cock out half way before I pushed it in. I fucked her nice and slow for a while, listening to Jamie moan and pant, and to the squelching noise her pussy made. I slid out slower and shoved in faster. My cock was throbbing, her pussy muscles were so tight around my prick. I started to ramm my pipe in and out of her, ramming my body into hers. "OOOOO shit thats good! Fuck me harder HARDER!" Jamie squeled, I could hearmyself grunting. Shit this was better than I had imagined! I was overwhelmed. Suddenly I remebered we had no protection, I wondered if Jamie was ont he pill. I hoped not. I wanted to knock her asian pusssy up good! Jamie was screaming with pleasure when her hips began to buck wildly, and she creamed all over my cock. That drove me wild and I blasted my load deep into her.

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   "Oooo!OOOO! I'm CUUUMING! SHIT! OH FUCK! OO GOD!" Jamie yelled. I pulled my cum covered cock out of her and she hunrily sucked it clean. We lay there for a while, in a hot sweaty heap. I rubbed her tits. "God your good Jamie. " I told her. "Your not bad either. " she smiled. We started to kiss again, and she rubbed my cock. I couldn't believe it! She wanted togo again! I rubbed her pussy, and slid my middle finger in her slit. "You wanna go again don't you?" I asked. "After I do this. " Jamie replied. She started sucking on my cock again. Messaging my balls, and sucking my head wildly.

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   Here and there shewould stop to blow me a while. This got me stnading up strait again. She would nibble a little here and there, sucking and licking my balls. I began to fuck her mouth as if it were a pussy. Shoving it down her thraot. After a while the throbbing in my cock became unbearable and I shot my load down her throat. She gobbled up every drop. I was out. I was exsaughsted and so was Jamie. I helped her clean up, and we ate dinner together that night. After that Jamie came over alot, and we fucked like dogs in heat. She would even come to my office when I worked late. It turns out she was ont he pill. That was a good thing becausee I liked shooting my hot cum into her asian twat. My wife never found out about me and Jamie, and I never told her about knowing about her and Chris, although I caught them many times.

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   But it didn't matter anymore because I could just fuck Jamie to get back at her. THE END.
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