Passing the 11th


 My name is Kalie. Im 17 about to be 18 in the summer, and in the 11th grade. I have dirty blonde hair, recently cut down to the shoulders, a light shade of green for eyes. I have a d cup breast, but believe it or not a sender body. And my best feature by far, one that gets so much attention, is my ass. It is very firm, very round.
 For the most part, i get good grades in school. I excel in all my classes except for one. English. Its not that I am challenged in grammar, but there is one thing that always keeps my mind side tracked. Mr. Bledsoe, the english teacher. He is the best looking 43 year old i have ever seen in my life. He's a great dresser, wearing high class clothes everyday. His big bulging arms prove that he spends alot of his free time at the gym. I cant take my eyes off him.

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   Im interested in boys mine own age and everything but theres just something about him. Something that completely throws me off school, and develops a strong urge to get in his pants. Im not a slut, i've done it a couple of times, but it nowhere compares to the other girls. And for that reason, and that reason only, im faling that class.
 It was the last week of school and the report cards were mailed home. Of course my parents opened mine and went beserk when they saw the semester grade of 48. It was a core class and if i didint pass it, i didnt pass the 11th grade. So a plan started to grow in the back of my head.
 My parents grounded me and had already talked to the teachers. They had arranged for me to come in on friday after school to retake the semester test. That gave me all week to study, though i didnt even crack a book. I knew my idea would work. . . .

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  . it would have too.
 That friday morning i dressed hot. I put on my favorite thong, black with pink polka dots on, and it cupped my ass perfectly. I put on a pair of tight fitting jeans that fit me like a glove. I put on my white blouse that i rarely wear and headed out the door. I drove to school, went to all my classes going over my routine in my head. I had it down perfect.
 When the bell rang, i left mrs. smith's room and went to my locker. I put my books up grabbed my purse and went to the bathroom. I made sure no one was in there and sat my purse down. Quickly, i unbuttoned my blouse revealing a black bra on my huge tits. I was already a little horny and i slowly undid the back clip, and gently slid the bra off. My large tanned boobs tumbled out and rested against my body.

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   I rubbed my big red nipples just enough to get them semi-firm. I put the bra back in my purse, put the blouse back on and undid the top button. My wonderful cleavage peeked out over the white of the shirt and my nipples gently began to poke through the fabric. As i left the bathroom, i already felt a little dampness growing in my thong.
 The door was closed and i knocked gently on the wood. "Come in, its open" a voice said from inside. I did as i was told and stepped in quietly.
 "Hey Mr. B, its me" I said in a peppy voice.
 "Ok kalie, i got the test right here, fill in the blanks and do it in pencil, you have 45 minutes. "
 I sat down my purse and walked over and grabbed the packet. I set down at the closest desk. I stared at the papers for a good 15 minutes, acting like i was scanning over each sheet. When i flipped over the last page, Mrs. Walker came in.

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   "Hey John (Mr. Bledsoe) im leaving, lock up when your done"
 He looked up from his desk and said "Ok see ya later linda"
 We were the only ones in the school. . . .
 I figured now was the time to act. I waited patiently till i heard the front door click shut, then i stood up and walked to his desk. I set down the test on his desk and slowly leaned over, showing the full view of my breast. I said in the sexiest, gentlest voice i could "You know Mr B, this test is reaally hard. . . i could really use some help" I moaned to him. He looked up and i saw his eyes wonder to my cleavage, then back to my eyes.
 "I know it is Kalie, but there's nothing i can do about it. Im sorry i really am, but all of my students took this on there own"
 I looked dissapointed and put a small frown on.

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   I looked down. "I have this problem, and I think its affecting my grades"
 He looked up and took my frown seriously. He looked somewhat worried. "What is it kalie?"
 "I dont really like to talk about it, its kinda embarassing"
 He dropped his pen and took off his glasses. He crossed his arm and said "Tell me Kalie, i can help"
 "Well. . . you see" I looked down again and gently put my hands at the bottom of my boobs. "Its these. I hate them! They're so. . . . annoying and big!" I jiggled them a little and my nipples were starting to get harder. He looked shocked and shifted in his chair a little.

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 "Kalie i dont think we should be. . . "
 "See you hate them too! They're so ugly!" I slowly unbuttoned my shirt without protest from him, swinging the front of it open. My boobs then hung free, their firmness and tanness glowing in the light. "Arnt they hidious?" Again i put my hands under them and lifted them up.
"Kalie I. . . like them. . "
"No you don't! your just saying that to make me feel better" I leaned over farther and i now mashed them together. I looked over the desk and saw a small bulge growing in his khakis. My nipples were now close to fully erect.
"No Kalie i really do.

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  . "
 I had already started to rond the corner of the desk while saying "Oh yea? Show me how much you like them" I straddled him firmly and instantly felt the bulge against my crotch. I completely removed my shirt and threw them aside. I leaned over and met his lips with mine, sneaking my tounge in his mouth. It was the passionate kiss that i had longed for, and it was now the appitizer for a longggg day. . .    
 His strong, commanding hands reached up and grabbed my boobs. He gave them a gentle, passionate tug and I shivered wonderfully down my body. As we were kissing, i slowly began to rub my fully clothed clit against his growing errection. I dry humped him for several minutes and we both were longing for more. He rubbed my nipples with his hands, squeezing them. He broke the wonderful kiss with me, and moved his lips down to my titties. He licked them softly at first, teasing me horribly. He then picked up the speed, clicking his tounge up and down against my verrrrry hard nipple.

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 "mmmmmm" I let out a soft moan and i was now gently shaking all over. This went on for a good while, and I finally pushed off of him. It was his turn. I broke the straddle and turned around to where my ass was facing him. I jiggled it a little for him, the unbuttoned them. I slowly brought them down over my huge mound of an ass, revealing my thong that split my ass in half perfectly. I jiggled it once again for him and he reached out for it. I slowly turned his arm away and gave him a sexy look of refusal. I then continued pulling my jeans down and stepped out of them. I then turned around to look him in the eyes and slowy got on my knees. I lifted up his polo shirt and felt his abs with my hands. I leaned forward rubbing my tits over his clothed cock and i kissed his abs, slowly moving down his stomach line. When i reached the belt buckle, i licked it just a little. and unbuttoned it. I threw his belt aside and worked his pants downs to his ankle.

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   A huge mound of dick sprang free, restrained by the cloth of the boxers. He tryed to whip it out but i wanted to make it last longer. I licked the outline of the shaft up and down a few times, then brought my hand in on the action, going faster and faster until i felt the precum seep through the cotton. My eyes met with his, then he threw his head back in pleasure. I pulled his boxers down as well now, his huge penis softly slapping me in the face. When they were at his ankles i looked up and down at the wonderful perfect cock that laid before my eyes. It was about 8 inches in length and a perfect mushroom head at the top. The whole thing was throbbing violently, begging for attention. I proceeded on.  
  I licked his scrotum and slowly ascended up the shaft stopping at the head.
    There i planted my mouth on the purple head and went down on him, taking him in all the way. I fought back gags and i felt his cock hit the back of my throat. I bobbed up and down slowly at first working out the tension, then picking up the speed, sucking his cock violently. He moaned silently, and planted his hands on the back of my head. I kept at it now moving my own hands down to my tits and giving them a much needed squeeze.

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       My thong was flooded with pussy juices and i moaned at the thought of that huge cock filling my dripping clit. I kept at this for close to five minutes, not breaking the rythmn keeping at a steady work. When i felt the tension in his shat grow i quit and my mouth made a popping noise coming off of his moist dick. It was shaking majorly and the cum was building deep in is scrotum. I faced him, still on my knees and mashed my tits together. "fuck my titties" i said in a commanding voice. He didnt have to be told twice.  He slid his lubed cock in between my D cup boobs and began fucking them. He couldnt take much of it, and me adding the lick at every full stroke took him over the edge. He came like a storm, violently shooting loads and loads of cum onto my titties face and mouth. I licked up all i could get then looked at him once more. I got up on the desk and looked at him propped up on my elbows. "Stuff me with that big fucking cock"
      Again like a obediant kid he stepped out of his pants and slowy proceeded forward, his still fully errect shaft in one hand, slowly stroking it. He moved over and slid my thong down my tan slender legs and threw it aside. My tight shaven pussy was flowing with juice and it begged to be fucked.


       He rubbed the head of his dick up and down my slit, painfully teasing me with his member. "mmmm god fuck me" He then slowly entered, his cock stuffing my walls. He started out slowly, giving me awsome pleasure up my vagina and throughout my body. He then picked up the pace, gripping my hips, thrusting his shaft into me as hard as he could. I grabbed my titties in pleasure, carressing my nipples in time with the fuck. I moaned loudly in pleasure.  "MMMMM god yes Fuck me Fuck me! mmmm god i love fucking my teacher" He moaned louder and fucked me as fast as he could. He told me that he was close to coming and asked if i wanted him to pull out. "No baby i want your hot cum deep inside of me" He did just that, and after that he shot another huge load of creamy hot cum into my vagina, seeping out of the slit. He moaned as he pulled out and i wondered if he could go another time. I was close, real close to cumming my self and i needed it to be done. So i stood up on my feet and pushed him back in the same chair that i sucked him in. I mounted him slowy, my boobs in his face. His dick was still hard and i just rode him myself, allowing him to work my titties up and down.  "MMMM FUCK YEA! GOd your dick is so big, I love your big huge dick in my cunt! mmm!" Within a few minutes my pussy contracted and signifyed my orgasm that had been long awaited.

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       Plopped down on his cock and felt another load of cum launch into me, deep inside. I hugged him and whispered in his ear. "Do you think i did good on the test?" He smiled and looked up "oh yea kalie, ill help you anytime you like"  
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