It felt pretty much like a regular day to me. I woke up. Looked at the clock and saw it was 6:30. Another school day. I sat on the side of my bed and rubbed my eyes. I was currently in a pair of boxer briefs, no shirt, and seemed to be aroused. Dreams. They'll do that to you. I turned on the shower and took my morning piss while I got the water to warm up in the shower. After finishing my piss, I got in the shower. The warm water felt so good against my toned chest. I washed my hair and washed off my body. I thought about jerking off in there, but realized I was too sleepy and had to get out soon. I turned off the shower and stepped out, wiping off my body. I suddenly just couldn't resist anymore.  I threw the towel on the floor and took my cock in my hand, stroking it vigorously.


   My 12 inches suddenly went erect, precum dripping off the head. I was a really easy cummer when I wanted to be. :D I rubbed the head of my cock with my thumb. I was near the edge. The reason I was an easy cummer was because I did something kind of weird. I ran to my sister's room that was right by my bathroom. I got her vibrator out of her drawer by her bed and ran back to my bathroom. I laid on the floor, stroking my cock harder, and then turning the vibrator on. My sister has a very very expensive vibrator. It'll move around in your region while you jam it up there. I jammed the 9 inch vibrator all the way up my asshole.   [I am a bi-sexual] I moaned loudly as soon as it continued to fuck my asshole and I rubbed the head of my cock one more time and shot a load of about 9 ropes on to my six pack. I tried something new. I took a swab of my cum and put it in my mouth. Kinda salty but good.

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   I then pulled the vibrator out of my ass and wiped it off and put it back in my sister's drawer. After doing so, I put on my black ribbed tank, and my jeans. Then I picked up my watch and combed my hair. Then I brushed my teeth and ran downstairs. I picked up an energy drink out of the fridge and picked up my bookbag, then running to my 2005 Range Rover. I drove down to the highschool, running to the front area to where my friends were. Out of breath, I said a hello. They were all guys. They were all around 6', 3 inches shorter than me. They were all on the football team like me. I was more of the quiet guy of the group while the rest were loud. I was a single guy. Not the rest of my friends, they were taken and gettin' some hot ass. It didn't really bother me that bad. I leaned against a post outside and looked around. 

   I spotted to me, was the most gorgeous girl in our school. She was with her friends, and I heard her laugh. Man. . it was great.  She was the captain of the cheerleader squad. She was never mean to anyone and I found her to be a very genuine person. We talk a little bit, but don't really know each other.  Her name was Allison Rogers. I caught myself staring at her ass. I shook my head and began to trying to mutter up the courage to go talk to her. I mean. . she would talk to me. .

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  right? Yea, she would, she is really sweet. I walked over to her, my bangs hanging over in my face. I approached her and it just seemed to all pull together. I created a scenario to have a reason to talk to her.
"Hey," I said to her.
"Hey J. T. ," she responded to me.
"I was wondering if maybe you would want to go to prom with me. I mean. . if you don't I understand and won't push it. I just think you are really great and ----,"  I said, broken off.
"No need to explain further J. T.

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  , I will go with you," she responded to me with a smile.
I froze. Wow. . this was amazing. The most gorgeous girl in school accepted my invitation without hesitation. I turned a bright shade of red and her friends and her giggled. I flashed the best, most full smile I could at her and she reached up and kissed me on the lips. My eyes were still closed. I was in paradise. She had such soft lips and it felt like the perfect sensations on earth were on my lips. She gave me a little hug and asked me to sit with her at lunch. I graciously complied. I walked back over to my friends, not mentioning the previous events, considering that they really didn't need to know with their big mouths.   The morning was slow, probably because I anticipated the meeting at lunch.

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   As I walked to my locker to get the books for my 4th period class, I saw a note inside and read it.
"Meet me in the janitor's closet when you're supposed to go to 4th period. -Alli"
I tucked the note in the pocket of my jeans. I slowly put my books back in my locker, my hands shaking like crazy. I walked slowly, trying not to alert anyone and walked into the janitor's closet. It was dark in there and as soon as I was about to flip on the light switch, I felt something grab my leg and pull me down. There she was, right in front of me. I was on the floor, leaning against the wall with my right leg bent, and my left leg pointing straight out. She was crawling towards me. Once she reached me, she put her arms around my neck and planted a kiss on my lips. I parted my lips and allowed her tongue into my mouth. I intwined my tongue with hers, rubbing my hand up and down her back as we kissed. We made out in the closet for a while and then heard the bell ring for lunch. We smiled at each other, after our eyes obviously getting adjusted to the darkness. We slipped out of the closet and walked with each other to the lunch room.

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   I signaled for her to sit down. As she sat down, I walked through the lunch line and got us both a tray of food. I brought it back to us as her friends smiled at me. I was wondering what the hell was going on. I sat down and they continued staring at me. Finally I had to know what was going on.
"Why are all of y'all smilin' at me?" I asked.
They giggled some more. Are these girls high or something?
"Its nothing. You're just so cute the way you look and act," they all said simutaneously.
I shoved food in my mouth and that made them giggle even more. I downcasted my eyes and drank my water. After finishing all my food, I felt a hand rubbing my inner thigh. It was Allison. She flashed a gorgeous smile at me.

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   Suddenly, the bell rang. 5th Period. Athletics. Ah, but all it was right now is lifting weights. I ran down to the gym and went to the locker room. I put on my mesh shorts and a black ribbed tank and started benching 350 pounds. Just to get me warmed up. I did about 60 reps of that and switched out weights. I did this for a while when the coach told us that we needed to wrap it up, shower, and get changed. Allison was walking around the gym, trying to find Coach Overstreet to give him a note, when suddenly she walked right into the guy's locker room. There, she saw me naked along with other guys.  Her jaw dropped as she saw my cock.  I was proud of it. As I mentioned earlier, I got a 12 inch cock. She turned a deep shade of red.

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"I. i. iiii. . was just l-l-lllooking f-f-f-or. . " was all she could muster up.
I quickly put a towel around my waist and ran to her, taking her out of the locker room to Coach Overstreet. He obviously didn't like it that she busted up into our locker room but wasn't harsh to her. She handed him the note, planted a kiss on my cheek and told me that she'd see me later. Coach Overstreet returned a cheerful smile to me and patted me on the back.
"She's a beauty," he said to me.
"Yea, I like her alot," I responded.
"Haha, well just keep her out of the locker room, alright son?" he said.
Ya know, he is a pretty damn cool guy.

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   I walked back to the locker room and got dressed in my clothes. I finished up the remainder of the periods and was walking towards my Range Rover when I saw her there, leaning against my Range Rover. I approached her.
"Whatcha need babe?" I asked her.
She clutched me close and leaned her head against my chest.
"Could I ride with you?" she asked.
"Sure babe," I responded.
I took her back pack and put it in the back seat. She got in the passenger seat and I jumped in and we drove out of the parking lot.
"Want me to take you home or you wanna do something?" I asked her.
"I was wonderin' if we could go do somethin fun," she said.
"Wanna go to the country club and play some golf and then head back to my house and swim?" I asked her.
"Yea that sounds like fun babe," she replied.
We drove off to the country club and I took my individual golf cart down to the first hole. We golfed for about an hour when we returned to my Range Rover.


   As we drove down the road to my house, I got a call from my mom.
"Hey hunny, we're gonna be gone for a few days. Your dad's aunt Ruth is in some bad medical trouble and we're gonna go down there to help her out," she said.
This was perfect. It seemed so unrealistic.
"Alright mom. See you in a few days," I replied.
"We're already on the road. See ya hun," she said, ending the conversation.
I turned my Motorola flip phone off and Allison looked at me with a smile. She rubbed my inner thigh as drive on to my house. I sighed, it felt so good. We had about 30 minutes till' we got to my house. I told her that we had a while and that she could continue.  She pulled down my zipper and flipped out my cock.


   She bent down over me, taking the head into her mouth and slowly sucking on it. I tilted my head back, moaning. She smiled while looking up at me and took half of my cock in. She played with my balls as she continued deep throating me, shoving my cock down her throat, deeper. I couldn't take it any longer, I cummed deep into her throat. She moaned as I did. We were close to approaching my house and I zipped up my pants.  I got out of my Range Rover and she ran up to me, jumping up on me, straddling me. I gave her a big kiss, walking towards the house, she strapped her arms around my neck. I unlocked the house and walked in. I laid her down on my couch, telling her to get comfortable. Let me put this into perspective for you. We're a very well off family. We are members of a nice country club, live in a gorgeous, big house and my dad and mother drive the best of cars. Anyway.

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   As I was fixing a martini from our bar and fixin' us something to eat, she came behind me and wrapped her arms around my waist.
    She leaned her head on my back. I smiled. I was in paradise. I fixed our stuff and we ate comfortablly. We finished up and sat on our swing outside. We swayed to the wind as we kissed and cuddled. I stood up and picked her up, bringing her up to my room and putting her on my sleigh bed. I went into my bathroom, combing my hair, taking off my shirt and spraying cologne on. I pulled off my pants into my boxer briefs. I walked into the room and saw her with her thong and no bra on. She looked gorgeous. I walked to the bed and kissed her. She laid down as I crouched over her, my dog tags hanging over her chest. She took my dog tags and pulled me down to kiss her. 

       I took her tongue in mine as I planted a huge kiss on her. I rubbed my mound against her as we continued to kiss. She moaned in the kiss. I rubbed my nipples against hers. I slowly started to edge down her body but she stopped me, explaining she wanted to suck my cock first. I laid back against the head board and as soon as she planted her lips around my cock, I arched my back and moaned. She looked up at me and smiled. She took my cock out of her mouth and spit on it and then started to rub the saliva all over my shaft. She then inserted me back into her mouth, sucking my cock a little more. Once my cock was slippery enough, she stood up, letting go of my cock. She slowly slipped her thong down seductivly. After the thong off, it revealed a well trimmed pussy, in a V shape. It was so sexy. She then walked over to me on the bed, and slowly moved up there, crawling towards me like earlier and then crouching above me. She slowly eased herself on my cock.

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       Then I felt it. The barrier. She threw herself down fast on my cock and I felt her hymen bust. She cried out and tears rolled down her cheeks. Guilt. I asked her if she wanted me to stop.
    "No, please don't stop. Its just. . you're so big and it just hurts," she responded.
    I sat there for a few minutes and let her lay her head on me.
    "I'm ready now," she said.
    I grabbed her hips and started bouncing her a little more fast on me now, trying to ease her pain. She was now moaning and gyrating her hips into mine. I moaned, feeling my balls tighten.

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       I got her to stop, explaining to her that I was about to cum.
    "Baby. . I have liked you since we were little. I have always dreamed about marrying you. Having your babies. All that kind of stuff. And now, today, when you told me that you wanted to go to prom with me. . it. . it just kinda sent off a singal in my head. I decided that if we were going to be together. . that I wanted you to be my first and last.

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       I want you to cum inside me. I want to have your baby," she said to me.
    Wow. This hit me. And it felt good. I nodded my head with a big smile. I thrusted my cock back into her, thrusting a few more deep times and I cummed all in here. She moaned and dug her nails into my back. I gasped, pulling out of her. I put my boxer briefs and jeans back on. I planted a kiss on her head and told her I was going to run some water for her in the bathtub. She smiled and I walked away, turning on some hot water. I picked her up and sat her on my knee. I rolled up my pant legs and put my feet in the water. I laid her down in the water.

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       I scrubbed shampoo and conditioner from my sister's bathroom through her hair. She rubbed my knee as I did so. I then scrubbed her body off, washing the blood and cum out of her pussy. She moaned as I did so and grasped my knee tight. I then washed her all off and drained the bath water. I dried her off and brought her one of my shirts to put on temporarily. I left her to dry her hair as I sat down in our living room, watching TV. She then walked downstairs and cuddled with me. My sister came into the house about an hour later. She then saw Allison, still in my shirt. She came up to us and told Allison that she could borrow some of her clothes. My sister was petite like her. She got dressed and we ordered food for dinner. As I cleaned up the kitchen area, my sister came up to me and told me she definately approved of Allison after talking to her. I questioned what they had talked about and she simply said.

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    "Girl talk. "
    I left it at that. I had already changed my sheets and cleaned them and dried them. Now I was putting them back when I felt hands wrapping around my back. It was Allison. She kissed my back. I finished putting the sheets back on and took a shower, changing into my boxers. I came back to see her in my bed, lookin' damn sexy in one of my sister's pair of PJs. She patted the bed and signaled me to lay down. I laid down beside her and spooned with her. I gave her a kiss. She whispered in my ear. .
    "I love you. "
    **Want comments and constructive criticism.

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    **Picture posted is a picture of myself, J. T. J. T. Davis. All Rights Reserved.
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