Playground Fuck


I was setting my alarm clock when my cell phone rang, loudly. It was 3 am .  
“Hello?”   I whispered.
“Hey…I just had an argument with my dad…. do you think you could come over?” she said in a sad voice.
“Yeah, I’ll be there, meet me at the playground,” I answered.
I got up from my bed, put some clothes on and put on some cologne. My mind raced, getting caught would mean no comp, no television, and no porn for a whole month. I still had to go…for her. I sneaked out of my house and ran for the playground she lived so close to.
I saw her sitting on the bench, so I sat next to her.
“Hi. ” She said quietly.
“Hey, you ok?” I questioned.
“Yeah, my dad was just giving me the ‘oh your such a slut, fucking every guy you see’ speech,” she answered.
“Yeah, he doesn’t know you very well does he? You haven’t even kissed a guy yet,” I said.

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“I know, I have to go…my dad will be wondering where I’ve been…. ” She trailed off.
“What? It’s 3 am and you called me here to talk? ” I asked.
“Well, no…” she said quietly.
“Then why am I here, then? Do you want me to fuck you?”
“No…I don’t…” she said shyly.
“Don’t fuck with me, I know you’re lying,” I said in a commanding voice, “I’m going to ask you again, do you want me to fuck you?”
“Yyyesss…I do…”
“What? I can’t hear you? What did you say?”
“ Yes I want you to fuck me . ”
I suddenly kissed her. She took off my shirt and loosened up my pants, but didn’t pull them down. I started kissing and licking her neck, knowing that her neck her second most sensitive place next to her pussy. I knew what she wanted from me, and so I led her to the slide. She laid down on it and her nipples became so hard because of the cold steel on her back.   I took off her shirt, revealing her black bra she had on. I was about to take her bra off, but she slapped my face and said she wanted it on. I didn’t care much about it. I went back to work, licking and kissing her chest, down the middle of her chest, then her stomach, then around her pussy.

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   I was making her go crazy. I loved to tease her. My tongue explored her inner thighs making her go insane. Finally I took off her thong and start eating her right then and there on the slide.
She came. But I wasn’t done yet. I put my head at the bottom of the slide and stuck out my tongue. She started going up and down the slide, my tongue disappearing in her pussy went her hips went down. She went harder and faster, until she came hard once more.
I got up. She had her fun, now it was my turn. She took off my shirt, revealing my toned, six packed body. That made her wet again. She loosened up my pants and was surprised, but loved the surprised. She licked my head back and I moan, softly, letting her know that what she was doing to me felt good.

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   Her tongue swirled the head of my cock. I couldn’t take it any more. I grabbed her head with my hands and started fucking her mouth. I came in her mouth. She swallowed all of it. Licking her lips she got up. She wanted more and I had no problem with that.
Noticing my cock has gone hard again, she led me to the swings. I was confused, because the bench was the perfect place to fuck, but I was wrong. She told me to sit on the swing and I did. Then she sat on me the opposite of me. . My dick broke her virginity right there on the swing.
“OoOooOo that feels good…. ” she gasped.

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    She used her hips to swing and my dick went in and out of her, hard. Several minutes later, I came inside of her. She freaked.
    “OMG! You’re going to get me pregnant! I know a way to get your boys out of me” she said confidently.
    She led me to the bridge, told me to lie down and I did what I was told. She suffocated me with her pussy.
    “Suck it ALL out! Now!” She demanded.
    So I sucked and wiggled my tongue inside her pussy, and she moaned quietly. Her pussy tightened and she came all over my face, almost drowning me.
    “Okay, since you have done something for me, I’m going to show you something. Sit back and watch. ” She said naughtily.
    She went to the pole and started working it. Her pussy was so wet and the cold steel made her even hornier. It was easy for her to go up and down.

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       My cock just went straight up. I could see her juices running down the pole and that turned me on even more. I couldn’t believe what she was doing. She came again, but this time on the pole.
    “That was great…let’s do that again some other time” she said then kissed the pole.
    “Where are you going?” I asked.
    “Home,” she replied.
    “What?! After all that you’re going to leave me here?!” I exclaimed.
    “Yeah? So what?”
    “Fuck you,” I   cried.
    I went up to her and shoved her on the grass. She broke the fall with her hands. Her pussy glistened in the moonlight. I shoved my cock into her pussy then went back out and shoved it back into her ass.
    “OOOOOOO FUCK!!! FUCK! FUCK! FUCK!” she yelled.
    I was pounding her like a jack hammer, I was an animal, and I wanted to teach her a lesson to never tease me like that again.

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       All that cock inside of her got her hot and wet again so she shoved 3 fingers in her pussy. Every time I shoved my cock into her, she shoved her fingers into herself. After five minutes, she came hard once more and when her ass tightened, I pulled it out and came all over her hair and back.
    That night, we set off three car alarms and 2 neighbors opened their living room lights to see what was happening.
    I grabbed my clothes and ran home where I slept with ease.