Pool Party Seduction (Revised)


Topic: Pool Party SeductionPool Party. Ch 1 (Revised)
It was Saturday around noon. I was looking out the kitchen window. Before me were six of my daughters friends swimming in our pool. Only Jane had a one piece body suit. The rest had string bikini’s that did not stay in place. My dick was getting hard. It was too much for one man to see. Tits and ass everywhere. I just had to jack off. I looked around and saw all the girls outside or so I thought. I whipped out my 10” cock and began to stroke it as I watched some of the girls remove their tops. I looked at their tits and wished I had my camera. I was almost there. My hand was making like a jack hammer. I felt the beginning of a strong orgasm coming when I heard something in the doorway.

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   I turned to see Trish standing looking at me. I froze in mid stroke not knowing what to say.
Why mister Rick, would you like some help with that.
I stood speechless.
Trish walked over and stood in front of me. Her boobs were barely contained by her small bikini. She knelt down and took my cock in her small hand and began to jack me off.
No, no, no. Trish stop. You should not be doing this.
So who’s to know. Besides I want you.
No. Trish I can’t let you do this.
You want me to stop jacking you off?
Yes, before someone comes in and finds us.

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Well, okay if you insist.
She released her hand and I gave a sigh of relief. I was about to pull her up when she bent over and took my cock into her moist wet mouth. She bobbed up and down a few times. I gasped in pleasure. I reached out to push her head off my cock but instead I pulled her head father down onto my cock. She did not fight me. Instead she opened her mouth further and swallowed my whole cock. No one not even my wife had ever taken all of my cock. After a few seconds she came up for air and I began to fuck her face. Since I had been close to cumming when she came in the kitchen it was only a few more minues until I came in a rush. She tried to swallow it all but some dribbled down her cheek and onto her tits. My soft cock slid out of her mouth and she stood up in front of me.
“That was fantastic. You tasted better than my dad.

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You do this with your dad?
Yes, ever since he caught me with the boy next door.
I blinked at the realization that this was one sexy teen.
Now its your turn. Take me and enjoy me.
I mind said no she is only fourteen but here she was offering herself to me.
I reached out and turned her around. Her bikini top fell to the floor. I rubbed and pinched her nipples until she moaned. She turned back around and then pushed her tit into my mouth. I nibbled on both of them. She moaned, whispered in to my ear, eat me, please, eat me.
I led her to the kitchen table and laid her on it. Then I pulled her bikini bottom off. With out asking she spread her legs opening her pink pussy. I bent down and rubbed her pussy for a moment then covered it with my mouth.

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   I sucked on her clit until she began to moan again.
“Yes, oh yes, eat me. ” she yelled.
I did my best to accommodate her. She grabbed his head and pulled it tight then screamed, “I’m cumming. ”
The girls had stopped swimming and were sitting near the window and door listening. Trish was the lucky one. She had drawn the short straw and had won the opportunity to seduce Mister Rick. The girls giggled as they listened to Trish make it with Mister Rick.
“Fuck me now. I want to feel your cock in me. “
That was their cue. They went around to the front door and quietly entered the house. They watched as quietly not wanting Mister Rick to know they were there.
Please fuck me, Mister Rick.

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   I need you inside me bad. Mister Rick was lost. He aimed his cock at Trish’s wet pussy and pushed it into her. Trish screamed as her virginity was taken.
Mister Rick stopped and looked at her funny. You were a virgin weren’t you.
Yes, daddy wouldn’t fuck me. Now finishing fucking me. I want you to cum inside me.
You might get pregnant.
That’s what I want.
Mister Rick started slow then began to pound her good. I’m cumming. Sure you want it inside you?
Yes, yes.
Mister Rick, filled her with a large load of his sperm.

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   Some dribbled down her ass and onto the table. He pulled his softening cock out and pulled Trish to a sitting position. That’s when he heard someone giggle. He turned to see six nude girls watching him. Gloria his daughter had the video camera. She smiled at him and said. “One down and six more to go. ”
I suddenly realized that they had all planned this together. I would be a busy weekend as there were six more of them to fuck. He would save his daughter, Gloria for last.
Can I be next? It was Jodie.
What a man to do? He has to please his daughter and her friends.
Next: He begins to impregnate the rest of his daughters friends.
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