Against my better judgement I stopped the car in the rain and lowered my window to ask the young school girl if she would like a ride home? Her beautiful red hair was plastered to her forehead and she was getting the seat all wet. We drove for a few minutes in silence, we both stole glances at one another. It was hard to keep my eyes on the road. She was very cold and I said that we should stop at the house. She said nothing which I took for yes. We both ran out of the car, as soon as I closed the door my hands griped her waist and our lips were locked in a tight kiss. Her soggy school clothes made a sloshing sound as it hit the floor. We made it to the bedroom where I spread her legs and gazed at her pussy. My long tounge exploring every crevice that she had to offer. She wriggled and rattled as she peaked. My fingers were in her as well. She turned away as I tried to kiss her, but I held her head steady, now she knows what she tastes like. Her skin was slowly warming up, never have I felt such firm and tender breasts. I tasted her nipples salty and wet, I sucked hard and long on one until her hands pushed me away. I licked, carressed and cuddled until I could not stand it and squeezed. Her nails dug deep into my shoulder.

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   Her deep green ruby eyes looked at me with a savage longing, it brought out memories from long ago I never thought would see again. She worked her way down to my shaft. Her own tounge wrapping around my pleasure pole, sent tendrils of pleasure deep into my psyche. My hands gripped her shoulders and pushed her to the bed. My hands locked onto the back of her knees as I slid myself between her legs. Her short instakes of breath always made me smile as I hit her spot. Her toes pointed upward always reminded me of how much she was enjoying this. She always came early, but I kept at my rythm. Her first lasted merely moments as a smile escaped her lips. The second volley she plunged as deep as she could. The last one I came with her. Steam rose from our skin as moisture evaporated from the heat in our bodies. My hand reached for the drawer as I took out a container of vaseline. I rubbed my fingers with a generous amount and placed the fingers back between her legs. She tried to stop me but my will was greater.

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   Her hands soon gave up and my fingers entered her slit. Her pain plainly painted on her face as I slid my fingers in and out of her. In time she was slowly moving in beat with my hand. Every thrust was now mixed with pleasure. She was ready to come again. I stopped for a moment to let her rest. I kissed her long and hard, my hand travelling between her ass cheeks slowly made its way to her brownhole. Her fight to keep that safe ended with teethmarks on her breasts. Tears came freely now as my teeth clenched at her tit. my finger entered that little tight brownhole. I thought it unfair to only fill one side so i sandwiched her between my hands. One hand fingers the brownhole the other her slit. My teeth left marks on her porcelain tits.
    Her tears almost gone as she was now warming up to the prospect of cumming with my finger up her ass. Her legs scissored in delight as she came like a flower in bloom and spread herself for all to see.

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       It got me so hard that I did not ask her. From behind I spread her cheeks and forced my myself into that very tight brownhole. Her sudden cries only drove me insane. Her young body was now my canvas. My hands held on to her breasts, I squeezed in delight every time thrust into her. She was lost to the waking world as she came and passed out from sheer delight. I stood up and looked at her perfect form. Cum slowly oozing out of her slit and ass, her slow and steady breathing was the only sound that filled the room. Her eyes slowly fluttered awake only to find mine staring right back. I lifted her up to straddle me, she no longer fought and was resigned to be my mistress. Her hands held me and guided my shaft between her legs. On that long and slow fuck she rode, her head tilted back as she moved her body to whatever direction i motioned to. I felt myself ready to ignite and release. She sensed it as well and grinded her slit ever so harder and as we both reached nirvana I could not help but cry as she wispered in my ear "daddy I love you. " We both huddled in the darkness of that evening and both of us fell asleep with the sound of the rain on the roof.

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