Topic: RevisionAfter almost two hours of solid maths revision, they decided to take a break. Lorrie slipped downstairs to get them both a drink, and Henry used the opportunity to explore her room. Curiosity always had been able to get the better of him, and anyway he didn't think she'd mind him poking around a bit. Bits and bob's covered the wall next to her bed, pictures of friends, notes to herself, the obligatory Zach Efron picture. He noticed a holiday picture of Lorrie by the sea. She looked amazing in it, her long black hair was wet and shiny, and you could see water pouring over her body, her bikini showed off her fantastic tits, and her cute bum. Henry moved on to her wardrobe, but quickly found the clothes uninteresting, he paused only to consider the dress he knew she'd be wearing to prom. A short summer dress, pale blue, it would suit her. A twinge of jealousy passed through him, Lorrie would be going with Henry's best friend, Milan, and now there was no doubt she'd be absolutely stunning.  Lorrie began to climb the stairs, carefully to avoid spilling the hot tea on herself. She shouldered her door open, and turned to enter, only to see Harry at her chest of drawers, holding her whirring dildo.
 "What were you doing going through my stuff?" She growled through the bathroom door. The shock had made her spill the tea all over her t-shirt and jeans. "You should have a cold shower, that tea was really hot. " Harry had rushed to help her, helping her remove her trousers and her top before they could do any real damage. Lorrie had already been embarrassed to find Henry with her toy, having him see her in her underwear had been the icing on the cake.

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   "I'll be fine, we got my clothes off fast enough. " She heard him snigger, and her flooded back to her. She slammed open the door, and shouted in his face, "You bastard!" He flinched away from her, shocked by her appearance and her anger. His eyes locked onto her beautiful uncovered body. She felt her cheeks begin to flush again as she noticed him staring at her. She barged past him and into her room, hot tears filling her eyes. How dare he go through my stuff, she thought, how dare he look at me like that, how dare he! Tears were running down her face now, and she barely noticed Harry enter the room. He wrapped his arms around her, and whispered in her ear, "I'm so sorry Lorrie, I didn't mean to. . . I'm sorry. " She wrapped her arms around him, a moment before she had hated him blindly, now. . . Now she had forgiven him.

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   He hadn't meant any harm and if he hadn't been so quick when she dropped the tea she'd probably be badly burnt. Suddenly their embrace turned into something more, Harry had pulled back to look at her, to see if she was still crying, their eyes had met and suddenly they were kissing.
 Hot, eager kisses. His tongue sort out hers, and gently played against it. His hands ran up and down her back, pulling at her, gripping her. Desperate. He could feel her hands in his hair, on his back. He moved his head and now he was kissing her neck, biting her ears. He could hear her breathy moans, and a smile flashed across his face. He loved to know that she was as in this as he was. She was lifting up his T-shirt, pulling it over his head, her body felt like it was throbing, the touch of his warm skin against hers was electric, and addictive, she began to explore his skin with her fingers sending shivers up his spine. He let out a low deep moan, he was almost feverish with desire. The tension that had built between them was broken, and a flood of desire poured out. She longed for what was about to happen. She let out a gasp as he pushed her onto the bed, she couldn't wait for him to be on top of her, with his strong arms, and his broad chest.

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   She adored his sweet brown eyes and his long soft black hair. She grabbed his jeans and tugged him on top of her. Now his hands fumbled at her back, popping off her bra, Lorrie moaned again, but louder now her skin tingling against the cold air, her nipples hard against his skin, and now his tongue slowly circled one, and he bit down. The teasing drove Lorrie wild, she tugged at his hair and let out a groan of desperation, she could feel his lips slowly descending her body, each kiss down her stomach sent ripples through her body, and the anticipation of what Harry was about to do made her want it so much more. Harry was taking his time and enjoying her writhing body, he traversed her stomach with his tongue, his hands parted her legs and his lips explored her thighs, he could tell she was desperate for him, her breathing was heavy and fast. Taking his time, he moved his hands to the top of her panties and began to move his fingers under, gliding his fingers across the top of them as he began to remove them. His delicate touch on her sensative skin was too much, she raised her legs to speed his progress, it was too much. "Hurry", she whispered. Her mouth was so dry, her voice cracked. To Harry it was enough, now he couldn't get her underwear off quick enough, so desperate was he, that he only raised them to her knees before he made his move. When Harry's tongue flicked between her legs, Lorrie's whole body tightened, she let out something half way between a groan and a scream, and her legs wrapped themselves over his shoulders. Her hands ran through his hair tugging, while her body writhed. It didn't take long for Harry's tongue to bring Lorrie to the point of no return. Now she did scream, all that buildup had paid off she bucked as her whole body tensed. Harry came up with a grin, feeling extremely pleased with himself.

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   Lorrie however was still desperately horny even if she herself was satisfied. Harry had now laid down next to her, and Lorrie placed one hand on his face and kissed him, filled with longing, while her other hand began to undo his jeans. She wasted no time, her mind was frenzied. Now pulling back from the kiss she tugged down his jeans and boxers, and wrapped her hands around Harry's erection. Now it was his turn to breath heavily, as Lorrie's hands worked up and down his manhood. Lorrie's sexual frenzy was rising, she had not expected Harry to have such a large cock, she couldn't take her eyes off it. She ran her tongue over the tip of his dick and Harry let out a gasp. Harry now could not control himself, moving quickly he grabbed Lorrie, and tugged her on to the floor, pinning her to the ground, he placed himself at her entrance. Lorrie bucked and tried to get his huge dick inside her, but Harry pulled away. He leaned over and whispered in her ear, breaking their long-standing silence "Do you want me to fuck you? Do you? Say it. ". His voice was breathy, and drove Lorrie wild, Harry grinned, and Lorrie couldn't help but smile. She wanted this so badly, "Fuck me. " She said. Harry pushed and began to enter her, Lorrie had never had someone so big and the feeling that spread through her body was incredible, her nails dug into his back and her legs wrapped around his waist.

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   Now she screamed, "Oh God, fuck me Harry, fuck me. " Harry slid his whole length inside her, it was so deep inside Lorrie, her whole body began to tingle. She let out a low moan, and Harry was now lost in the moment. He began to ram into her as hard as he could, desperate to make Lorrie scream again, the noise had driven him wild, and Lorrie rose to meet him every time. They were kissing, then he was biting her earlobe, now at her neck, and all Lorrie could do was breath, her whole body was in pure ecstacy. Harry now was losing control, and his thrusts became slow and hard, Lorrie could not contain herself, being fucked by this handsome boy, with his large cock filling her, she let out a final scream. It drove Harry over the edge and he came, collapsing on top of her. They lay still, just breathing. Harry rolled over, and landed a single kiss on her forehead. A smile crossed his face as he looked in her eyes, "So, I guess our break from revisions over. "
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