Riding the Marines


My brother and a Guy a couple of houses away joined the Marines together.
We lived forty miles from the base so the fist weekend in advanced training they came home with three friends.
They all crused around the neigherberhood in my brothers car.
Brother drove.
I was a 16 year girl with good clear skin and a blond poney tail and small champaign glass titties, and my firstt real bra.
I had green short shortes on and an orange tube top.
I climed in the back, but there was no room, so I had to take terns sitting on each Marines lap.
We drive around stopping for hamburgers and agauin for frozzen custars.
It did not start out that way but each of the Marines Got a raging hard on while I was sitting on his lap.
Enclosed in their pants it would press up into my ass crack.
If I rocked back and fourth their cocks would also rub aginst my cunt lips.
As each Marine got hard I would be imbarrassed and move to someone elses lap.
After all three Marines in the back seat were hard there was no plase else to go, I had to just sit there with a cheno incased cock pressing into my shorts covering my ass crack and cut.
After about ten minutes I started to Juice up inside.
I could feel the heat from the cock I was riding on, making my nipples get real big and hard, and I Juced up eveb more.
A little bit of juice leaked out of my pussey, and made the crotch panel of my of my tidey whitey cotten panties all wet.

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Even the crotch of my shorts started to get moist,very moist.
I could not help myself, I slid back and forth on the fullu clothed cock pressed into my shorts and ass crack.
Each stroke bath and forth rubbed the hard cock, hard like an automibile tire, against my pussey lips.
My brotherbusey driving, pointing out things in the neigherberhood, and waving to friends did not suspect a thing.
After each half hour pass through the whole town I would move to a different lap.
My pysset was making cunt juice so fast that the crotch of my shorts were wet.
I knew which ever Marine I was sitting oncould feel I was wet right through his chinos.
I was sliding back and fourth like crazy.
Some Marines would grab me by the hipps and help me skide back and forth on them, others would reach arround and pinch my nipples as I slid back and forth on their hard cocks.
I did not even know their names.
My brother drove around for four hours.
I came right in my panties at least four times.
I think some of the three Marines in the back seat got off to.
The crotch of my shorts was so wet they had to have come also.
When we got home I went right to my room, took my shorts and panties off, and lay on my bed.

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    I took one of those aluminum tubes cigars used to come in, that my sister hid under her mattris to masterbate with.
    I put my wet panties over my face, so the crotch pannel covered my nose and mouth.
    I wet the cigar tube on my wet pussey lips, and then jamed it right into my cunt, taking my own virginety.
    My clit was peaking up out from under its lid, standing up like a pink cashu nut.
    One hand went crazy rubbing my clit between two fingers, while the other pumped the cigar tube in and out of my wet cunt.
    I came two more times before I wiped off the cigar tube on my panties and put it back where I found it.
    I had come so hard I had cramps in my thies and calfs.
    The first of the two was the strongest orgasum of my life.
    All five Marines slept over the neighbers house who was also a Marine.

    After that week end the other Marines fixed my brother up with a girl friend or two, so he did not come home any more for months.
    For five weekends after that five or six Marines would come over to the Mabor Marines house for the weekend.
    They would always take me for a five hour ride around the neighberhood and to hamburger stands, and I would slide slide slide.
    After the first

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