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I lay on my bed, worn out from the day’s activities. I was on a school trip to Florida, studying marine biology. It had been a busy day, full of classes, and I was worn out. There were four guys and six girls on our bio trip, and it was only the second night. I was skimming through the TV channels, trying to find something interesting on. My friend and roommate had gone in to take a shower, leaving me with the duty of finding something to watch.

Although I was taller (six feet), stronger, heavier, and just bigger in general, Nick was always thinking he could control other people. He would often try to intimidate others, but I had gotten to know him well enough. This characteristic of his was not meant in any negative way, but merely his way of wanting to be involved with things. He was about five-foot-five, 120 lbs, with very skinny legs, although he was stronger than he looked. He was good looking, and the girls often flocked to him when he wasn’t overly controlling.

I had finally settled on a basketball game when I heard the shower cut off. I hoped he would approve of my choice. The door opened, and he appeared, his body still glistening from the shower; his hair moist, uncombed and ruffled on his head. But as he passed through the door, it happened. The towel wrapped around his waist caught on the knob and fell to the floor.

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  He stood for only a second, but I saw everything. His youthful face crossed with an expression of surprise, his glistening pecs and abs, his skinny, defined legs, his small amount of short pubic hair, but most importantly his hairless balls and two-inch long uncircumcised penis.

I had never seen an uncut dick before, and it threw me for a shock. I had not expected that he would be uncircumcised. It was short and skinny compared to my three-inch long and thicker penis, which began to grow tense at the sight of him. I was not prepared for that. I had never sensed any feelings toward him or any guy; I even had a girlfriend at the time. But there he was, standing completely nude for me to see. He was only there for a second, but that was enough. He reacted quickly and shot both hands down to his crotch, to hide his boyish parts from my eyes.

However, even with my quick glimpse, my dick began to grow. I was trapped. If I tried to hide it, he would be suspicious. If I did nothing, he would obviously see my boner. At six and a half inches long, it wasn’t easy to hide.

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  I was most afraid of my girlfriend finding out. Before I could do anything, he exclaimed, “Whoa, dude! Are you getting a boner from that?”

I pulled my knees up to hide the tent forming in my pants. “Uh…umm…No, uh, no. ”But as I said this, I noticed that under his covering hands, his penis was stiffening as well. I did not expect that from him. He tried to regain control of his towel, but he moved his hand away from his crotch and up popped his not even five-inch long dick. He quickly recovered with the towel, but there was a slight bulge.

I didn’t know what to say. Here were two completely straight guys, getting boners looking at each other. Fortunately, he spoke first. “Well, I guess if we have two perfectly good boners, shouldn’t we do something with them?”

“Do what? You… you don’t mean…?”

“Yup. ”

“But… I’ve never done any—“

“Neither have I, but there’s always a first. ”His statements were shocking me to the core. I had never known someone, let alone even thought of, someone being gay. But this was what he was saying, and how could I protest? I was laying on my bed in just my boxers and no shirt, and no way to hide my dick.

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“On one condition,” he continued.

“What’s that?”

“You got the first boner. You’re my b-i-t-c-h. ”

But he had already walked over and laid down on the bed. He began: “OK, now get up and take this towel off, it’s too tight. ”I obeyed and got up, kneeling over his legs. My dick was sticking straight out. I reached down, grabbed his towel, and pulled it open. Out popped his penis. It reminded me of being young, before I began to get pubic hair. It looked innocent and sweet.

He reached up and with a quick swipe of his hands, my boxers fell to my knees. Out popped my own circumcised penis, looking much larger that his young, still growing boy’s parts. “OK now suck it. And don’t touch your own,” he commanded.

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I formed a protest in my mind, but I actually wanted to put my face down to his own private place. I couldn’t decide. I felt his hands on my head, and down I went. I was within an inch of the first uncircumcised penis I had seen. I stuck my tongue out. The head of his penis was almost out of his foreskin, but not quite. I licked the tip. It twitched. A thrill of apprehension ran through my body. I licked it down the shaft to his bare balls, and they tightened up to his gooch.

What was I doing? But I was enjoying it. I kissed his balls; then I put them in my mouth and massaged them with my tongue. Back up to the tip I went, and I slipped the head into my mouth, pushing the foreskin back. It tasted slightly salty, and I guessed that he had already cummed once in the shower. My lips moved half way down the shaft, then back up.


  Down and up. Down and up. Again and again. He moaned encouragingly, and I moved my hands up to his pecs, adding an extra massage to the back and forth motion of my mouth. I began to incorporate my tongue, trying to coordinate lips, tongue, and up-down motion.

I was loving it; he was loving it. Neither one of us had expected to have any sexual action, but we were having it. I looked up at him and our eyes caught. He smiled, but I was too involved to smile back. I began to try and go further down the shaft every time, until I was deep-throating like no other. Suddenly he moaned louder and longer than before. I felt his dick spasm, his abs tighten, and a stream of warm, thick, and salty semen gushed into my mouth. I swallowed some of it by accident. The rest I retained in my mouth. It was warm and salty, reminding me of a warm, smooth, delicious shake.

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  I made sure there was none left, and quickly moved my mouth up to his.

I completely surprised him with that move. He was not expecting his cum to be delivered into his mouth. His hands moved up to protect himself, but we were already locked in a passionate kiss, our tongues, lips, and saliva mixing with his fresh semen. We hugged and kissed, rolling on the bed.

Suddenly, reality struck me. I realized that I was kissing another guy, two years younger than me, and we were kissing in cum!I pulled away. We stared at each other, shocked. Then I realized there was nothing I could do now.

“Now lie dow!” he shouted. “Face down, hands out, and don’t move. ”

I did as he told, while he got up and rummaged in his bags. When he came back, I felt him applying lube onto my back. He massaged it in, and kept moving his hands down further. Finally he began to massage my butt cheeks.

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  It felt heavenly. Then he slipped a finger down into my asshole. It surprised me at first, because I had never felt anything going into my ass before. Then he removed his finger, and I felt something thicker in place. At first I thought it was his thumb, but I realized it was his dick.

I hadn’t planned on having anal sex, but it was coming, and I didn’t feel like protesting. I felt his tip slip in, and my ass cheeks automatically contracted. Then he began to push his dick further and further up my butt. My whole body tightened up; it was more painful than I had expected. I groaned and moaned, but his hands reached down to cover my mouth before I let out a muffled yell.

His dick was all the way in now, and I felt as if I was going to be sick. He began to pull out, and then he pushed back in. Out and in, out and in. My ass was getting drilled, and I loved it!The pain had subsided, being replaced with a thrill of apprehension. How long until he could cum again?I supposed he had jacked off in the shower, and I knew he had already cummed in my mouth, but could he handle a third time?

His dick began to tighten as he kept pumping.

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  His pelvic area was making a smack when it came down upon my ass cheeks, and I grunted with satisfaction each time. Suddenly he quickened the pace.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

“Give it to me man! Let’s see what you have. ”

And he released another load into my ass, although it was smaller than his first. Oh, that felt great. His dick began to go limp, still stuck in my butt, and the cum oozed around. He pulled out with a little pop!Then thought I felt his dick back again in my ass, but it didn’t feel right. I twisted to look around, and I saw his face buried in my butt! He was licking my ass!He looked up and smiled, but continued to lick, until I felt less cum around my hole.

Then he pulled away and turned me over. “How was that, bitch?” he asked. He was breathing heavily from the effort. “I’m beat for the night. How about we sleep for a bit now, we don’t want to be worn out for classes tomorrow. ”

I agreed, and began to reach for my clothes.

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  He stopped me. “Come on, dude. Don’t you want to sleep with me tonight?In one bed?”I looked at him. Sucking his dick had been a stretch. Anal sex was a little overboard, but sleeping the night in his bed…?

“On one condition,” I began. He smiled. “Once we’re under the covers, you have to suck my dick nice and hard. Otherwise it would be too uneven. ”

He consented, and we snuggled up in his bed, arms around each other, penises and balls touching, legs entwined. His hand reached down and stroked my dick. It felt so warm and comfortable, lying with him. My dick began to grow hard, and his head disappeared under the covers. He went through the same routines that I had tried, moving me to the brink of the best orgasm I had ever felt. I shot out a stream of cum into his mouth, then another, and another.

Instead of kissing, he swallowed it all, licked his lips, and we returned to our passionate embrace before falling asleep.

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