Samantha Part 1


Topic: Samantha Part 1Just to let you know, this is my first story, tell me what you think.
My name is Johny, and my best friends name is Samantha. Sam is one of the hottest girls i know, and we've been friends for ever, since kindergarden. Now, Im in 10th, while shes in 11th. Shes quite a sight. Short red hair, with a slinder body, and a nice C cup. Always wearing a white tangtop, never with a bra, and a red mini skirt. Sam weares loose clothes because she doesnt like felling constrained, which doesnt bother me at all. Everyday at lunch, we'd sit outside, look at other students walking by, and talk about masterbation. "Hey!" She yelled as she looked at me sitting agenst the wall. "Wake up! what do you have to be tired about?!". I looked up at her. "Oh, I see, you fucked Emily finally? did ya?" She said bending over me revealing her boobs, and she didnt notice, and i didnt care to tell her as my dick twitched. "Come on, you can tell me. You finally sliped in the sausage? Rode first class to pleasure town? Or just plain old fucked her till she cried?". "Shut up!" I said covering my face, sadly loosing the visual of of her lovly breasts.

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   Sam sat next to me and put her hand on my sholder. "Ah, you didnt do it, did you? You just stand up late wankin off huh. . . ". "Yeah, she teased me, then left. " i said blushing. "Oh, thats great. Did she do things like this?". Sam grabbed my cock through my pants, and began to rub it. "No!" I said slapping her hand away. "How bout this?" She laughed shaking her breasts revealing her breasts again. "Kinda. . .

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  " I looked at the ground. "Was it a strip tease? That must have been it. You probibly came in your pants when she flashed her-". I moaned softly, and, Sam noticed. "THAT WAS IT! Ooooo thats cruel, and she didnt even polish you pistol afterwards!?" She bounced up, making her jiggle. I hit her on the head and covered my face. "Hey! I can tell ya atleast that I would have done it, that sounds mean to just leave ya hangin, or, standing, or, what ever. . . ". Just then, i got rock hard. I'd never thought of her like that. Just the thought of her making me cum was to much. "Hey, Sam? Ill be right back, i need to take a piss. " I said getting up.

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   She nooded her head as I walked away, then stopped me. "If you gonna go jerk, you could tell me, i could hook you up. ". She gave me a look, then handed me a picture. "dont look till your about to cum, ok?" She said fluttering her eyes. I just shoke my head yes, and ran to the bathroom. All closed. What a time to close the bathrooms! I had to find somewhere to jack off. I just ran around thinking about Sam holding my cock, hanging her mouth open, waiting for me to. . . found it. A place to do my business. It was outside, and just a wall with think, full trees, but hey, thats the only place without people in my whole school. I crawled far back into the bushes till i couldnt see light, and pulled out my dick.

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   I started off slow, but sped up till i could feel an orgasm boiling. With my free hand, I unfolded the picture from Sam. I couldnt hold it back any longer. I quickly opened the picture to see a picture off me and Sam when she was 7 and i was 6. "What the he- ee- lllllloooooh!". I looked like I'd been hit in the face as I came on the picture, my hoody, and my shoes. "What was that? I feel like a fuckin pedophile. " I said wiping my cum on some leaves as i shood up. I took the photo and wiped it off, folded it, and placed it in my pocket. "So, Johny boy, how'd you like jerkin on our childhood?" She said laughing. "I didnt do anything. I was going to, but i looked at the picture first, im no fucking pervert. . . ".

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   She bend over showing her ass. "Hmmm, your shoes say otherwise. Is that your cum? Is it Johny?" Sam said full of sarcasm. I looked at my shoes, and lied. "No, its mayonase i think, i stepped on a pack of it on my way here. . . ". "Oh" She said, "So, then, I could lick it up then?". Before i could say no, she grabbed my leg, took my shoe off, and licked my cum right off of it. I couldnt beleave it, Samantha just ate my cum. MY cum. I got so hard, it hurt like a kick to the balls. "Hm, doesnt taste like it, tastes, salty. .

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  . and to watery. . . eww, its nasty. . . " Sam spit it on the ground, getting some on her face and tits. That was it, the sight was to much. I came. It was so strong too. I gasped, as my face blushed purple. "Johny boy? Whats wrong? Feel guilty from masterbating on that photo?". Sam looked at my pants to find then leaking with gel. "Are you, uh, oh my god, you ARE! your having an orgasm! Arent you!" she said as she started smiling.

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   It still kept coming out, I didnt know I could cum so much. It was all over the ground and started running off the walkway to the bushes. "Woh, thats a lot. . . Emily doesnt know what shes missing!". She grabbed my pants and pulled them down just enough too see my dick, as i pumped one out whAich shot up atleast a foot in the air. CLICK. I rushed to cover myself as i kept going. I looked over at Sam, who had her phone out. She took a fucking picture! You could see my dick, and my cum hitting her hands. "What the hell was that?!". I finally finished. She started licking my cum off her ands and phone and said "Im gonna need this to masterbate later, okay?". I pumped out a final blob of cum as she kept licking it up.

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   She smiled, got up, and walked away, licking her lips. RING! Schools over for today, and Sam looks back over. "Ill come over your place later, ok?". Oh god, Im, I-, Im cumming! I fell over and went into a fetal position, which i found out didnt help since my pants were still down a bit. I came in my eyes and my mouth. "What the fuck!" I yelled spitting it out, only to be replaced by more, until I stpped, ans unballed myself. Taking my hood, I covered my face to hide the cum on my face, and pulled my hoody down to cover the splash over cum on me. It took a while to unstick from the ground, but no one saw. What luck, i guess you could say? uh, not really, but, at least im getting some tonight!
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