School Days.


I shiver with excitement as I got on the large coach; I’m going on a school trip abroad to Disneyland in Paris with selected students from some classes I’m in. I’m well chuffed that my mates is coming along on the trip too, Kiara and Nicci, I also found out that the boy I really liked, Kyle, is coming on the trip too. Little did I know that this one school trip, lasting three weeks would be so amazing?
I sat down onto a seat at the back of the coach and Kiara and Nicci sat next to me, I bagged the window seat because I like looking out of the window while I’m travelling, thinking up fantasies, having daydreams or simply playing a game with myself of car swap. I looked at Kyle, whom is sitting a few rows down, sitting with his mate Rob; the one Nicci got the hots for and opposite them is Brad and Joel, Kat really fancies Joel, no idea why cos he is such a wanker and that’s for a fact. Kyle turned his head around and saw me looking at him, he smiled sexily at me and I returned the smile, he resumed his conversation with Rob.
2 Hours Later
We now have arrived to Portsmouth P&O Cruise Company to transport us to France. Me, Kiara and Nicci jumped off the coach and took our hand luggage out of the coach and headed upstairs to the lobby where the students congregated. I accidentally bumped into Kyle who made us drop our bags; he turned around preparing to curse at me when he saw me.
“Oh My God, I’m so sorry Kyle, I didn’t mean to bump into you” I said blushing
“It’s ok Kaela, it was only an accident. Do you wanna hang out, cos we’re on the ship for like hours” Kyle replied
“Yeah sure, that sounds awesome” I replied smiling
“Come with me, I wanna talk to you in a private room” Kyle whispered in my ear
I nodded excitedly and followed Kyle to a private room on the boat. Kyle led me through a doorway into a private room and locked the door so we can get some privacy.
“Oh Kaela, ever since I saw you in maths class few months ago, I longed to be with you alone but I didn’t know if you truly fancied me” He whispered.
“I felt the same way too” I replied
I pushed him down onto a chair, unbuckling his belt, he looked confused about what I was doing then he hung his head back, moaning and rolling his eyes as I suck his fully hard 8 inch cock, he held onto my head pushing it up and down as I licked the shaft while massaging his balls at the same time, he started to buck his hips against my face. I felt sudden pressure in his cock and I prepared to swallow all his cum, as he squirted out his cum into my mouth, I savoured every drop and licked the remaining cum off his cock head. Kyle leant back in his chair breathless and sweating from trying to restrain himself from screaming with orgasm, he looked at me lustfully,
“Fucking hell Kaela, I can’t believe that you’re so good at giving head!” Kyle gasped happily.
I grinned at him with satisfaction as he pushed me onto the soft bed, he pulled off my skirt and my lace panties, seeing my freshly shaven pussy.

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“Oh man, this is gonna be awesome. If we did have sex, it would be my first time” Kyle whispered softly in my ear
“I had sex several times before so I’ll start us off” I said with confidence
“Fine, do what you like” Kyle whispered.
He slid down onto the bed taking his top off; he put his head towards my pussy and started to flick his tongue over my clit whispering dirty words. I shudder with excitement and moaned softly when he started sliding his tongue into my pussy, I gasp excitedly and begged for more as Kyle started to rub my clit while eating me out hungrily, I felt my pussy juices run down my legs and Kyle sat up with his face covered in the juices, I smiled happily as I recover from my orgasm.
“Whoa Kyle, you’re well good! Please fuck me, I’m going mental, I’m aching for your hard cock to ram me” I groaned lustfully
“Well you’re gonna have to wait!” Kyle whispered sweetly
I felt so fucking horny that I stood up and stripped all my clothes off, Kyle looked at me in awe and soon came to a hard on,
“Does this convince you Kyle?” I asked seductively
He nodded eagerly, I lie down onto the bed and watch Kyle take off his clothes fast as he could, he slid onto the bed sliding up to my body
“Shit, I haven’t got a condom” Kyle said panicking
“It’s ok, I’m on the pill for my hormones thing so I won’t get pregnant and you say you’re a true virgin which I won’t catch STDs from you, and the people I’ve fucked  wore condoms so I’m clean too” I said to Kyle to assure him.
He smiled sexily and laid on top of my body, his cock head resting on my clit putting pressure on it, we kissed passionately until the moment came for Kyle to lose his virginity for the first time. I helped him guide his cock into my wet pussy, as he slid in slowly, he gasped in pleasure while I softly moan
“Oh God!! It’s tighter than I thought it would be” Kyle whispered happily
“How you think you were gonna lose your virginity?” I asked
“I thought it would happen on a one night stand but I’m glad I waited cos you’re truly amazing” Kyle replied contently
He picked up the pace and started to push harder but kept a steady pace, his breathing increased and he started to sweat, my body started to tremble as he increased his speed as well as pushing hard as he could. Kyle bit his lip, veins showing on his forehead, I gasped with pleasure holding onto the metal bar on the headrest on the bed, I arched my back to get more cock in, I felt Kyle shudder violently, feeling the higher pressure in his cock, in a few more ramming he shot his load into my wet juice soaked pussy.
    I gasp and moan ecstatically as I slow down my breathing, Kyle rolled next to me still in my pussy breathing really fast, panting.
    “OH. MY. GOD!!!” I squealed ecstatically
    “Jesus Christ, that has definitely got to be the greatest way of losing my virginity!” Kyle panted quickly.  
    “I know it’s my second time but I can’t believe that the sex was that amazing” I said happily
    “I think it was amazing because we were willing to have sex with each other and we built up tension in the foreplay” Said Kyle explaining his theory
    “Hell yeah!” I replied enthusiastically
    “I think we better go back to the school group now, we’ve been gone over an hour, I bet the teachers gone into a panic of where we are” He whispered nervously.
    Just as he said that, his mobile rang.
    “Kyle speaking”
    “Dude where are you? The teachers just realised you’re missing and they’re looking for you and this lass” Said Rob faintly over the phone
    “We’re ok, we went exploring and we started talking about France and watching the land fade away into the distance” Kyle lied calmly
    “Ok mate, the class is in the restaurant.

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       You need to come now before you get in real trouble” Rob warned
    “Ok, see ya in 10” Kyle replied
    Then he switched off his mobile,
    “We better head off now before we get in trouble but I so want to do this again” said Kyle kindly
    I agreed with him and followed him to the restaurant where the class were gobbling up their lunches, and I spotted Miss Stone rushing over crossly
    “Will you two kindly explain where you went?” Miss Stone demanded
    Kyle and I looked at each other and started lying to Miss Stone……………