Jessie was one of those girls that did everything by the book. Everything was strict, punctual and neat. . . . And that means everything. . . From the way she platted her hair into two perfect pig-tails behind her head, to the way she'd adjust herself in public. . Nothing was left to be messed up in any way shape or form.
Another thing that Jessie enjoyed was dressing up for school, and this meant wearing everything straight out of the movies. The pleated checkered mini-skirt. . . The white collar shirt that was a few sizes too small to emphasise her 12C breasts.

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  . . And the bra and panties to match. . . . She looked, perfect.
Every guy in the school wanted her, and nobody could have her, up until one day when Jessie decided enough was enough and her ways had to be changed. .
As she listened to Mr Adams her Arts teacher explaining the last part of the tutor she realised that her hand had crept under her desk and had pushed aside her cotton panties. . . As she massaged herself she noticed that James next to her had started watching. He was moving at the same rate she was and had a blank but excited smile on his face. .

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  . As he reached over for her leg, and placed his hand on her thigh, she noticed her knees fall apart at his touch. . . She moved her legs around and apart more to give him a full view of everything she had. . . James crept his hand up her silky white leg all the way and slipped his finger straight in to her already wet pussy. . Slowly moving in and out, while beckoning his fingers. . . She began to grind against her chair. . .

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The bell rang to show the end of class but she was stuck there in a trance. . . Suddenly they were the only two left in the class and Mr Adams had noticed something strange going on. . . He noticed that James and Jessie were in a strange position to be sitting next to eachother. . .
It was then he noticed Jessie's erect nipples pushing through her tight shirt. . . He noticed his cock getting harder and harder and he noticed that he had started rubbing himself. . .

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Jessie looked up startled to find Mr Adams unzipping himself in front of her. . . Instead of pulling away like she normally would have she helped his hands along and took his hardening cock in her mouth as far as she could. . . She had neevr done this before but this didn't matter. . . . James had started to pull down her panties to give himself more access while Jessie had unbuttoned her shirt and let it fall off her shoulders. . . Pumping on Mr Adams' cock she started to moan as James had fallen to his knees in front of her. .

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  . Pushing his face into her mound, licking up to her clit and massaging her insides with his finger still. . . . .
As Mr Adams lifted Jessie out of her seat and placed her on his table, he pushed everything else off it and let it all crash to the ground.
    . . This was not a moment for clear thoughts. . . He pushed her legs wide apart and sat at her entrance. . .

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       "GO FOR IT!" Jessie screamed, "GO ALL THE WAY". . . At that, Mr Adams slipped his entire length inside of her, taking her virginity with him. . . James was quite comfortable having Jessie massage his cock while he watched Mr Adams pounding into the desk. . . Jessie took James into her mouth so tightly that James almost blew his load ther and then. . . Mr Adams had noticed Jessie's pussy tightening around his cock and he near blew aswell deep inside her. . .

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      . Suddenly, there was a noise behind them. . . Jessie hadn't noticed as her moaning had grown so loud. . . . Ms Herl, the Head Mistress had appeared in the doorway wondering why Mr Adams was late for the lunch meeting. . .
    She looked them up and down, with Jessie still moaning loudly with Mr Adams inside her. . . .

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    Ms Herl dropped her books and started walking over to the threesme, at that. . . . She took James by the shoulders and threw him on the other side of the desk. . . . . Hoisting her skirt up. . . . . Revealing her lack of panties

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      . . . Or should I? Let me know

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