SDF - part 5 - pick of the litter


(The XXX means I'm too lazy and uncreative to come up with an actual number or name :p)Day XXX, 2010The target had been captured and detained. Evidence of her disappearance were covered by her belongings found amongst the remains of last week's building disaster. The final stages of the experiment can now proceed as planned. The target/subject is a white female, 23, whom just graduated out of XXX university. -Dr. SergioP. S. Professor Goodwin is complaining about my bad grammar again. Urge to kill rising. . . Day XXX, 2010The first of the final stages was a success on the second try. The serum, which was injected into the subject on day XXX, proved to be effectie. Brutus, an eight year old golden retriever, has successfully impregnated the subject. The subject now bears a litter of four puppies. The birth of these four puppies will be expected in three to nine months, depending on how much influence the human-side of their DNA has affected them.

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  Day XXX, 2011The four specimens are developing as planned and expected to be born quite healthy. The subject has expressed a wide range of emotion, mostly anger and depression, and has attempted suicide more than once. However, all attempts were prevented and further security measures were put forth. Day XXX, 2011The specimens were born as four very healthy puppies six months after impregnation (two males, two females). The stress of giving birth to these puppies has left the subject exhausted and unconscious. The specimens are currently under surveillence and put under study at another laboratory. Interesting results are expected from them. P. S. Professor Goodwin is annoying me to no ends. Day XXX, 2011In a shocking turn of events, specimen #3 is developing at an alarming rate. The other specimens have developed into three fine golden retrievers whom each displays high intelligence. Specimen #3, however, is developing into what can only be a human being. In only three short months, he has transformed into a hyperactive five year old child. Day XXX, 2011The anomalous specimen has proven himself to be more of a handful than his siblings.

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   A decrease in sugar intake has done nothing to cease his affinity to causing havoc and destruction. However, the rate at which he is able to learn is astounding and proves further study is needed. P. S. Professor Goodwin must DIE!!!Day XXX, 2011Okay! Scratch that! The anomalous specimen, however cunning and clever, is cleary not intelligent enough to be considered a human being! No ten year old (however young he technically is) would mistake a test tube of potassium for a banana! The subject whom gave birth to the specimens seems to find this amusing. Day XXX, 2011THIS GODDAMN KID IS PISSING ME OFF TO NO ENDS!!!P. S. Professor Goodwin is clearly the lesser of two evilsDay XXX, 2011The experiment for the potion has worked. Seven months and one week after birth, the anomalous specimen's rate of aging has finally slown down to match that of a normal human being. One can only hope that his behaviour will improve over time. Day XXX, 2012The potion that reduced the anomalous specimen's aging rate has done nothing for his behaviour. No matter how much he is drugged or detained, he always seems to find a way around it. On a lighter note, today is the anniversary of the puppies' birth. In only one month, the anomalous specimen has learned over fifty songs for the piano, all of which he played today. Day XXX, 2012Although I realize this is a waste of paper and resources, I wish to rant again.

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   THIS GODDAMN KID IS PISSING ME OFF!!! Somehow, the hell child has found a way out of the lab and spray-painted the side of a morgue.
    In order to avoid suspicions, Professor Goodwin played the part as the father. "Trent" now has a juvenile criminal record. Day XXX, 2013Specimen #3 has escaped again. Day XXX, 2013All search efforts for specimen #3 were in vain. On a more positive note, life has never been more quiet. Dispite better judgement, a second batch of specimens is underway. Day XXX, 2016Specimen #3 is still missing. One of the siblings, specimen #2, has died today at age five. The anamolous specimen, if he is still alive today, will be reaching his fifth birthday soon. Physically and mentally, however, he will be reaching age seventeen. How much he has developed over three years is unknown and unpredictable. *****Elsewhere, a young teenager with extremely long light brown hair and sky blue eyes was sitting high up in a tree. He wore brown trousers and a green sleeveless jacket over a white t-shirt. He also wore black sandals and a white bandana over his forehead.

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       His hair was incredibly long, reaching down to the back of his knees. "Gero-nemo!!!" Trent shouted as he jumped off the tree and onto the top of a passing bus. He heard many good things about the city and he was going to experience it for himself!.

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