SDF - part nine - the sword-girl


SplashLand was visible. SlishThe waters were getting shallow. SplashThe boat was getting near Demon island. "[Moto-chan! You feeling alright?]" The voice of a woman spoke out. "[Tsunade-sempai, mornin!]" Motoko Kurenai quickly whirled around to face the older woman. She was sitting on her bed away from the door in one of the cabins of the boat. The cabin contained two beds; she was sitting on the one farther away from the door and closer to the window. Motoko had reached the age of fourteen at the beginning of summer. It was now mid july, the beginning of the most important test of all. It was a test everyone learning the Shin Onitsurugi-Ryuu style of kenjutsu must take at least once before learning the more advanced techniques. The pass rate was less than 5%. . . men AND women. . .

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  Motoko wore her traditional training gear: a white loose-sleeved kimono, a long black hakama (samurai pants), a white sash, and a shinai. Her black hair was only long enough to cover up part of her ears. She had snowy white pale skin and sharp brown eyes. Dispite her years of training, she did not look like someone who'd do well in a fight. She had a small and slim figure, though it was hard to see through her baggy clothes. "[It's Sanae. Call me Sanae,]" Sanae Tsunade replied as she sat down next to Motoko. "[Are you sure you're ready for this?]""[I'm sure, Tsu. . . Sanae-sempai,]" Motoko replied as she clutched the shinai in both her hands. The hilt of the wooden practice sword was held near her face, as if she were hugging it for comfort. "[Was always ready. . .

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  ]""[I know, but. . . I can't help worrying,]" Sanae explained as she wrapped her arms around the younger girl. Sanae also wore her traditional training gear, but she carried a real katana by her side. She was taller than Motoko by a head and had doe brown eyes and dyed dark purple hair tied up into a bun. She also had a more developed and slender figure with a kind and nurturing atmosphere around herself. At age nineteen, she passed the test five years ago. She was the sensei's first disciple. Motoko was the fourth. *****Motoko remembered when she was nine, how happy everyone was when Sanae-sempai passed the test. There was some sort of promotion ceremony followed by a celebration, then a private session to teach Sanae one of the most powerful techniques of Shin Onitsurugi-ryuu. When it was Asuka-sempai, the second disciple's turn, there was only disappointment. Motoko could vividly remember the words from that day:"[What the hell do you mean I didn't pass? I brought you the ultimate weapon, didn't I?]" Asuka's voice. "[No, you did not.

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   It's impressive that you survived and found a sword, but you failed to do what you were sent here to do. If you wish, you may take the test next year with Akira. ]""[Ne. . . screw this! I'm leaving!]"That did not compare to what happened last year. . . when Akira took the test:"[Tsunade-sempai? Wasn't Akira-sempai supposed to come back today?]""[Akira. . . is not coming back. ]""[Kinda like how Asuka-sem. . .


   Asuka left? It's not too late, maybe we can Wh-]"Motoko couldn't get anymore words out. Sanae was hugging her and crying her heart out. It was hard not to understand the situation. *****"[Sanae-sempai, I'm not gonna end up like Akira-sempai, alrigh'?]" Motoko said, tilting her head to look at Sanae. "[Didn'ja pass the test five years ago? Asuka-sempai almost passed, too. Ya know?]""[Please don't underestimate the test, Moto-chan. Aki-chan had the same kind of attitude. I just. . . I can't. . . ]" Sanae couldn't get the words out. She simply held onto Motoko for as long as she could.

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   "[If anything were to happen to you. . . ]""[Sempai. . . ]" Motoko turned her face away and pointed her eyes downwards. She noticed a drop of water on the wooden floor next to her feet. Another drop joined it. . . "[Motoko, you don't have to,]" Sanae said as she wiped away her tears. She leaned in closer as she tightened her grip on the younger girl. "[Sempai, I gotta take it,]" Motoko felt the prescence of the older girl come closer. The purple hair was close enough to smell.

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  "[I know. . . and I can't do anything for you. . . except this,]" Sanae pressed her lips up against the younger girl. She reached up with her right hand and began ruffling Motoko's short hair. Her other hand was used to wrap around Motoko's right hip in a form of embrace. "[Wha. . . ?]" Motoko was caught off guard by this action and wasn't sure what to do. Her shinai left her hands and clanged against the wooden floor. She closed her eyes and immediately began returning the kiss.

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   She allowed her mind to wander in continuous confusion and pleasure. Her heart-rate went through the roof as she permitted her sempai to explore with her tongue. "[Do you remember? We used to do this kind of stuff alot when Asuka and Akira were still around. Even to this day, we're still not sure if the Sensei knows. ]""[Wouldn't be surprised if he did. ]""[It'll be lonely once you're gone. . . when you're taking the test, I mean. ]""[Ya still got Jin and them. ]""[Jin is still just a little boy. ]""[Oh, right. ]"Motoko reached behind Sanae's head to undo the the bun. Once she pulled off the scrunchy, the older girl's hair fell down. Sanae's hair reached down all the way to her waist.

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   Her eyes met Motoko's and they stared into each other's soul. The older girl continued exploring the younger one's mouth. Her tongue slithered along the oral caverns and rubbed up against the cave's own fleshy tongue. Sanae decided to get a bit more aggressive by grabbing Motoko's breasts and pushing her down onto the bed. Her heart skipped a beat as a moan of pleasure escaped the younger girl's mouth. She broke the kiss and knelt over her lover's body with her knees on either side of the waist. She had the younger girl turn over so that she was face down. The older girl undid her sash, then used it to tie Motoko's hands behind her back. Next, she undid Motoko's sash and used it to blindfold her. Once that was done, she carefully slid the bound girl's hakama off, exposing the girl's panties. Those were taken off as well. "[Sempai. . . ]" Motoko began as she felt her own clothes removed.

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  "[Shh. . . ]" Sanae shushed as she stood up and removed her own hakama and panties. These along with her kimono were piled onto the wooden floor. Instead of a bra, however, she wore bandages in order to bind her breasts against her body making them look small to the untrained eye. Once these were removed, her full D-cups were revealed. Motoko could not see them, but she could feel them pressed up against her face.
    "[Sempai, ya got nice breasts. Wish I hadda pair lik'em. Why ya wrap 'em, neway?"]"[It's more practical in battle. Don't worry, you're just a late bloomer. I'm sure you'll have nice breasts one day. Then you can wrap them like me. ]""[Doubt it.

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      . . ]" Motoko muttered to herself. That thought left her head once she felt something moist against her pussy. "[Oooohhhhhh. . . Sempai. . . ]"Another groan of pleasure elicited from her throat as Sanae swirled her tongue around Motoko's outer lips. A gentle blow to the clit was enough to make the body spasm. In order to gain more control, the older girl grabbed the bound girl by the thighs and buried her face into the womanhood before her. This sent another. .


      . couple. . . few. . . hundred. . . thousand. . . jolts of pleasure down the younger girl's spine. Sweat drenched Motoko's black hair as she went herself already coming close to a climax.

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       She made a note to herself to kick herself in the head for having such weak endurance. That left her mind once the first waves of orgasm hit her. "[Coming already? Tsk, tsk. . . that's so unlike you, Moto-chan,]" Sanae giggled as she noted the fluids coming out of the younger girl's opening. She lowered her head back down in order to taste the juices. Then, she gathered some of the cunt juice with her left hand before presenting it before Motoko's lips. Motoko sensed the older teen's cum-soaked fingers and knew what she had to do. She reached out with her tongue and licked up all of her own juices. She felt herself licking air once the fingers were removed. However, she didn't have to wait long before she felt herself licking pussy. "[Now it's my turn. Do a good job, alright?]""[Mmm. .

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      . ]" Motoko's reply was muffled by the womanhood squished up against her face. Since her hands were tied, she could only use her tongue. She poked around the entrance to the older girl's love canal. After a bit of probing, she penetrated the lips with her tongue and began exploring the foreign tunnel. "[Oh. . . that's it. . . right there. . . ]" Sanae groaned as she tweaked her own nipples in synch with Motoko's probing.

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       She released hold of her nipples and lowered her head back down into the younger girl's pussy. This way, the two of them were in a sixty-nine position. With the advantage of sight and usable hands, she was able to bring Motoko back near the brink of orgasm again. This time, however, she held off until she felt her own orgasm approaching. "[Tsuna. . . Sanae-sempai. . . please. . . make me cum. .


      . ]" Motoko pleaded. "[Not yet. . . just a bit now! Together!]"With that, the two of them came together. Motoko found herself cumming for the second time that day and her face drenched with Sanae's cum. She accepted the love juice with excitement and happiness in her heart. She relished the taste of her sempai before swallowing what she could get into her mouth. Sanae lifted her face and used her fingers in place of her tongue in order to avoid getting her face drenched with cum. Instead, her face was drenched with sweat. Her left fingers were drenched with cum. . . so she licked it all off.

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      "[Moto-chan, you taste so good. ]""[You. . . you too. . . sempai. . . ]""[We should probably get ready. We should be arriving at demon island very soon. ]""Hai, sempai. . .

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      "Once both of them cleaned up the mess they made and donned their clothing, they headed out. Before Motoko reached the door, however, Sanae pulled the younger girl in for another kiss. Once she broke the kiss, she said, "[good luck, Moto-chan. ]""Arigatou, Sanae-sempai. "To be continued!
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