Sex with a teacher...


My name is Steve. I am 17 years old and about 6'2" tall and weigh about 80kgs. Recently we have had a student teacher for english who is about 25 years old and looks like Jessica Alba.
I had been secretly watching her in her lessons when she taught and was overjoyed to hear she would be teaching us one of our modules. She is about 5' tall and has long brown hair. Her tits are small, but she has a perfect round ass to make up for it. . Sometimes, when she bends over, you can see the top of her lacy white panties peeking out from her trousers and this gives me a boner everytime I see it. I just want to bend her over her desk and fuck her senseless.
Anyway, one day during our lesson she was handing our work and she gave me back mine. I noticed my grade was a D, which was odd because I normally get As or Bs. She told me to come back after school for some extra help.
I showed up to her classroom after school and she was already there, wearing her usual grey skirt (which showed her ass perfectly) and a stripey blouse. She told me to get to work on some notes we had been writing in class and to ask if I had a problem. I sat down at the back of the room and started working.   My work was boring and the only excitement for the first half an hour was when she reached up to get a book off one of the top shelves in the room and gave me a nice view of her ass and her white panties.


Soon enough I encountered a problem and called her over. She came over and leant on the desk in front of me. I could see straight down her top! Her tits were in a natching lacy bra and seemed nice and firm and round. Not surprisingly, I suddenly got a huge boner! My cock is about 6" soft and my erections are normally about 8" long and quite thick (or so i've been told!). Anyway, the teacher helped me with my work and we carried on with her at her desk and me doing my notes, but now with a huge boner and a stronger desire for her than ever.
About an hour into the extra help lesson, I needed more help and called her over; but this time she told me to come up to the front to see her. The only problem with this was the fact that she would see my obvious erection! I tried to get out of it, but she made me go to the front. I put my work on her desk and told her the problem and straightened back up, so my bulge was right next to her head (she was sat down). She didn't notice it until, completely out of the blue, she mentioned how this type of work can be quite hard. When she said "hard" her small hand grabbed my cock through my pants and she looked into my eyes. Slwoly she started wanking me off and I started moaning with pleasure. Suddenly, she got up and shut the door so no-one would hear us and ordered me to sit in her chair. I complained but she said she was in charge as she was the teacher!
I sat down and, as she walked towards me, she undid her blouse and exposed her bra and small tits! It was like a dream come true! She took off her bra and told me rub her tits. i did so and she moaned loudly and unzipped my pants and took my cock out. Her tits were perfect and tanned and felt like ripe oranges in my hands.

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   Her nipples were erect and tickled my palms as i rubbed them.
She took my cock in her mouth and started to suck me off. Her smooth tongue licked my shaft while she played with my tight balls and then swirled around my head. I began to thrust my hips slightly into her mouth and rubed her tits harder. Just as I was about to cum, she stood up and pulled her skirt off so she was completely naked. i followed suit and she told me to lie on her desk. I did so and she climbed onto me so we were in the 69 positions. Her perfect ass was right in my face and I didn't hesitate when she told me to eat her pussy. She carried on sucking me off while I ate her out. She tasted musky and slightly sweet and it wasn't long before I found her clit and she was squirming in pleasure!
We did this for some time until she grew restless again and ordered me to sit on her chair once more. I did so and my cock was standing up straight, ready for our next exercise. She walked towards me like a dream and slowly, but very pleasurably, sat down on my cock so her tits we in my face.
    She began to fuck me while I licked her nipples. I could feel me shaft stretching her pussy and my helmet pushing against her walls.
    Soon we were both very close to orgasm and she quickly jumped off me and lay on the desk.

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       I climbed on her chest and put my wet cock in between her small tits. She proceeded to push them together so she could wank me off. I began thrusting and quickly shot my hot sticky cum all over her face and tits. She laughed and began to play with herself so she came too. She also licked my juices off her face and sucked my cock clean.
    We were both getting dressed when suddenly I realised that I probably wouldn't get to do this again and should fulfil my other fantasy as well. She had her back to me and was pulling her skirt over her bare ass and I could see her wet pussy drippingwith her juices. I walked over and pulled it down and laid her back on the desk. She asked what I was doing, but I told her to wait and see. In her bag was some lube and I put it on my cock and all over her asshole before gently pushing into her little brown tunnel. She moaned and tried to get free, but I held her there and felt my helmet pass inside her rectum. I moaned loudly and she started to play with her clit again. Soon i was fucking her ass and it was very tight too! It was obviously her first time as I could see a small amount of blood on my cock. Her long tanned legs wrapped around my waist and I held onto them so I could push my cock deeper into her body. We fucked for about 5 minutes like this until I was ready to come again.

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       I pulled out and made her suck her own shit off my cock until it was clean; then I found her bra and wanked until I shot some of my semen into each bra cup. She complained and i made her suck me clean to shut her uo. Isn't it odd how the power in a situation can change?
    Anyway, we finished up and I made her put her sticky bra back on so the cum stuck it to her tits. As i left, she was playing with her pussy and made me lick her fingers clean.  She told me to come back at the same time the next day!