sex with adopted sister #4


other things in this story include anal & enema's

People in this story Me & my adopted sister Breanna

heres finally another story of sex with my adopted sister Breanna (be sure to read my other sex with adopted stories 1st if you have not yet)

Breanna had been away for a long time nearly 80 days. . 80 days and neither of us has had sex. .

She called me and told me she what time shed be home around 8pm Im standing there waiting near the front door for her right on the dot at 8pm she walks in

she puts down her bags and comes to me putting her arms around me kissing ms slowly lip to lip, hugged her tighter while my hands ran slowly down her back to her butt where i gave a gentle squeeze she did the same thing her hands running down my bag to my butt and her giving a gentle squeeze

slowly putting my hand in her pants touching her butt and squeezing it a bit harder, and slowly inserting a finger into her butt, she did the same to me, we just stood there close to each other doing that for 15 mins, kissing alot

taking our tops off, we hugged again, our bodies pressing into each others, and her sexy 34D tits pressing into me felt wonderful,slowly coming out of the hug, i moved behind her placing my hands over her tits, pressing and squeezing as i slowly kissed her neck.

she was loving it and said ohhh mmm squeeze em harder, so i squeezed em harder still slowly kissing her neck , did that for about 15 mins,we each took our pants and undies off, she got down to her knees and started to stroke my cock to get me hard, once my cock was hard she slowly sucked on my cock, and slowly licking it all over too

that felt so good, she did that for 20 mins, and as she did she slowly inserted her finger deep into my butt, and me telling her ohhh your so wonderful. when she was done sucking we walked over to the couch where she laid on her back and i got down on my knees where i slowly rubbed her vagina and slowly inserted a finger

then pulled my finger out and slowly started to lick and kiss her vagina, hearing her say ohh yes yess i needed this, mmmm yeahhh, i licked faster and then slide my tounge inside her vagina wiggled it around for a bit, then held it in there for 10 mins,

after that i got up and said shall we do our enemas now dear sis, she said yea, with that we headed up stairs, and into the bathroom where i had the enema stuff ready and set up this time i let her give me one 1st, i got down on my knees with elbows up on the tub ledge, she got down on her knees and shoved the nozzle in my butt so hard & deep it felt wonderful she did that a few times of taking it out and shoving it back in

about after 20 times of her doing that she started the flow of water, the water was warm and felt great going up my butt, she pushed the nozzle hard up against my tail-bone, and i said ohhh yessss do that harder dear sis so she did. she had me take the whole bag and hold it in for 20 mins

as i was holding it in we kissed some more lip to lip and tounge to tounge, after 20 mins I let it out and she gave me 4 more enemas after that. i told her you did great that felt really amazing,

then it was my turn to give her enemas, she got on her knees same way i did, i got down on mine and shoved the nozzle in her butt and took it out and put back in a few times, then i started the flow of water into her butt, and i pushed the nozzle hard up against her tail-bone she said wow, thats so good.

after enemas we moved on to the bed where we kissed again, for while then she laid on her back i was rock hard i lubed my cock a bit and a slide it in to her vagina and fucked her hard & good, and deep,the look for happines and joy in her eyes, i fucked her harder for about 30 mins as i was about to cum i pulled her closer and came deep inside her pussy, she said to me "ohhh yeahhh thats what i needed, mmmm that feels so good"slowing down still fucking her i placed my hands over her tits, and squeezed hard, then bending closer to her to kiss her

then pulling out of her vagina she got into the doggie style postion and i fucked her in the butt hard she said this i needed too, did that for another 30 mins, then pulled out and let her fuck me with a strap on for a while, then we went on to take a nice warm shower together she washed me and i washed her

getting out and drying off it was after 10pm, we went out to grab a bite to eat, and to catch a late movie, while in the movie theater after the lights went down we played with each other quietly,my hands up her shirt touching her tits, then down her pants playing with her she did the same down my pants then putting our arms around each other kissing every once and a while, and watching the movie all at the same tiime

after the movie we headed back home, had a bit of dessert then went off to bed, her laying next to me in bed naked i put my cock in her vagina and 1 finger up her butt held it there and she put one of her fingers up my butt held it there and we said good night kissed and fell asleep.

Just woke now, or well bout 5am here on the East Coast. . Today Monday September 20th 2010 5:29am

as we woke she said to me, thanks for that last night i really needed all that, i told her i needed it too, was waiting for you she said the same back to me, and kissed again

yes me and sis kiss alot and hug, too, we are very close, she told me, you know i really do love out sexual time with each other i told her i do too.

Thats all for now. . till next time.

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