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i had arranged a movie night with a group of friend ( to wtch patanormal activity we are all 16/17)there was Brian, Ryan, Shaun, laura and chloe + me all ment to be going. when i got to Brians house (were we were going Cause his parents were away that weekend) brian answered and invited me in When i sat down ryan and shaun came throught I said hi and asked when laura and chloe were coming but shaun said that they had both cancalled at the last minute. so brian put on the dvd and switched off all the lights. i sat at the edge of the couch brian beside me and shaun and ryan sat on the floor. I was really scared as the film was really jumpy. throught the film i felt someones hand on my leg (probably brians we both liked each other but neither of us admitted it) i kept jumping throught the dvd but the boys found it funny cause they thought it was boring!

when the dvd was over i went it to the kitchen and brian followed me through he wrapped his arms around my waist and started kising me on the neck i pulled away from him and he just stared at me He aked me what we wrong and i just said i was shocked. we went back throught to the living room where shaun and ryan were drinking cans of lager. brian sat with them and started drinking while i sat on the couch with my lemonade. A think a must have fell a sleep cause i woke to hear music being put on ma phone said it was 23:00 so i had been a sleep for 3 hours i looked at my phone and i had 5missed calls from my mum so i left the room phoned my mum and told her i was staying at lauras (she wouldnt let me stay if i told her it was at a boys house) and she said ok.

i went back in And brian shaun and ryan asked me to sit on the floor with them so i did (forgetting a had a skirt on) The three boys just started at my bright pink thong A then remember and moved so they couldnt see my underwear. As a joke a said like what you see? and brian said yes and started coming over and kissing me. i was shocked but i didnt want to stop him. Ryan and shaun just sat and stared.

he started slowly removing my thin vest top over my 36DD breasts ad his hand s touche dmy skin i shivered and then he removed my bra letting my boobs fall out as he started sucking them then he removed my skirt and thong and started rubbing my clit i couldnt be anything for my gasping breaths. (but brian know i was a virgin)

i hadnt noticed that brian was already completely naked and shaun and ryan were masterbating. brian slipped 2 finger up my now slippery virgin pussy .

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   i gasped and groaned. then he pushed his 9" cock into my virgin waited pussy i screamed as he entered but then i started gasping i want this tpo continue for as long as posible. After about 10minutes he blow his load into my pussy and then shaun and ryan came over and blow there loads on my stomach.

I fell a sleep and a woke to find a finger up my pussy it wasnt brian But ryan i asked him what he was doing, "he said i wanted to shag you because i can" i tried to move but i found i was tied to a bed. he told me to shut up! then slapped me across the face. i heard someone banging on the door it was brian, he said "if you fucking lay a finger on her i will fucking Kill you"
he replied "Very luck if you can even get through the door" inoticed it was locked with a unit shoved in front of it. he started to really shove his fingers up my pussy It was really sore so i started screaming. I heard brian on the other side trying to go in. Ryan slapped me and said i will make it worse!! then he got up and when to put his cock in my mouth. i started screaming no but he didnt listen and started fucking my mouth i felt sick but he didnt care. then he blow his load in my mouth an held my mouth shut in till i swollowed his load. i felt really sick before i noticed he was down at my pussy just about to put his cock in when i screamed "no" then he put his hand over my mouth and said u dont have a fucking choice! then he rammed his 11" dick into ma pussy it was alot sorer then when brian had done it earlier. i screamed but he just laughed then he blow his load in side me. i couldnt stop crying.

just then brian knocked through the door and movingg the unit away he pulled ryan off me And started punching him and then told him to go the fuck out his house.

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   and ryan just got up started laughing then left.

brian untied me then cuddled me close and we sat like that for the rest of the night. x x


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