Sexual Encounters: My LIfe Chapter 11


I knew I was pretty, my face void now of childhood baby fat, my body boasting hips and ass proudly in tight jeans. I also knew what kind of control I had over men. I was well known in my town for my incredible cock sucking skills, and I was proud of that.

Men and boys called my house constantly, for either myself or one of my sisters. Karie had come home, so the three of us were now together. Often, we would have someone knocking at our front door late at night, to our parents dismay. There were many nights I would slip into the alley behind our house for a 'quicky' to return home, my absence undetected.

During one of these midnight alley trysts, I had found myself on my knees with a line of young boys anxiously awaiting their turn to experience my 'head' skills. I had met their 'crew leader' a few days before, and he had decided to test me by bringing over what had to be at least 7 or 8 of his friends.

Always the obeying little cum swallower, I followed him to the alley where I sucked off each of his friends. I went home basking intheir praise and with a belly full off cum.

It was when I was 17 I met the man who would father my child. He was 6' with wide shoulders that betrayed his thin waist. He had an easy smile and the longest lashes I had ever seen on a man. It was also with him that I began to explore my wilder fantasies.

While pregnant, my sexual desire was insatiable.

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  Andre tried to please me, as he had become my only lover, but I needed more than a typical fucking.

So as we watched porno's I would mention how I would like to be with a female. After my experience with Karie, I hadn't really thought about being with a female again, until my raging hormones turned me into a sexual deviant.

Our neighbor was a dark skinned Jamaican girl, a few years older than myself and younger than Andre. She had beautiful big tits that I craved to suckle. She was a serious flirt, constantly rubbing against Andre 'accidently'.

Andre and I would have sex, and as his cock slid in and out of my dripping, pregnant pussy I would beg him to pretend I was her, to think about her as he fucked me. It turned me on knowing my man was fantasizing about another girl while he was inside me.

We began exploring toys together, him fucking my ass while I slid a 10 inch dildo into my cunt. Andre loved toput anal beads in my ass and watch as my puckered anus strained as he tugged on the string until a smooth round bead would 'pop' out, causing me to squirm and squirt pussy juice onto my hand.

On a special occasion, we had bought two bottles of champagne, and tipsy, I allowed him to run the cold glass against my exposed cunt. I loved the way it felt having that bottle slipping between my puffy pussy lips, and proceded to angle my body so he could slide the neck into me. As it made it's way into my cunt, I felt my insides turning cold. Reaching the end of the thin neck, Andre stopped and began pumping the glass bottle within me.

Extremely aroused, I took his hand and pushed the bottle further inside my hot cunt.

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My cunt lips were obsenely stretched around the wide base, and I felt my pelvic bonebarring the entrance to this foreign object. It hurt to have the bottle shoved so hard against my cunt, but at the same time, it felt amazing.

I let Andre fuck my pussy with the champagne bottle, my fingers working furiously on my clit. , until I came. Removing the bottle from my dripping, stretched pussy, Andre took a gulp of the champagne, tasting both it and me.

When I found out a year after our daughters birth that Andre had cheated on me I was furious and hurt. We broke up for a few months until I decided I wanted to still be with him. However, I couldn't stop thinking about the fact that he had fucked another girl.

I was confused and ashamed, because many times as I thought about what he had done, I found myself turned on. I would play with my pussy thinking of the two of them together.

One night as he and I lay there watching a porno, he began to suck on my nipples. My hand went immediately to my clit, and I started thinking about him sucking her tits. I was burning with desire to hear about what he had done to her.

"Please, tell me about what you did with Laura!" I finally heard myself beg.

When he told me no, I rolled to my side, embarrassed.

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  I felt Andre's hand on my arm and tried to shrug it off.

"Ok. I'll tell you. " he said reluntently, unable to stand my cold attitude towards him.

I knew he was afraid I would get angry. I didn't know how to tell him that knowing that he had cheated on me got me wetter than I'd ever been. So I showed him, by placing his hand on my tit so he could tweak my nipple as he told me his story, my fingers once more buried in my cunt.


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