Sexual Encounters: My Life Chapter 2


As we trudged around back, a blue minivan pulled up next to us. When the window was wound down, Karie was greeted by the grinning face of the man she had lost her virginity to that summer. He asked us if we needed a ride and we told him that we were locked out of our house but lived around the corner. "You wanna hang out with us for awhile then?" he suggested. By us he meant himself and 2 of his friends. They all looked to be in there late teens and not a one of them were bad looking. So Karie and I climbed into the van and went along for a ride. I was sitting next to a good looking black boy with a dazzling smile. I remember now that he had very sexy lips. They took us to an empty apartment that they had obviously broken into previously. It was a small one bedroom with nothing more than a livingroom, a kitchen, a bedroom and then a bathroom barely big enough to sit down in. Karie and Jason, her previous lover, went into the livingroom leaving me alone with the 2 guys. The driver of the minivan, or Big Blue as they called it, was a boy of medium build who talked a little funny and made me question if he wasn't gay. I gathered his name was Andrew when the guy I was sitting next to on the ride there told him to roll a blunt. "You got weed, Will?" Andrew asked. By now I knew their names, or at least the names they wanted me to know.

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   The small room quickly filled with smoke and I began to feel myself catch a contact high. Afterwards, Andrew made his way into a darkened corner and fell asleep. Not that there was any light in the room to begin with. Will asked me to lay next to him and 'keep him warm' so I slid along the carpeted floor until I was nestled alongside his slender body. His face moved towards mine and I thought, "Oh my God. He's going to kiss me!"His lips were so soft and gentle as he placed them over mine. Then I felt his wet tongue licking at my own lips and I parted them quickly to allow him access. Our tongues touched and I experienced my first kiss at 14. His hand roamed down my body and to my breasts. This was all new to me. With David it had been a simple fuck with no foreplay. I shuddered as he pinched a nipple between his fingers. He pulled me atop him and we kissed again. He unbuttoned my jeans and tried to remove them from my body. My weight was fully on him however and he was unable to get them past my widened hips.

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   I lifted myself off him and let him slide them to my ankles. My panties followed quickly. He now concentrated on his cock, and as he removed it from the opening of his boxers I couldn't help but admire it. It wasn't nearly as long or as wide as David's had been but it was beautiful. He placed the mushroom like head at my wet, waiting hole and I let my weight down on him once more, impaling myself with this dark, lovely penis. I rode him, his hands guiding my hips, showing me how to bring him pleasure. It felt amazing as his dick slid in and out of my still tight cunt. We fucked this way, kissing, he the teacher and I the eager student, until he told me to turn over to my hands and knees. I did so without hesitation and was rewarded by the thrust of his long pole deep inside my womb. I pushed back, trying to get more of him inside me. I wanted our bodies to become one. It felt so good. Without warning he removed his throbbing stiff rod and placed the tip at my puckered asshole. I cringed as he pushed forward and inside my anal cavity. Again, I was expecting pain worse than this, but none came.

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   He slid easily in and out of my asshole, never once asking me if I was okay. I allowed him to fuck my ass, completely relaxed, if not exactly enjoying it. I suppose I had become too relaxed because I suddenly felt my stomach stir. With his next thrust out I smelled shit and knew if he didn't stop we would both be a mess. I told him to let me up and relunctently he did so. I went to the bathroom and relieved myself, trying to be quite so he wouldn't hear. I was embarrassed and ashamed. Wiping myself with some tissue they must have brought there from before, I noticed I was bleeding. I must have started my period while we were having sex. When I returned from the bathroom he was gone. So I lay on the floor and fell asleep alone. The next day when we awoke, Karie and I were afraid to go home. We had never stayed out an entire night before without permission. So we decided we just wouldn't go back. We walked down town that day where I asked a passing stranger to pawn a necklace my Grandmother had given me so we could buy a few neccessities.

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   Upon returning to the 'clubhouse' we set up house by placing our new toothbrushes, condoms, pads and panties away in the bathroom.
    That night the boys returned to the apartment. After the night before I was sure Will would never come around again. But here he was, to my surprise and delightment. The five of us were in the bedroom, the guys smoking and free-styling, Karie and I happy to just sit there and listen. Karie and Jason began making out and before long Will had his hand on the button to my jeans. When he continued to slide his hand into my jeans and under the waitband of my panties, I didn't know how to tell him to stop. I knew I was bleeding and that he too would know before long, but I was young and too embarrassed to say anything, so I allowed him to dip his fingers into my menstrating cunt. He fingered me for a few minutes and then asked me to follow him into the front room. There was a large bay window, looking out into what seemed an empty city, but not once did I worry that someone may have walked by and saw us fucking there in that obviously unlived in apartment. He removed my jeans and smoothly slipped between my well lubricated cubt lips, surely coating his long rod with my bloody womanhood. He seemed to either take no notice of my situation or chose to ignore it and began pumping fast and hard into my pussy. After a few minuted his tempo became almost frenzied and I wanted to cry out as he repeatedly pressed past what I now know to be my G-spot. But I lay there silently, allowing this boy to use my flesh as he desired. I felt his body stiffen and knew he had come when he went limp and fell forward across my chest.

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       After a few moments he slid free from my sloppy teenage fuck box, put his cock back into his jeans and left without a word to me. The next day I heard from a friend of his that he had noticed I was on my period and they questioned me about it. Being young and silly I denied it. After days of being away from home, I decided one cold, lonely night that I was going to go home . So on day 5 of our first adventure as runaways Karie and I returned home to hugs, and later, beatings. (The stories in this series are all true and from personal experience. However, names have been changed to protect privacy. ).

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