Sexual Progression Pt. 2


"We're going to my house. My parents wanted to finally meet you. " I told her. Her eyes widened in surprise, I'd never offered to take her over to my house before. I never really knew how serious we were until after she got out of schol for the summer. "Jimmy, I can't meet them like this! I'm covered in mud. " she looked at Jesse hopefully. "Jess, I brought some extra clothes in Jimmy's truck. Can I use your shower?""Sure. " Jesse answered with a wide grin. I could guess what his thoughts were along the lines of. "First door down the hall on the left. Take your time. "She grabbed her clothes out of my truck and bounded up the steps into his house. I knew my eyes weren't the only ones following her tight ass as she walked in. "So what do you think of her?" I asked after she was inside.

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  "I have to say, you're lucky I didn't get her first. " he answered with another wide grin. "How'd you meet her?""She goes to school with Missy. They decided she needed another boyfriend. ""You let your little sister introduce her to one of her friends?!" he crowed. "How old is she?""Shh!!! She's sixteen. Seventeen in August. ""Forget that. She's jail bait. Looks like you won't get laid. " he smirked. "Says who?" I shot back. Jesse didn't answer, but looked around thoughtfully. "You know, you haven't seen her goods yet have you?""Nah. I've been playing the good boy.

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   She's even got my grandpa happy because I've been taking her to church lately. ""C'mon. We're going to have some fun. " he said as he shut the four wheeler off and started towards the house. I already knew what Jesse was going to do. I felt like a cad as I followed him around the house to the bathroom window, but I was curious about what Heather looked like without her clothes on. It didn't help that all of Jesse's windows were huge, which practically invited you to look in them. She was already in the shower when we peeked in the window. It figured that the shower curtain was open and lined up perfectly for us to see her as she finished rinsing her long blonde hair. The water bounced around her high, firm breasts and down her flat belly to a fully shaved pussy that had the most perfect slit I'd ever seen. She turned around and we saw her perfect little ass. We even got a nice little view of both perfectly tight holes when she dropped the soap and bent over to retrieve it. We left the window when she shut off the water. We didn't want to take the chance of getting caught, and like I said I have plans for tonight. I wouldn't want to scare her off just yet.

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  "Dude, you've got to get me in on that! She's so hot! Please, please, please? We can do a threesome. I don't care if it is bait, it's worth it!'' Jesse begged when we were far away enough from the house that we knew she wouldn't hear us. "No way. That's mine. Go find your own. " I said, suddenly overcome with a very possessive feeling. He didn't answer because Heather suddenly came out of the door dressed in jeans and a cute t-shirt. I smiled as she walked down the steps towards us, but I knew she was thinking something by the way she smiled back. "Hey, babe? What are you going to do?" she asked sweetly. "Huh?""You're still muddy and you don't have an extra set of clothes. You'll get your truck all dirty. " she smiled wider. "Oh, it'll be fine. I'm not worried about it. '' I answered, wondering what she was up to.

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  Neither one of us had a clue when she bent to pick something up off the ground, but we figured it out quick enough when the cold water hit us from the hose. ''I was. " she laughed when we'd backed up too far for the water to hit us anymore. She handed me the bag she'd kept her clothes in to put down on the seat of my truck to keep it from getting wet. She climbed in the passenger side and smiled at Jesse. "Sorry, Jess. You were just really in the wrong place in the wrong time. " Jesse's glare broke into a smile. She knew we wouldn't stay mad at her. We waved goodbye to Jesse and drove over to my house. I noticed none of the family cars were in the drive, so the only one that might be home would be Missy. We walked inside and I noticed that even Missy was gone. "Where is everybody?'' she asked after taking her shoes off. "I don't know. Mom and Dad knew you were coming, so I thought they'd be home for sure.

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   Missy might be with her boyfriend. Steph's gotta be with Dan and Virgil's probably with Sherry. Oh, well. I'll give you the grand tour. "I showed her the house, but noticed she was yawning a lot. I knew she'd gotten up early to get ready to be with me. Maybe I could use it to my advantage. "Tired?""A little. Everything just kind of wore me out. ""Would you like to lay down?""Are you sure your parents won't mind?" she asked, looking a little doubtful. Missy had told me her dad were really strict. ''They don't care. I'm a little peaked, too. Come on. '' I grabbed her hand and led her back to mine and Virgil's room.

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   She looked nervously at both of the twin beds, so I sat on mine. She went over to Virgil's. "Hey. You're supposed to be over here!" I laughed. "But what about your parents?""I already told you, they don't care. Come here. " She looked at me again, but crossed the room to my bed. "There. That wasn't so hard. I'm not going to bite. I promise. "She smiled again and kissed me lightly, nipping at my bottom lip before she pulled back and laid down. "But I might. "I laughed and laid down beside her, taking her in my arms and watching her slowly fall asleep. I must have drifted off, too.

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   By the time I opened my eyes, it was dark out. I listened carefully, but there were no sounds that would let me know that anyone else had come home yet. I looked down at Heather. She was still fast asleep. I brushed away a strand of hair that had gone across her face. She turned in closer to me, pressing her body up against mine. I wish I could say that I couldn't help what I did next, but you all know I could. I felt myself grow hard as I ran my hand up underneath her shirt to cup her breasts. I ran my hand gently over her nipple, imagining my mouth on it as I lifted the shirt up to do just that. I lowered her white pretty white bra and took the tiny pink nipple in my mouth, brushing my tongue over it reverently. I was letting my hands undo the buttons to her jeans when I felt her stiffen and moan. I looked up, but her eyes were still closed. I continued sucking and unbuttoning her jeans. Leaving her breasts to slowly kiss my way down her belly. her eyes opened slightly as I reached her waist band.

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   I moved back up and kissed her lips gently. She opened her mouth willingly and I let my tongue explore her sweet mouth. I ran my hands back down her belly to her now unfastened jeans and gently seperated her folds. She was already hot and wet and I knew she was tight. She kissed me back passionately as she seemed to wake up more. I decided to get the job done and started kissing my way back down. She let out a little gasp when I paused again at her nipples, again taking the little pink circles in my mouth. I used the roughness of my tongue to tease them into standing at points. I slipped my finger into her tight, hot hole. I felt her tighten around it and then relax when I started bringing it in and out. She moaned and shifted her hips to let me in deeper. I kept kissing my way down, paying attention to all the interesting places on her perfect little body. I noticed a star shaped scar when I nibbled at her belly button. "What happened there?""Hmm? Oh. Fight I got into a long time ago.

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  " she murmured. I pulled her jeans off and latched on to her clit. She jumped a little, but quickly melted into my mouth. "Jimmy, I don't think we should be doing this. Someone's got to be home by now. ""Nah, they're still gone. You hear my family when they come in. " I said quickly while keeping the rhythm with my finger. I slid another one into her tight passage. She put her hand down to pull me back up to kiss her. I wondered how she thought she tasted as she sucked on my tongue. I thought my fun and games were over when she stilled the hand I was still using to play with her until I felt her other hand go to my jean's button. "My turn. " she hissed into my mouth. I was surprised when she pushed me back on the bed and used her teeth to undo the zipper.


  I felt her hand slip around my hard dick as she kissed me again and started working her way back down. She stroked it gently before tracing the tip of her tongue down my length. I shivered in appreciation, moaning when she finally popped the head into her mouth and sucked it like a lollipop. Her hand started gently stroking my balls as she began to move her mouth further down my shaft. I felt her wrap her other hand below her mouth as she started bobbing her head up and down, using it to stroke at the same time. I pulled her up as I felt my balls start to tighten. I didn't want to get off too soon, but she looked so disappointed.
    At least until I took my jeans all the way off and laid back down next to her. she started to dip her head back down, but I stopped her. "What?" she asked, surprised again. "Slow down a little bit. Are you sure you want to do this with me?" I asked sincerely. "Suck your dick? Yeah. I thought that was what I was just doing. ""No.


       If we keep going, we're going to fuck. ""Give me a sec to think about it. '' she said uncertainly. I nodded and laid back on the pillows, not bothering to cover up. It wasn't long before I felt her hand tickling back up my thigh. "Jimmy?""Yes?""I want to. ''I opened my eyes. She was sitting with her head pressed up against the wall, while her hand got closer to where I wanted it to be. I didn't ask a second time. I was afraid she might really say no, and I wanted her riding me right then. I brought her down and kissed her savagely. My tongue parted her lips without giving her a chance to question her decision. I felt her hand run through my short hair before she wrapped her arms around me and kissed me back just as hard. My hand made its way to her nice tight ass and slammed her closer to me. I felt like I could feel every bone in her body.

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       Her juices were warming my thigh where her hips had ended up. I felt my cock spring back to life, twitching, seeking entrance to what was just below it. I started rubbing my hand in and out of her slit, just teasing her. I heard her sigh as I started massaging circles around her clit. "I want you to cum first, babe. " I whispered in her ear. I loosened my tight hold on her and kissed my way down her long neck. I slowly slipped a finger inside her, listening for her sharp intake of breath that told me she was feeling good. I started rubbing her clit harder, and then I felt it. Her whole body rippled as she came. It rolled up her as her twat tightened around my finger. I didn't give her time to catch her breath as I picked her hips up and settled her on the tip of my cock. Even this moment was heaven. She was poised to slide down on me, I could feel her heat dripping down my cock and her orgasm rippling just at the tip of the head. She didn't waste any time and greedily lowered herself fully, all the way down until we were joined at the hips.

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       She stilled and I felt her closing around me, rippling and tightening. Her wetness taking all of me in. I was surprised she wasn't a virgin, but couldn't complain. I could feel how tight she was as she slid up and down on my cock. I felt like I barely had any room to even be there. I watched my dick as it plunged in and out of her with the rhythm of her hips. She started grinding down onto me as if she wanted more. I started meeting her, sitting up more with every thrust until I had her back up against the wall and pounding hard into her. She bit down on my shoulder to keep from screaming as she started to cum again. I stood up, staying within her hot hole, and laid her face down on the bed, thrusting into her as hard as I could. She moaned and grabbed at the sheets, but watching my dick slide in and out so close to her ass made me just have to fuck it. I slid out of her pussy and popped the head of my cock into her tight anal passage. I felt her ring tighten around me before she relaxed, but she didn't protest. I pushed my hips forward, watching the little pink hole widen to accept my length. The head popped inside and I felt her shiver with pleasure.

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      Every thrust brought me more and more inside her tiny little chute. Every time deeper until I was buried inside her ass. I drove harder into her, burying her beautiful face into the matress, muffling her cries of pleasure. My sweat dripped onto her back as I continued pushing in and out of her tight hole. My hips were plowing into her when I felt my balls tighten and start to spurt ropes of cum into her bowels. He muscles slowly pushed me out of her butt as I softened. I kissed her neck gently until she rolled over, then moved to her mouth. "Are you okay?" I asked. I hadn't realized until now how rough I'd been with her. She nodded her head and kissed me back. We heard the door slam open in the other room, so hurriedly got dressed before we were caught. She'd just pulled down her shirt when my brother walked in the room without knocking, but we were safe. And I had a feeling that we'd have many more nights just like this one. .