sicence class


Âno we cant do this here shes gonna see us. come on it will be fun just put your hand under the table. ok fine just for you ill do it. let me unzip my pants. on my god your hands are cold but dont worry they will warm up.

 Âyou two stop stop what you are doing. stay after class.


let me show how its really done.

the teacher rips off her shrit and unclips her 36D bra. she makes luis suck on her left nipple telling him to be carefull of her piercing. while she makes nina suck on the right one. but luis has an idea of his own he takes his hand and slowly brings it down to her pussy and starts to rub. he notices she is really wet and sticks a finger in her pussy. dont stop at one put in more. not wanting nina to miss out he starts to play with her too. now nina the selfish person she is thows luis on the table and makes him eat her out.

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   the teacher not wanting to be left out start to suck on luis's 10inch cock. as nina comes in luis's mouth he licks all of her sweet juice he comes in hisÂteachers mouth. now the two girls swich places and nina starts to suck on luis's cock while he eats out his teacher. he can barely last at the touch of his friend mouth on the head of his penis. but some how he makes it untill his teacher cums all over his face. now it luis turn to have his fun. he turns his teacher over and give it to her up the ass. oh yea i love it hard yells the teacher. now nina not wanting to just stand there and do nothing sits her tight pussy in front of her teachers face and the teacher starts to eat her out. at the sight of his best friend and teacher only makes luis go faster and faster till he blows his load in her ass. at the same time nina cums in her teachers mouth. now its my turn says nina almost pushing her teacher off the table wanting to feel his dick in her. luis frist starts to lick then nina yells for him to stop playing and to fuck her the way he should. the teacher now wants to be eaten out by nina and sits on her face eat me out you little whore you know you like it. nina starts to frist play with her teachers clit then sticks her tounge in her juicy hole she is tighter than she thought she would be but then again she is only 25 and fresh out of collage.

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   now luis sticks his dick into nina's tight pussy he is carefull knowing that this is her second time faster luis faster she yells out her voice muffeled by her teachers pussy.
    luis gives in and starts going faster and faster till nina cant take it anymore and cum wanting to give her more plesure he holds on a little while more letting her climax grown more then her cant take it anymore and shoots his load in her sweet hole. the teacher knowing she is forgotten starts to play with ninas size 36C breasts. making nina come again and making her lick more her teacher finally cums in ninas mouth. she climes off and tells them to clean up before lunch is over so she can get ready for her next class.

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