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  I was working at the local skating rink in the snack bar. I was a senior in high school and was about to graduate. I guess I should describe myself. I was 5’7” and weighed 120 lbs I have blonde hair and a nice build with 36B breasts.
  I had broken up with my boyfriend and the girl I played around with was out of town so I was very horny. There were several cute boys that worked at the rink.
  It was a Saturday afternoon and we were getting ready for a birthday party. Zack, a cute 13yo boy was helping me get everything ready when I noticed him staring at my breasts. I looked down and saw my nipples poking against my shirt, I had been dipping ice cream and the cold had caused my nipples to harden. I looked at his crotch and saw his hard cock causing a tent in his shorts. I grinned at him and said “I guess you like what you see. ” He blushed and started to apologize but I stopped him saying “It’s alright I like what I see too. ” I then reached down and squeezed his cock. He moaned and pressed his crotch against my hand. I took his hand and slipped it into my pants and he slid his finger into my wet pussy. I looked up and saw the manager looking our direction so I told Zack we had better stop.


  That was a long afternoon. I was so horny I thought I would die and I know Zack was miserable too. I watched him talking to another boy who worked there named Darin and I knew they were talking about me. I even saw Zack let Darin smell the finger he had had in my pussy earlier.
  After the afternoon session we had a couple of hours before the evening session. I cleaned the snack bar then the manager called me into his office to talk about some bullshit that didn’t mean a thing to me. I started looking for Zack but he was not around. I walked to a storage room that nobody was supposed to be in; I thought I could at least get myself off. As I got to the door I heard Zack and Darin talking. “I can’t believe she let you put your finger in her pussy. ” Darin said.
  “It was great she was really wet. I thought I would cum right there. ”
  I opened the door a crack so I could look inside. I couldn’t believe it; they both had their pants down and were stroking their hard cocks.

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   “Do you think she will let you fuck her?” Darin asked.
  “Man I hope so I’d love to slide my cock into her hot pussy. ”
    “Too bad Lance called her into his office I hope he doesn’t know what you were doing. ”
   “Yea that would suck. Hey do you want to do what we did last time?”
   “Yea if you do, that would be great.
    I was shocked when Zack reached over and started stroking Darin’s cock then Darin grabbed Zack’s. This made me even hornier I had always had a thing for younger boys and it really turns me on to watch them play with each other. As I watched I rubbed my pussy through my pants. I was getting close to a major orgasm when Darin leaned over and took Zack’s cock into his mouth. Zack moaned and slid around into a 69. I walked into the room and said. “What’s going on boys?” They jumped up trying to cover their cocks and pull their pants up at the same time. I started laughing and said. “Calm down boys you’re going to hurt yourselves. Besides, I was enjoying the show.

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  ” As I said this I lifted my shirt over my head showing the boys my firm breasts and hard nipples. They stood there staring with their mouths open. I looked at their crotches and both cocks were fully erect. I reached out and grabbed a cock with each hand and began slowly stroking them. I kneeled in front of the boys for my first good look at their young cocks. Zack’s was about 5and a half inches long and he had just a small patch of blonde hair just above it. Darin was almost 15 he had a nice patch of brown hair above his 6 inch cock and a large pair of balls hanging below.
   I licked the head of Zack’s cock then I licked Darin’s. I looked up at the boys and said. “How long have you been sucking each other?”
   “About a month,” Zack said. “You aren’t going to tell anyone are you?”
   “Of course not,” I said with a smile. “It will be our little secret and besides I liked what I saw and I want to watch you guys get each other off. ”
   “But I was hoping you would do it for us. ” Darin said.
   “We’ll have a lot of fun but I want to watch you two first.

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   It really turns me on. ” I said gently squeezing their cocks.
   They laid on their sides each with his face inches from the others cock. Zack leaned in and started sucking Darin for all he was worth. Darin moaned as he sucked Zack’s cock into his mouth and bobbed his head fast trying to make his friend cum as quickly as possible. I pulled my jeans and panties off and rubbed my wet pussy while I watched them. I slid two fingers into myself and then circled my clit with them bring myself closer to a mind blowing orgasm. The boys were really getting into it. I heard them both moaning and knew they would cum soon. I saw Darin bucking his hips and then his body went stiff as he shot his hot load into Zack’s mouth. Zack swallowed fast as Darin kept pumping his mouth full of teenage cum. Zack loved it and as he was swallowing Darin’s load he moaned and filled Darin’s mouth as well. Seeing these two cute young boys swallowing cum was all I could take and I shoved three fingers into my cunt and moaned as I experienced the biggest orgasm I had ever had.
   I lay there exhausted trying to catch my breath when I felt a mouth on each of my nipples and two sets of fingers rubbing my pussy. I pulled Zack up to my face and kissed him driving my tongue into his mouth.

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   I could taste Darin’s cum and I was getting hotter by the second. I pushed Darin lower and he began licking my pussy. I could tell it was his first time but what he lacked in experience he made up in enthusiasm. He would lick my clit then slide his tongue deep inside me. I pulled Zack up until his sweet boy cock was right in front of my mouth. Then I took him completely into my mouth I could feel his fine blonde pubic hairs tickle my nose. We kept this up for a few minutes then I had to have a dick in me. I pulled my mouth off of Zack and looked him in the eye and said. “I’m gonna make you a man. I want you inside me. Fuck me Zack, fuck me hard. ”
   Zack pushed Darin away from my pussy then I reached down and guided his hard cock into my soaking wet pussy. We both moaned as it slid in. “Oh Lisa I’ve never felt anything like this before. ” Zack said as he started fucking me with his thirteen year old cock.

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   I knew he wouldn’t last long even though he had just shot a load in Darin’s mouth. He was fucking me hard and fast and I could feel his body shake as his orgasm approached. He pumped faster then he slammed into me and I felt his dick jerk as his hot cum filled my pussy. I locked my legs around his waist and ground my pussy against him as my second orgasm shook my body.
   Zack rolled off of me and I could feel his cum leaking out of my pussy. I scooped some on my finger and brought it to my mouth and licked it clean. “MMMMMMMM, you taste great Zack. Next time I want to taste it straight from the source. ” I looked at Darin he was stroking his hard cock. I pushed him onto his back then straddled his hips and lowered my pussy onto his cock. I fucked him slowly enjoying the feel of his young cock in me. He had his hands on my ass moving me up and down faster and faster. I felt his dick getting harder and I knew he was about to cum. As I fucked him I started twisting his nipples and that was all it took. “OH FUCK I’M CUMMING!” He groaned as I felt his hot cum fill my pussy causing me to cum as well.

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   I rolled off of Darin and lay there enjoying the effects of three orgasms when Zack surprised me by licking all of his and Darin’s cum from my pussy. Then he leaned over and licked Darin’s cock clean. He wiped his chin and grinned saying. “I didn’t want to waste any. ” We all laughed and hugged each other then we dressed and one at a time we left the room and went back to work cleaning the rink for the evening session.
    Please let me know what you think. My address is lisa_7485@yahoo. com I’ll write more if I get a good.

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