Skinny Dipping With My Little Sister


First, a quick description of the characters. The names of the characters have been changed to keep privacy. All events in this story are true.

My name is Andy, I am 16, and I am 5'7'' with an athletic build due to the fact that I race bikes. I have short brown hair, and green eyes. Since this is a true story, I will not lie about my dick size. It is 6 inches long and the perfect width that fills up a hand very nicely.


The other character in this story is my 14 year old sister Kate. She is about 5'4'', has long blond hair and always does a great job of wearing revealing clothes to tease me. She has nice B cups and a cute little ass.



We had always got along just fine, being alone most of the time at home because our parents worked full time.

We would help each other with homework, friend troubles, and anything else of the sort. Because we went to the same private school, and there was a lot of inter grade friendships, we all knew each others friends. I always though my sister was cute, but not in a sexual way.


It was summertime, and our parents, as usual, were not home. So we decided to go swimming in the pond behind our house.

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   She wore a black tanktop and a bikini bottom (her excuse for not wearing a real bathing suit was that they were all dirty). While I wore a pair of running shorts.  

We swam for about an hour, playing a little bit of catch with a beach ball, took our snorkels and masks and went as deep as we could go and had a lot of fun. I then had the idea to spice it up a bit so I said to Kate: 

 "How about we go skinny dippin'"

She responded with a strange look and smile "Ok, but I'm leaving my bottoms on"

I thought to myself, good enough for me!

One thing I need to mention is that I haven't had the best of luck with girls sexually, sure I have hooked up with plenty, but I have never seen a set of tits, and nobody has seen my dick before. So as you can imagine, this was very exciting for me.  

 We swam for a little while, and I could tell that she kept looking into the water to get a glimps of my dick.

This got me very excited and I was rock hard. I said to Kate while we were chilling in waist deep water but we were on our knees to keep hidden, "I dare you to stand up!" She said, " I don't want to" I then explained that it wasn't a big deal at all ( I always had a good talent at persuading her to do things) so she said alright, and she stood up right infront of me. Her little pink nipples and cute little boobs were so perfect. I wanted to cum right there and just grab them. She then splashed down and said, "ok bro, your turn!" I then said to her, "I. . . uh. .

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  . can't. . . I've got a. . . you know. . . a. . . stiffy" she then giggled and said she didn't mind. I then said fine and stood up and she stared in wonder.

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What came next is coming in part 2.


Email me if you are interested in reading part 2. Or if you got turned on by this, feel free to email me and we can have a little bit of fun. (Please, no men. )  


Email me here: classickeats@gmail. com 

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